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Bulbapedia Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages - Cut Content


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Mar 20, 2023
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Many of the trailers for Pokémon the Movie XY - The Archdjinni of the Rings: Hoopa (known to English audiences as Hoopa and the Clash of Ages) contain footage that was cut from the final film, hinting that there was more content intended for the movie than what we received. Most of this footage is exclusive to early Japanese trailers, but the English trailers also contain scenes exempt from the final film. I think it would be a good idea to talk about and look into this for the sake of archival purposes as well as finding out new information regarding the production of the movie.

All of the trailers that I have looked through and source here are available on The Pokémon Company's official Japanese and English YouTube channels, so they are all guaranteed to be 100% legitimate. I might have missed some information here and there, so please let me know if any of this information is inaccurate or if I missed anything! I also do not know Japanese, so if there's anyone here who can translate information from the Japanese trailers, that would be great to add!

Here are some of the things that I noticed when going through pre-release trailers and footage:

  • In multiple trailers, there is footage in the trailers involving Hoopa Unbound possessing Hoopa Confined, implying that the initial plan might've been to have them as one entity throughout most of the film.
  • In multiple trailers, the Legendary Pokémon summoned by Hoopa Unbound (as well as Hoopa Unbound itself) can be seen rampaging throughout the city. This implies that the battle was set to take place within the city and that there were more scenes involving Arceus, giving it a larger role than it had in the final film. I would guess that these scenes were probably cut due to the footage involving large-scale damage to a massive city and the endangerment of large crowds of people. However, we can confirm that this footage was removed fairly late into the development of the film, as it is still present in the first English trailer.
  • There is a scene exclusive to the third "Special Report" trailer featuring Team Rocket.
  • Also exclusive to the third "Special Report" trailer, there is footage of Ash being possessed by Hoopa Unbound not present in the final film, implying that there may have been extended scenes involving possessed Ash planned but never used. His eyes also take on a different appearance, with his irises and pupils being tinted red as opposed to being blocked out with solid color like they are in the final film.
  • Hoopa Confined was initially meant to have a different voice actress in the English dub than Lori Phillips. Exclusively to the first English trailer for the movie, a different voice actor takes on the role of Hoopa. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried, I could find no information about this actor.
  • One of the scenes from the first English trailer contains different lines than those present in the final film, implying that this trailer was made before the English dub script was finished. The scene involves Hoopa Confined introducing theirself to Ash and Pikachu, where both Hoopa and Ash have different lines. This was changed in the second English trailer, where lines from the finalized script are used.

Trailer Links:

【公式】2015ポケモン映画『光輪(リング)の超魔神 フーパ』予告1

【公式】2015ポケモン映画『光輪(リング)の超魔神 フーパ』予告2

【公式】2015ポケモン映画『光輪(リング)の超魔神 フーパ』特報3

Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages Trailer

Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages Trailer #2
Most, if not all, movies contain trailer-exclusive footage. It's not that they were cut, it's just stuff made for trailers.
Yeah, but movies don't typically use a bunch of exclusive footage in their trailers late into their development. The producers would have to spend a good amount of money just to make those animations and have the characters voice them, not to mention that it doesn't always portray the final product very well, so it would be a waste to make too much of this kind of footage. Some of it is inaccurate to the final product simply by existing, like how Arceus was very obviously reduced to an ending cameo. Sure, maybe they just happened to have an unusually large amount of "trailer-exclusive" footage because they knew that the movie was going to bomb and they wanted to cover their butts, but I'm pretty sure that's the less likely alternative, especially since it didn't end up helping them at all in the box office.
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