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COMPLETE: Rival's Story

Dec 14, 2008
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By Instrutilus
Author’s Note: I’ve written out the plan for this story in full already, so I have most of what’s gonna happen in mind already, I just need to write the details. So that means I know that it flip flops between FRLG and RB rules and that it also flip flops between game style and anime style. Deal with it, I call it my artistic license.


By Blazaking EX

Chapter 1 - Oak's Lab
Chapter 2 - VS Red
Chapter 3 - Gift from Oak
Chapter 4 - Oak's Too Old
Chapter 5 - The Map
Chapter 6 - The First Gym
Chapter 7 - VS Red II
Chapter 8 - The Hunt
Chapter 9 - Bug Catchers and Bug Catching
Chapter 10 - The First Gym... Again
Chapter 11 - VS Brock Part 1
Chapter 12 - VS Brock Part 2
Chapter 13 - Mt. Moon
Chapter 14 - VS Misty Part 1
Chapter 15 - VS Misty Part 2
Chapter 16 - Nugget Bridge
Chapter 17 - VS Red III
Chapter 18 - Cut!
Chapter 19 - The Third Gym
Chapter 20 - VS Surge Part 1
Chapter 21 - VS Surge Part 2
Chapter 22 - VS Surge Part 3
Chapter 23 - VS Sailor Maxwell I
Chapter 24 - VS Red IV Part 1
Chapter 25 - VS Red IV Part 2
Chapter 26 - VS Sailor Maxwell II
Chapter 27 - Saffron City!
Chapter 28 - An Offer You Can't Refuse
Chapter 29 - The Fourth Gym
Chapter 30 - VS Sabrina Part 1
Chapter 31 - VS Sabrina Part 2
Chapter 32 - VS Sabrina Part 3
Chapter 33 - VS Sabrina Part 4
Chapter 34 - VS Sailor Maxwell III
Chapter 35 - The Fifth Gym
Chapter 36 - VS Erika Part 1
Chapter 37 - VS Erika Part 2
Chapter 38 - VS 'The Scientist'
Chapter 39 - Pokémon Tower
Chapter 40 - VS Red V Part 1
Chapter 41 - VS Red V Part 2
Chapter 42 - A New Challenge
Chapter 43 - Silph Sabotage! Part 1
Chapter 44 - Silph Sabotage! Part 2
Chapter 45 - Silph Sabotage! Part 3
Chapter 46 - VS 'The Scientist' II Part 1
Chapter 47 - VS 'The Scientist' II Part 2
Chapter 48 - Rival Arrival
Chapter 49 - VS Red VI Part 1
Chapter 50 - VS Red VI Part 2 (Landmark 50th Chapter Special!)
Chapter 51 - VS Red VI Part 3
Chapter 52 - Defeat and Retreat
Chapter 53 - Parting of Ways
Chapter 54 - The Sixth Gym
Chapter 55 - VS Koga Part 1
Chapter 56 - VS Koga Part 2
Chapter 57 - The Toughest Is Yet To Come
Chapter 58 - Surfs Up!
Chapter 59 - The Revival
Chapter 60 - The Mansion
Chapter 61 - The Seventh Gym
Chapter 62 - VS Blaine Part 1
Chapter 63 - VS Blaine Part 2
Chapter 64 - VS Blaine Part 3
Chapter 65 - Home again, home again
Chapter 66 - The Final Gym
Chapter 67 - VS Giovanni Part 1
Chapter 68 - VS Giovanni Part 2
Chapter 69 - VS Giovanni Part 3
Chapter 70 - VS Giovanni Part 4
Chapter 71 - Recovery
Chapter 72 - One Year Anniversary Special
Chapter 73 - VS Red VII Part 1
Chapter 74 - VS Red VII Part 2
Chapter 75 - VS Red VII Part 3
Chapter 76 - VS Red VII Part 4
Chapter 77 - Pokémon League
Chapter 78 - VS Lorelei Part 1
Chapter 79 - VS Lorelei Part 2
Chapter 80 - VS Lorelei Part 3/VS Bruno Part 1
Chapter 81 - VS Bruno Part 2
Chapter 82 - VS Bruno Part 3
Chapter 83 - VS Agatha Part 1
Chapter 84 - VS Agatha Part 2
Chapter 85 - VS Agatha Part 3
Chapter 86 - VS Agatha Part 4
Chapter 87 - VS Lance Part 1
Chapter 88 - VS Lance Part 2
Chapter 89 - VS Lance Part 3
Chapter 90 - VS Lance Part 4
Chapter 91 - VS Red VIII Part 1
Chapter 92 - VS Red VIII Part 2
Chapter 93 - VS Red VIII Part 3
Chapter 94 - VS Red VIII Part 4
Chapter 95 - VS Red VIII Part 5
Chapter 96 - Life After Loss
Chapter 97 - Reunions
Chapter 98 - Mission Briefing
Chapter 99 - The Training
Chapter 100 - The End

Basically, anyone who plays FRLG or RB plays from the point of view of Red. This story is that same storyline, but from the point of view of Blue. (Commonly referred to as Gary Oak, however, that is not his name.)


Chapter 1

Blue woke to the sound of the phone ringing, he tumbled out of bed and made his way towards it.
“Ah, Blue, hello!” came the voice from the other end – it was Professor Oak, Blue’s grandfather.
“What is it, gramps?” asked Blue, “Why on earth are you calling so early?”
“That’s a good question…” mumbled Oak to himself, “I’m afraid I don’t remember! Oh! I wanted you to come down to my lab, Blue!”
“Right now? Why?”
“Oh, um, that’s right! No time to explain! I’ve got errands to run!”

And with that, Professor Oak hung up the phone. Blue sighed and changed from his pyjamas into his everyday clothes.
“It’s gonna be a long day…” he said to himself.
Blue walked out of his house and into the lab, but Oak was nowhere to be seen.

“Yo!” shouted Blue to one of Oak’s Aides, “You seen my gramps?”
“I’m afraid not, Blue,” replied the Aide, “He’s been gone for a while, I’m not sure where…”
“Right,” sighed Blue, “I’ll just wait here.”

Blue stood near Oak’s desk, when suddenly Red burst in the door.
Red. The bane of Blue’s life. Blue had lost his parents years ago, and Oak, his grandfather was all he and his older sister, Daisy had left, and Oak loved Red. He even remembered Red’s name a hell of a lot more than he remembered Blue’s! How hard is it to remember? It’s a freaking colour!

“Hey, Blue!” shouted Red.
Blue sighed to himself, “Yo Red!”, he finally answered with fake enthusiasm.
“Oak told me to meet him here, have you seen him?” asked Red.
“Gramps isn’t around,” answered Blue, ending the conversation.
“Ok, thanks, I’ll look somewhere else,” replied Red, smiling at Blue, trying to engage him, but Blue was not willing to be engaged, and just huffed. Red walked out of the lab, presumably in an effort to find Oak.

How could he invite Red too? For once, Blue had thought he was going to get some quality time with his grandfather, but no, once again, Red butts in! Blue hated that Oak blatantly loved Red so much more than him. Blue stewed in his own rage for a few minutes when Oak entered the lab and walked up to him, with Red in tow.

“Gramps!” shouted Blue, at the top of his voice, as soon as the deaf old man was within hearing distance, “I’m fed up with waiting!”
“Blue?” postulated Oak to himself, clearly having forgotten about Blue altogether… perhaps he had forgotten who he was, apparently Red had had to remind Oak what Blue’s name was… Typical…
“Did you invite him here for the same reason as me, Professor?” asked Red.
“Oh, that’s right, I told you to come!” exclaimed Oak, “Just wait!”

Oak and Red walked up to where Blue was standing. Oak gestured towards a table which has three Poké Balls on it.
“Here, Red, there are three Pokémon here!” Oak shouted to Red, ignoring Blue completely… again.
“There are three Pokémon where?” asked Red.
“Haha!” Oak laughed, “They are inside the Poké Balls!”
“I didn’t know you had any Pokémon, Professor!” exclaimed Red.
“When I was young I was a serious Pokémon trainer!” boasted Oak, he then paused thoughtfully, “In my old age I have only three left, but you can have one!”
There was silence for a moment, broken by Red saying, “Which one?”
“Choose!” came the answer, with an unnecessary volume from Oak’s senile mouth.

That was it… Oak was Blue’s grandfather, shouldn’t he be getting some preferential treatment for once? What the hell was this?

“Hey! Gramps!” Blue complained, “What about me?”
“Be patient!” chided Oak angrily, he then paused thoughtfully again and turned to face Blue, continuing his speech with more peace and reverence, “Blue, you can have one too!”

Then Red walked towards the table, he picked up one of the Balls.

“So you want the plant Pokémon, Bulbasaur?” Oak asked as soon as Red touched the Ball.
“Uh…” answered Red, “Yeah… Yes please.”
Blue rushed to the table as soon as Red had picked, assuming it was his turn now. There was at least some advantage in picking after Red – he could pick a Pokémon that Red’s one was weak against.
Now… Fire is weak against Water… Water is weak against Grass… and Grass, like Red’s Bulbasaur is weak against… That’s it! Fire!
Blue hastily grabbed the fire Pokémon, Charmander from the table, “I’ll take this one then,” he said smugly as he picked it up.
“Alright, cool,” replied Red, “I’ll see you later Blue, thank you, Professor, see you soon!”
Red began to head out of the lab, but Blue couldn’t let him go that easily, he had to embarrass him first – for getting to pick before him!

“Wait, Red!” shouted Blue, “Let’s check out our Pokémon!”
“What?” questioned Red, “What do you mean?”
“Come on,” answered Blue, “I’ll take you on!”
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Thank you! When you look at things from his point of view, he does seem like less of a douche =P Thought it might be interesting. Anyhoo, here's chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Blue sent out Charmander, ready to take on Red’s Bulbasaur. He was sure that Charmander was stronger – he had an open flame on his tail and everything, what has that dumb dinosaur got? A bulb? What good is a bulb?

“Alright, Charmander, what moves do you know?” muttered Blue to Charmander, and after checking ordered a Scratch attack.

Charmander obediently darted in towards Bulbasaur and Scratches it across the face, Bulbasaur recoils back, but then Tackles Charmander and knocks it to the floor.

“Tail Whip!” shouted Blue.

Just as Bulbasaur went in for another Tackle attack, Charmander hit back with a Tail Whip to the face, Bulbasaur stopped in its tracks for a second, in which time it let down its guard.

“Now! Scratch again!”

Charmander turned instantly and Scratched Bulbasaur’s face again, that Pokémon’s face was taking a lot of abuse…

Then Bulbasaur Growled at Charmander. Blue laughed it off, but it seemed to really upset Charmander.

“Scratch, go do it!” shouted Blue, becoming more agitated. He absolutely had to beat Red. He couldn’t lose now, not in front of his grandfather, he had to prove once and for all that he was better than Red!

“Tackle!” shouted Red.

The enemy Bulbasaur came charging towards Charmander, picking up speed as it went. One of the Aides shouted at Red and Blue to quit battling in the lab, apparently they were messing things up. Neither of them heard, they were too focused on the battle.

The two Pokémon met in a cataclysmic collision, Charmander was, again, knocked off its feet, but it managed to strike its claw right across Bulbasaur’s face. Charmander struggled to its feet and shook unsteadily for a moment.

“If you faint, I’m gonna -” Blue cut his threat short when he saw that the Scratch had caused Red’s Bulbasaur to faint. He had beaten Red! Blue had won! He was the superior trainer.

“Am I great or what?” Blue gloated to Red and ran towards the exit of the lab, after returning Charmander to its Poké Ball, he shouted back, “Red! Gramps! Smell ya later!”
That was really good. I like how you're following text completely. I mean, word for word, and still, even then, it feels original. The battle isn't Scratch, Tackle, Scratch, Tackle; it's a full on battle, even though the Pokemon are new.

I expect Moar. Nao.
Thank you Legacy and Meme-er. And Meme-er, I'm very happy that someone noticed that I was sticking to the game text exactly, I have a document saved of all the quotes from Blue in RBY and GSC, I think it might be missing anything he only says in FRLG, but oh well. I did add Red's lines in though, because I think he does speak in the series you just don't get to see it for some reason. Unfortunately, this chapter doesn't have any in-game quotes in it, but here you go anyway!

Chapter 3

Blue ran out of the lab, eager to reach the next destination. He began running up Route 1, eagerly anticipating arriving at Viridian City, where he could win his first Gym Badge. Giovanni he thought the Gym Leader was called… that’s what he’d heard anyway, he didn’t know anything about the guy, just that he specialised in Ground types.

On the way to Viridian, Blue and Charmander worked together and take down a couple of wild Pokémon, specifically, two Pidgey and three Rattata. Immediately after arriving, Blue excitedly ran into the Pokémon Center, eager to use it for the first time. Blue practically threw Charmander’s Poké Ball at the Nurse and shut her up by jabbering on about Charmander’s ‘battle scars’. Within thirty seconds, Charmander was fully healed and returned to Blue.

“Alright, Charmander!” Blue yelled to his partner excitedly, “Let’s get going! Let’s head to the Mart so we can get some Poké Balls and catch you some buddies, what you say?”
Charmander jumped at this idea with considerable excitement.
“Ok then!” Blue answered, “Let’s go!”

And with that, Blue returned Charmander to its Poké Ball and headed towards the Mart, when he was approached by one of Professor Oak’s Aides.

“Ah, Blue, I’ve been looking for you!” muttered the Aide upon seeing Blue, “There’s no time for you to be buying things! Your grandfather has something very special to give you that he forgot to give you earlier!”
“Oh really?” replied Blue, disinterestedly, “What is it?”
“Well now!” answered the Aide, becoming over excited that Blue was taking an interest, “You’ll have to wait and see, like the rest of us! But the Professor tells me it’s like a high-tech encyclopaedia!”

‘A high-tech encyclopaedia…’ thought Blue to himself, ‘I can’t imagine anything more boring…”

Blue would have much preferred to hang around on Route 1, catching Pokémon, but instead he decided he had better appreciate whatever gifts his grandfather decided to give him, they were few and far between… He seemed to much prefer Red. Suddenly, when Blue realised that Red wouldn’t be getting the same gift, it became a lot more appealing.

‘Finally!’ he thought to himself, ‘I’m really gonna be better than Red!’

And with that, he ran off down Route 1 and headed for the lab.
One thing I noticed, it's "specialized", not specialised, but yeah, good story. He seems a lot less of an a-hole now.
One thing I noticed, it's "specialized", not specialised, but yeah, good story. He seems a lot less of an a-hole now.

Fair shout, but I'm from the UK and that's how you spell it where I come from =P When posting on the internet I usually don't bother catering to the fact that the majority of people are in fact American, so you can expect a lot more specialised, colour, centre, etc. =P

I meant to say that earlier, but I must have forgotten - good spot anyway!

I'll probably post a new chapter tomorrow btw
Okay, I understand about the different culture, different spellings. I just didn't know that there was a different spelling (I know about most of the others)
Okay, I understand about the different culture, different spellings. I just didn't know that there was a different spelling (I know about most of the others)

Nah, it's cool, I don't take offence or anything silly like that, just thought you should know =)

Anyway, here's another Chapter:

Chapter 4

Blue casually walked into his grandfather’s lab, ready to be given this… high-tech encyclopaedia, whatever it was. It didn’t matter what it was, as long as Red didn’t get one. Blue began walking over to where his grandfather was standing when he saw…

Red! He should have known better than to think he was being given preferential treatment for once, this is the mighty Red we're talking about after all. Blue could not have been more angry, he had been willing to accept this 'high tech encyclopedia', whatever the hell that was, purely on the basis that Red wasn't getting one. He had half a mind to leave the lab altogether and not bother with the stupid thing, but Red had seen him enter and he didn't want to lose face.

“Gramps!” shouted Blue in disbelief and fury, then, calming himself down, he continued, “What did you call me for?”
“Yeah,” Red agreed, “You were about to tell me something…”
“Oh right!” exclaimed Oak, suddenly remembering his latest memory lapse, “I have a request of you two!”

Red and Blue paused expectantly, Oak appeared to be expecting some sort of input from one of them, but he received nothing. Oak pretended to be pausing in order to straighten his coat and continued.

“On the desk there is my invention, Pokédex!” cried Oak with obvious excitement, “It automatically records information on Pokémon you’ve seen or caught! It’s a high-tech encyclopaedia!”

So this Pokédex thing was what that Aide had been talking about… It automatically recorded information on Pokémon a trainer has seen or caught… Sounded pretty useful actually, calling it an encyclopaedia didn’t really do it justice… Encyclopaedias were boring.

“Red and Blue!” continued Oak, “Take these with you!”

As soon as he said that, Oak turned around, faster than Blue had ever seen him move before, whisked the Pokédexes from his desk and into Red and Blue’s hands in one swift movement.

“Why are you giving us these?” asked Red.
“To make a complete guide on all the Pokémon in the world…” Oak replied, dreamily.
Red and Blue paused for a moment and looked to each other, all the Pokémon in the world seemed like an awful tall order. Red said he’d heard there were 386, Blue said he was wrong – it was 493. Blue had a quick check of the Pokédex. 150 blank spots, he flashed it to Red.
“Why do you want to do this, Professor?” asked Red, once he was sure it wasn’t completely mad.
“That was my dream!” shouted Oak in reply, “But, I’m too old, I can’t do it!”
Oak paused for a moment, as he so often did, “So I want you two to fulfil my dream for me!”
“But-” started Red, but Oak cut him off.
“Get moving you two!” he yelled, shouting Red down, “This is a great undertaking in Pokémon history!”

Blue realised that this was where he could finally show Red up, by completing the Pokédex and finishing his grandfather’s dream for him, he could finally outdo Red and get the recognition he deserved!

“Alright gramps! Leave it to me!” shouted Blue, pushing Red aside, “Red, I hate to say it, but I don’t need you!”
“Well, won’t we work better as a team?” suggested Red, “We could go around together, it’s a lot easier to navigate when you discuss it. How are you gonna get around by yourself?”
“I know!” yelled Blue in response, “I’ll borrow a town map from my sis!”
“Alright,” answered Red, “Have it your way, I’ll see if she’ll give me one too.”
“I’ll tell her not to lend you one, Red!” snapped Blue in response he paused for a moment and then just started laughing in Red’s face at his own delicious plan, and with that, he left.
Blue just got more awesome. Great story. This is one of those rare fanfics that follows the dialogue to a t and yet still retains originality. Great job.

The championship battle is going to be drepessing... hey, have you figured out a champion for Blue to beat yet?
Wow, that was awesome. I don't know how you could do that, only making up about half the dialouge and still being original... wow.
Blue just got more awesome. Great story. This is one of those rare fanfics that follows the dialogue to a t and yet still retains originality. Great job.

The championship battle is going to be drepessing... hey, have you figured out a champion for Blue to beat yet?

Thank you very much, and thank you to Silver Soul too.

Well, I don't know if you ever played the originals, but you may recall that Blue being the Champion was not only a twist because it's your dreaded rival, but also because there was a Champion at all because it was implied that there would be no Champion. So, I always thought that Blue was the first Champion, so I'm not gonna have him beat a reigning Champ, however, Red does challenge him very soon after he becomes the Champ, so that's basically the same thing anyways.

I'll probably do a new chapter in a couple of days time btw.
I just finished reading what's been written so far, and I love it! This is an awesome story, and it provides quite a bit of nostalgia, I could practically hear the old gameboy music playing in my head as the story progressed. ^_^
I just finished reading what's been written so far, and I love it! This is an awesome story, and it provides quite a bit of nostalgia, I could practically hear the old gameboy music playing in my head as the story progressed. ^_^

True. My friend says original gameboys have no sound. Seriously.

Anyway, Another good chapter. The idea of what goes through his head makes blue seem to be a much better person.

Also, when I heard "493 pokemon", I jsut imagined Blue encountering Arceus.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Thank you again for kind words everyone! lol to Blue and Arceus =P

This is a fairly uneventful chapter, but it's one that kinda has to happen to maintain consistency with the games.

Chapter 5

Blue headed back to his house, so that he could get his map, and also prevent Red from getting one. He swung the door open as hard as he could and yelled at the top of his voice, “Yo Daisy!”
“Please, Blue!” chided Daisy, “Be careful!”
Since Blue and Daisy’s parents were long gone and Oak spent all his time in the lab, most of the time forgetting that either of them had ever existed, Daisy did most of the work around the house, and if Blue broke the door again, it would be her who had to call someone in to replace it, and her who had to sit around waiting for said person to arrive. Sure, it would be Oak’s money paying for the new door, but Oak certainly wouldn’t be calling anyone.
“Sorry, sis!” replied Blue, as quickly as possible, eager to get this apology out of the way, “Is there any chance I could have a Town Map? I’m going on an adventure!”
“An adventure?” questioned Daisy, “Are you sure that’s safe? You don’t even have any Pokémon!”
“Sure I do!” shouted Blue in response, grabbing Charmander’s Poké Ball from his waist, “Check him out!”
Blue then proceeded to send out Charmander, who ran up to Daisy in order to greet her.
“Hi, little guy,” she said, stroking the Pokémon, she then turned to her brother, “Where did you get this? Did you steal it from grampa?”
“No!” cried Blue defensively, “He gave it to me! He asked me and Red to catch every Pokémon in the world for him, and he gave us these to start us off! And that’s why I need a Town Map, and also, I need you to not give Red one because I need to beat him!”
Daisy was silent for a moment, and then her questions changed focus completely, “Why are you so obsessed with beating Red, Blue? He’s a nice boy.”
Predictably, this angered Blue considerably, “He is not! Everyone loves Red and no one ever pays me any attention! For once I want to beat him, ok? Is that too much to ask? Just give me a Town Map and don’t give one to Red, can you handle that or is that too hard?”
Daisy huffed, “I can give you a Town Map, but I’m not holding one back from Red, if grampa expects him to go on this crazy journey too then he’s just as entitled to one as you!”
Daisy walked over to the other side of the room and got a box of Town Maps off the shelf, ‘Why does she have so many anyway?’ thought Blue.
“Here you are, Blue,” Daisy said politely, handing one Town Map to Blue.
“Thanks, sis! Smell ya later!” shouted Blue back, snatching the Town Map and swinging the door with all his might on his way out.
These are being persistently small... But I still like them. Though, you could've added the part where Red gets his...

Anyway, when the first gym comes, I expect this to be alot better, not trying to be demanding, though.
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