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Pokémon UNITE reveals more information about Gyarados ahead of it joining the fray later this week – Registration for the UCS 2024 is now open!

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Gyarados Infographic
Following a series of short teaser videos showing off Gyarados's moveset, the official Pokémon UNITE account on X (formerly Twitter) has released a full infographic detailing Gyarados's Ability, Moves and UNITE Move along with its Progression stats, ahead of the Pokémon joining the game this week on January 25th. Aeos Cup Online Qualifiers Registration have now also opened for the Unite Championship Series 2024, with information being released on the year's tournament schedule, and the cash prizes that will be available for each event.

More Gyarados information!
Gyarados is an Intermediate Melee All-Rounder Pokémon, with the Ability Moxie, which reduces all of its move cooldowns when knocking out an opposing Pokémon or assisting allies.

Teaser videos released on X this week show footage of Gyarados using Waterfall, which has the Pokémon charging three times in a row at high speed, dealing damage to all opponents that it hits. The second charge grants a shield to Gyarados if it hits, and the third charge throws the opponent in the air if it hits.

Along with Waterfall, footage of Gyarados's UNITE Move, Dragon Current, has also been revealed. This move has Gyarados dive underwater, where it can't attack or be targeted by opponents. When it uses it again, Gyarados then leaps up forcefully and attacks. If the player stays under long enough, it'll create a whirlpool where Gyarados surfaces, applying a continuous slowing effect to the opposing Pokémon it hits. If the user stays underwater for even longer, the move will create a waterspout where Gyarados surfaces, throwing opposing Pokémon it hits in the air.

Pokémon UNITE Championship Series details
Unite Championship Series 2024 Registration now open!

Pokémon UNITE players around the world can compete to earn an invitation to the 2024 World Championships in Honolulu, Hawaii! This third year of Pokémon UNITE competition promises to be action-packed, highlighting players and teams from all around the globe. Beginning February, the Pokémon UNITE Championship Series will feature qualifying events every month in each Regional Zone. Over the course of the year, the Series will offer over $1,000,000 USD in prizes, including $500,000 USD at the World Championships itself.

Registration for the Aeos Cup Online Qualifier, a Monthly Cup that will determine if players will be able to progress for the Aeos Cup Play-Ins, is now open. Registration and further details can be found here. More details about the tournament schedule, along with prizes and a breakdown of each Regional Zone can be found on the official Pokémon UNITE website.
The official Pokémon UNITE account on X (formerly Twitter)
The official Pokémon UNITE Championship Series account on X (formerly Twitter)


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