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I always like songs with extended instrumental sections, and that combined with the refreshingly organic instrumentation here made this a pretty fun listen for me, even if I felt kind of distanced from the lyrical content, to be honest. The title at least seems to fit the musical vibes of the track, though, if nothing else! 7/10.

Remember the last song that I posted here, from Sade? That name actually refers to Sade herself (whose vocals you heard there) along with the three-person band that composes and performs most of her music. This song here is by Sweetback, the name of said band when they perform by themselves, or with other vocalists. With the latter, in this case, being one Amel Larrieux (vocalist of the old 90s group Groove Theory, themselves the creator of one of the few popular albums — of any era or genre — that I actually enjoy) rather than Sade. In any case, here it is for your listening below:

I had absolutely no idea what was going on for most of that thing, even with subtitles, other than that things probably didn’t end too well for her there, haha. Lots of neat video game sounds here, appropriately enough, even if it doesn’t exactly push things all the way with that on the musical front. I’m not necessarily sure if it needed to, though? Anyway, even the most inscrutable of these videos are at least entertaining and easy on the ears, so 7/10 for this one.

Going for some game console sound chip-based music for this next one. In this case, from the good old SNES. It’s an original song that’s loyal to the specifications and limitations (haha) of that system’s famous SPC700 sound chip:

9.5/10 Well, that was a very pleasant surprise. Gentle, yet frantic at the same time. Gonna keep listening to that one.

6.5/10. (REVIEWING: Last Continue by PinnichioP) When I listened to the song, I closed my eyes and pictured an image. The image I came up was in a futuristic world, there is this boy and this girl just driving to wherever their next destination is. Another image I have is my zebra friend, Zebbra, driving through a futuristic city and seeing all the glowing lights.

The song has a good beat though many songs do. The song gives me a vibe that may be strange though, it’s sort of nice to be able to picture something as relaxing as that. All I’ve got to say is that I’ve enjoyed other music though.

The song I’m posting was stuck in my head before listening to it. I decided to listen to it as some talented musician decided to do the song in Beatles style. (I do really enjoy a song stylized in the Beatles rock n roll style) The song is “About a Girl” by Nirvana.

Rather cheery-sounding music there given the subject matter, actually. With different lyrics and a faster tempo, it could almost be a party song, haha. I wonder if that’s the point? Speaking of which, it’s interesting — and kind of refreshing — to hear a pop song with a different take on the whole “let’s party and get drunk” kind of thing, as most songs that explore that avenue tend to play it painfully, annoyingly straight compared to the… less-than-positive appraisal of it all here, I suppose you could call it. Sonically, the multitrack vocals probably left the greatest impression on me; you certainly notice their absence when the outro kicks in! They envelope the song quite well, I think, and help give it much of its power. Overall, 7.5/10.

This is technically video game music below, but it’s specifically an 8-bit remix of video game music, which is slightly off-brand for the main video game music thread, I think (at least if most people’s reactions to it are any indication). So let’s see how this song does here!

8/10, a cool 8 bit theme that reminds me a lot of some Pokemon ones, if I were to listen to it more for it to grow on me it could easily become a 9.5

Next up, a certainly not like Meteor Falls music theme :)

A strange one, here is the Japanese theme song made for the Japanese Dub of Across the Spider-Verse. Press CC for subs and be forewarned of some spoilers for the film.
I really didn’t have a choice:
Another song coming soon
Edit: The previous song was replaced because I didn’t think it was a good idea and I felt lots of people would hate it.
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Ah, so that’s what the title is probably getting at, haha…

The vocals are more affecting than you’d expect from something that strained-sounding, really. Or perhaps that’s part of the effect, and the point… nonetheless, I enjoyed that much more than I thought I would overall. Mainly due to the instrumentation and the strong percussive elements especially; they’re the kind that keep you engaged even when the rest of the song doesn’t necessarily. I’ll give it a 7/10, I think.

I always thought of this as a particularly epic song from a seemingly bygone era of music (and arguably better than a certain other version):


A classic, only reason it ain't a 9 or a 10 is I've always preferred the Marvin Gaye + Tammi Terrell version.

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