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Review S06 EP36: A Corphish Out of Water


Jan 2, 2003
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Japanese Episode 024: "Run Ash! Cross the Carvanha River!"
American Episode 024: "A Corphish Outta Water"


Isn't that the strangest Team Rocket motto ever?

Anyway, in today's episode, Corphish is sick, so it's up to Ash to carry it through a river full of Carvanha to save it. Sounds like just a random filler episode, except for the fact that
both Jessie's and May's Wurmple evolve.

Anyway, next weekend is a rerun of "Brave the Wave," so this may be the last new episode Kids' WB! shows for a while. We'll just have to wait and see.

Post your thoughts about the episodes here. Please mark any spoilers for episodes not that have yet to air in America in spoiler tags.
My major complaint with this eppy:
I find it very odd that those evolutions were shoved into this episode. They would've fit much better as the climax of the "Which Wurmple's Which" episode.
I concur. Yeah, it just seemed shoehorned in.

Say, did they 'change' the dialogue on the motto? Yeah, it was the same as it usually is, but was it different in Japanese? Usually they're pretty good at translating the motto. I only ask because it didn't seem as trippy as you say, and didn't really match the acid-tinged visuals.

Speaking of visuals, was something cut after Corphish did Bubblebeam on TR? Or was the explosion just the animators being wonky again?

Wow, someone actually said "Fighting fit"! And Ash said "It's super effective!"

Those traps...Treecko could have easily gotten out. Meowth too if he could get his head through the bars. And I'd wager Max could too if he wiggled his shoulders just right.

On the bumper...my god, that's Beautifly's voice?! How awful!

EDIT--Every time I hear Corphish talk, I get this stuck in my head.

Also, I see they're back to using the cheap animators. Watch the Carvana swim. Over and over and over again...
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Everytime I hear Corphish talk, I am reminded of Farfetch'd. Listen to it sometime. They have the same voice. o_O;;
What did Corphish, Carvannah, and Beautifly sound like? Maybe they wanted to force the evolutions to introduce both fully-evolved insect Pokemon as soon as they could without making much of a huge plot twist, or something? :p
For everyone who thought the endless nightmare of filler after filler that characterized Johto had finally ended I give you....the SEMI-filler, the other white filler, lol ^^. Basicly, write a filler episode and then shove in ONE tiny bit of plot to push the satus up to a plot type episode. We will be getting a lot more of these in the future. I definitly agree that Wurmple evolving didn't really fit in this episode at all. It would have worked better at the end of the Wurmple vs Wurmple episode. but I digress...

depite its semi-filler satus I enjoyed this episode more than the last one. Corphish is cool and its dub voice is starting to grow on me. I loved all of TR's lines and their trippy motto was so weird!!. Silcoon and Cascoon are realy cool looking and I loved how James and Meowth got those sweatdrops when they noticed that Jessie and May had different cocoons. That was the best scene of the episode!! Ash's scenes with Corphish were well done and not cheesy like other similar scenes can be sometimes, although I think their were a few plot holes. When the carvanha ate the boat why didn't Ash immidaitly run to the opposite shore, it looked like he got pretty close, and why didnt Ash get shocked when Pikachu zapped the Carvanha? The final scenes with TR were also pretty funny, like their comments over the tape recorder, and their "apology" before getting blasted off. overall, 3 1/2 stars ^_^
Yeah, this was a really good episode. And it was funny at the beginning how Corphish thought that thing was food and ate it. And I also thought it was interesting how Ash accidentally blasted Team Rocket off before he could get Pikachu back. But, anyway, I actually didn't think he'd get Pikachu back that fast. That was cool! And I agree with everyone else, in that the Wurmples' evolution didn't fit too well with this episode. Anyway, I loved it when Ash took Corphish and Pikachu with him and started heading towards the Pokemon Center. Everything that happened after that was so cool! Oh, and I really loved the part when Ash was wading through the river! That was cool! And I liked how he had Pikachu jump to the shore, so it could use Thunderbolt on those Carvanha. That was cool too! And I also loved the part when the Carvanha started attacking Ash, and he told Corphish that he was going to help it no matter what or something. That was reallly cool! ^_^ Oh, and I also liked the part after they made it to shore and they were lying on the grass. That was cool. And I really liked the part when they were at the Pokemon Center, and Nurse Joy said that she wondered why Corphish would eat something like that, and Ash said, "Well, you see I....I uh....I don't know". That was so funny! LOL. Also, the part when Ash was talking in his sleep was funny too. And I liked it when he told Corphish to use Crabhammer attack and it lightly hit Ash on the head with its pincher. That was also funny. Oh, and I liked the part when May, Max, Brock, and Treecko got caught in Team Rocket's cages, and then Team Rocket noticed that they didn't get Pikachu. That was funny! And I really liked it when Team Rocket got caught in the last trap. That was really funny! Oh, and it was cool how Brock thought of using that tape recorder to tell Ash what happened. I liked it when Corphish got there, and Ash told it to use Crabhammer, and it used it on all 3 cages. That was cool! Although, I think that's probably the shortest version of the instrumental Advance Adventure that I've ever heard. Anyway, it was so funny how Team Rocket apologized to Ash after he saved them. And then, of course, they tried to attack him after that....that was funny too. Oh, and the part at the end when Brock was flirting with Nurse Joy about saving his life was also funny. And I liked the part when May said something about Corphish being nice, and then attacked them to show its affection. That was really funny! :-D And so, overall, this was a very funny episode and it had a lot of great parts in it too.

Rating: 9 out of 10
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Blackjack Gabbiani said:
On the bumper...my god, that's Beautifly's voice?! How awful!
It's the exact same Beautifly voice from "All Things Bright and Beautifly" and only now you're complaining?

This was a pretty good episode. So here we have it, the Pokemon version of the stereotypical "piranha-infested waters". I wouldn't call it a filler because of the Wurmple evos, and I seem to be the only one who actually does think they fit in the episode, since it was an inevitable continuation of Misty and Jessie's ongoing fight over whose Wurmple is better. The scenes with Ash, Corphish, and the Carvanha were good, and this is a rare time we see Ash separate from the group. The ep kinda made it seem like Carvanha were vicious and would actually eat Ash and Corphish if they had the chance. At least that's the impression I got. It looks like Corphish understands Ash better now after seeing how much he worked to save it. And TR actually had an original trap idea, kudos to them...but less because it backfired again. :p Again, not often we see situations in the main anime where the lives of both people and Pokemon are in danger, kudos to the writers for including that in this episode. TR's motto was weirdly funny, and James hinted that they were only wearing the claws because they couldn't afford full costumes. :p Not one of the best eps ever, but solid overall.

Well, I was mostly asleep when that ep was on.

And something else occured to me. Ash stole that boat! I just know whoever owns it is gonna come out like "Ah, a good day for fishing--MY BOAT!"
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