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  • hope you havent forgotten about the Masaki Iwane interview you mentioned that you would translate and post on your site... Would love to read that
    Hi. I know this is kinda sudden, but are there any places related to Pokemon that you'd recommend if a Pokemon fan were to visit Japan/Tokyo? There's the Pokemon Center and the Cafe, but I'd like to know if there's more.
    Considering that "A Fistful of Dollars" and "The Last of Us" are both remakes of "Yojimbo" (in the genres of spaghetti western and gangster, respectively), how do you feel about them?
    I agree, when said fans are the ones who just want to watch something in its original format. Just wanting to do that isn't what makes someone a fundamentalistic purist. If anything, it just makes them a harmless purist. What does is when someone thinks everyone else needs to as well and thinks no one has the right to enjoy a dubbed work. To your credit, you're not like that, being as you've never told me directly to quit watching Pokemon in English, nor have you played the "not a true fan" card at me. I was just curious to know if you have any thoughts about anime fans who would sink that low. Because you know there are those who would.
    I'd just like to assure you that I'm not a Japanese version fan hater, and neither am I a dub purist.
    I thought it meant "favorite." The dictionary I used (because I'll be damned if I have to use Google Translate, Babelfish, or other garblers like them) said it meant "favorite," although it mentioned that it can be a の-adjective or a する-verb, so by leaving it as just あいよう, I thought it would just be a noun. I was trying to say "Sylveon is my favorite Pokemon."
    Gmail is so much less convenient than this site here...

    Yep, I'm branching out beyond the likes of DeviantART and Pokemopolis, so I came here. I'm liking this community so far. So far, I guess that's all I can say.
    Hi, did you saw PM message i sent to you? Its been over a week and i didn't got any response.

    I suppose you haven't . Maybe your just busy not finding time, but still i can't know (my apologies in advance if i sent message in inappropriate time).

    Or in case of not wanting to answer than, well thats unfortunate because there are not many people out there who i can ask to help clarify certain information. But whatever is your decision, ill respect it either way.
    lol look at the XY024 thread.... some of our posts there have been deleted (not sure if yours got in there too but it was in the exchange about bulbapedia's inaccurate info) and I got an infraction for supposedly being "off topic"........ bulbagarden have been super ridiculous about this in the past few years. every discussion always have and always will lead to a little bit of "off topic"-ness and as long as it doesn't overtake the thread it should be ok, especially in such cases where it's really arguable how "off topic" it is considering it was very related to the primary subject.
    sigh... I should just stop bothering participating at this forum at all. the mods have lost it long ago. and forums in general are becoming more and more annoying these days. perhaps sticking to tumblr or such personal spaces is the best way to go nowdays.
    I am currently progressing with my Normal-type reviews, and one component that I added is quotes from other people about Normal-type families. Could you please provide your opinion on the Meowth family? It should be preferably 3 to 4 sentences.
    Nah, I see a lot of people bring up Freeza being a woman as well...which doesn't bother me, either, since you know I don't see why a "male" alien needs to exactly be voiced by a guy.
    You're a fan of Dragon Ball, right? I was looking on your site the other day to find the link to that old DBZ comparison page...

    Anyway, what's your opinion on Goku's original voice if you mind me asking? I started watching the original recently, and everyone I mention that to seems to instantly bring up Goku's "women voice" as a big reason the dub is superior to the original. It seems a weird sticking point for a lot of folks, even though no one really freaks out when, say, Luffy is voiced by a girl, despite being only a few years younger than Goku is at the start of DBZ.
    Hi, i dont know anyone else who lives in Japan, so i thought you might be right person to ask this.

    I always wandered does there exist demand for Misty return to pokemon series among pokemon fandom in Japan, like its case with western fans(well its kinda hard not to notice it on english sites or youtube). Or people over there dont have especially real desire to see her comeback?

    Only reason why im asking this is because i noticed demand in USA or Europe for Misty comeback seems bigger than its case for an other Ash companion, so im just curious to hear how different situation is on Japanse online boards??

    I dont know Japanese not being familiarized much with fandom over there, so if you could clear up my wandering i would be really thankful. :)
    Hey, so out of curiosity, how popular is Ash/Satoshi in Japan? Does he have more fans as opposed to the US or do a good amount of the Japanese fandom want him to go, as well?
    I can't currently post in the anime. However, Adamant has said that KAORI (Haruka VA) has dysphonia. I heard rumours that she may be sick and hnts are that the voice is her cause, I didn't know exactly what she had.
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