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Pokemon Unite and Human Rights


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Sep 9, 2019
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Hi everyone. As you may be aware, last night we saw the launch of Pokemon Unite, which is being published by The Pokemon Company and Tencent. As many people on the forums have noticed, there are links between Tencent and the Chinese government, and making references to China's human rights record. While China's human rights record is horrendous, we need to be made aware that throughout the world, governments of all stripes (even democracies) have poor human rights records, and most of the time, these human rights abuses that are carried out in democracies are supported by the people of these democracies. These human rights abuses have been brought up by the Black Lives Matter protests throughout the world in the wake of the death of George Floyd by the police, and the Black Lives Matter protests have expanded throughout the world.

In Australia for example (where I am from), we have committed human rights abuses such as the death in custody of indigenous Australians, as well as the locking up of refugees in remote detention centres. And earlier this week, I became aware of the ASIO Act that is going to a Senate Committee that would give our Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton virtually unlimited power, including denying basic human rights to people like a right to a lawyer, as well as detaining children as young as 14. And at the moment, there is a secret trial going on in Canberra over the Australian Government's bugging of government buildings in Timor-Leste. And the Australian government is supporting the jailing of whistleblowers such as Julian Assange whose only crime was to blow the whistle on crimes against humanity carried out by the United States of America in Afghanistan (Washington is planning to sanction officials from the International Criminal Court who investigates these war crimes). It should be noted that Australia is fast turning into a police state in which the government commits human rights abuses with the support of a compliant population.

In the United States of America (a country that preaches human rights), we are seeing human rights abuses being carried out by the government. Such human rights abuses includes the locking up of children in detention centres, and the fact that if you are African-American, Latino-American or Native American, you are more likely to be assaulted (or even killed) by police for something minor such as using a counterfeit note (even if you are unaware of the fact). And Washington even backs dictators throughout the world, even giving military-grade weapons to regimes such as Saudi Arabia. Washington even support human rights abuses carried out by Israel against the Palestinians. And like in China, the United States of America has the death penalty, which is often given to those from poorer families, mainly of colour.

The fact is that while China has a horrendous human rights record (as mentioned a number of times in discussions with Pokemon Unite), it should be acknowledged that many countries throughout the world have poor human rights records, even those who purportedly preaches human rights. The reason for this blog entry is to raise the fact that most countries (even my own country) have poor human rights records and to make us think about the human rights record of our own country. Even though I won't be playing Pokemon Unite, I hope that this will stimulate debate on human rights violations occurring throughout the world, even in our own countries in which governments purportedly promotes human rights when in fact they stifle human rights.

I hope that this blog post leads to a civilised debate on the issue of human rights, not just in China but throughout the world, even in our own country. And maybe Pokemon Unite (no matter how bad we have reviewed the game after Pokemon Presents last night, even without Tencent's involvement) can lead to positive change, and we here on Bulbagarden can be agents of change by debating human rights records of all countries, including our own.

Thank you for your time.
Interesting that Chinese constitution gives laws that the Chinese government breaks together with their president...

Article 1 of the State Constitution describes China as "a socialist state under the people's democratic dictatorship"
Weird that other goverments or people that protest even in Hongkong dont use the Chinese constitution against the chinese police and government that try to steal the power and influence for themselfs.

Stealing the right to protest is not socialistic it's cleptocracy

Meaning if Bejing apoints a candidate outside of Hongkong they stop beeing a peoples democratic dictatorship and start beeing a tyrany, cleptocracy , plotocracy and oligarchy....

Seeing hov the governement, biurocrats and rulers of china badly interpretate and read their own constitution and badly understand it and use it for personal gain is the biggest problem.
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I don't think they are understanding the constitution wrong, which makes things way worse.

They are doing this knowingly, and going by what happened at a certain plaza that will remain unnamed they are willing to do anything to stay in power.
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