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Question About Transferring 3DS era Mystery Gift Pokemon to Home


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Dec 22, 2023
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  1. He/Him
In the process of finishing my National Dex on Home and am doing everything Legit. However, some of the Pokemon that I need are event exclusives that I have about half of, all on my 3DS. If I am to go through Seribii or Bulbapedia and check that the OT and the Trainer IDs of these Event Pokemon are legit and match what is listed on these sites from archived event information, are they ok to be transferred into HOME? Or would they get flagged? Most of them are the Shiny Legendaries from Serial Codes or Mystery Gifts from the Gen 6 era and I would just like to get them to my HOME National Dex without any stress if possible.

For the Event Pokemon I am missing, if I am unable to find Legit versions of them for people to Touch Trade with me for, If I am touch traded a cloned or Genned Pokemon, will it flag my HOME account? I have heard various different answers to this so I was hoping I could get some actual clarification on this, as I am not trying to get my HOME account banned for a hacked/illegal Pokemon on my HOME account that has 100s of Hours of Progress and decades old Pokemon on.
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