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Review S18 EP38: The Tiny Caretaker!

Aw, this was a cute episode.

Bonnie single handedly pulling Tyrunt that's almost the same height as her out of the water was great. Lol at Ash and Clemont sleeping and pushing on each other and their reactions to Tyrunt in their tent. I love how Tyrunt was attached to Bonnie due to her pajamas. OMG Bonnie playing with and comforting Tyrunt was the cutest thing ever. I thought Serena was spot on though. Bonnie seemed to be acting more like Tyrunt’s mother than just his trainer. And geez Clemont, is a wild Pokemon enjoying getting its teeth brushed really so odd? Glad to see Bunnelby playing with Pikachu, Dedenne, Tyrunt, and Bonnie. Always nice for him to get some screen time. Lol, I loved Bunnelby and Dedenne dancing on Tyrunt's head as they were walking. That was cute.

Yay, we get to see Bonnie not only commanding Dedenne to attack, but also Bunnelby to help them escape. Nice to see Ash using both Noibat and Talonflame to look for Bonnie. Cool I guess. I love how Bonnie trolled TR with Bunnelby and their hole game. Aw, I liked seeing Bonnie take the time out of their escape to brush Tyrunt's fur. That was sweet. Ok, I get that Bonnie's a child and she'd naturally want to run away from danger, but I really wish Bunnelby would have done some attacking to fend off TR; being the "adult" of the group. Nice to see Bunnelby using Wild Charge again. I didn't expect that. Wtf, did Bunnelby and Dedenne really get K.O.'d by TR that fast? Seriously? Maybe that would have been better and more believable had they been fighting on and off the entire time during the chase, but that was literally just two attacks:/

Bonnie was pretty cool defending Tyrunt from TR's giant robot hand. Once again TR shows what huge assholes they are by dropping a child from several feet in the air. Tyrunt evolving into Tyrantrum to save Bonnie was awesome. Glad he put TR in their place. And why the hell is TR acting like they had Tyrunt for more than 1 minute before Bonnie found him? Anyway, I can't believe Clemont would have actually caught Tyrantrum for Bonnie if he could have. That's sweet, but at the same time...that's a pretty huge dinosaur to take around with you. I didn’t really like how the fossil lab workers showed up literally 5 seconds after Ash’s crew discovered Tyrantrum had a trainer. That just felt weird. I kinda wish they would have spaced that out a bit.

I was surprised to see Bonnie being all moody at having to leave Tyrantrum. I guess she did spend a lot of time with it, but at the same time, she went through the same thing with Flabebe already. Whatever, I love how she left her brush with it. That was very mature. Ok, on one hand I like how Bonnie went to Serena to cry to further display their bond, but on the other hand, I thought she would have gone to Clemont. I guess it doesn't matter. At least they were trying to cheer her up.

Overall a great episode. 9/10.
Uhhh, Bonnie? Don't you know you should boil river water before drinking it to kill whatever disease lurks in it? Pleased to see Tyrunt sounds animal-like. Speaking of, how did it not manage to eat the spoon Bonnie fed it with?? Also nice to hear the word "parent" be used in reference to what Bonnie is being toward Tyrunt. And finally, the ending of this episode was very nicely handled.
I really wish Tyrantrum could've sounded more like the T. rex from Jurassic Park.
The dub's music during Bonnie's Tyrantrum flashback was pretty fitting, actually.

But man, Be a Hero is being spammed almost as much as V (Volt) was TBH.
For a random filler it was a really good, cute, feels episode. Bonnie seemed real and the evolution wasn't forced.

I really wish they had gotten that Tyrantrum... for a COTD it had a lot of personality and in addition I really wanted someone on the cast to have one... Ash should've gotten one over his Noibat tbh, at least Rock would be a new type in his Kalos team, since he already has about 47 Flying types in there.

One of the best episodes in gen 6.
OK, let me be honest. You know that I'm not the biggest fan of Bonnie (to put it mildly) but I liked and I hated the episode at the same time.

I liked the episode because it was really heart-warming to see the close bond between Bonnie and Tyrunt/Tyrantrum and how they were able to master all the difficulties while getting away from TRio. And although brushing Tyrunt's teeth and its fur was a little bit childish, most of what Bonnie did was really, really mature and no matter how much I disliked her in the past, this time I was indeed impressed by her!

I also liked the episode because we finally got to see a Pokemon based on my favorite dinosaur (Tyrannosaurus Rex) and we had an exciting evolution. I think Tyrantrum looks epic and it's a shame that our group did get to catch it. At least Ash should definitely get one in the future!

I also said I "hated" the episode but that's not because it was bad but because there were two things in it that I didn't enjoy seeing at all.
The first was TRio behaving like ruthless idiots without conscience. Stealing innocent Pokemon is evil enough but attacking an innocent child and her Pokemon and dropping her from that height is something I'm really lacking the appropriate words for...:complain:

But there was another thing that I found even harder, namely the fact that Bonnie/our group had to leave Tyrantrum at the lab. I mean, sure, it didn't belong to her but after all the things they went through together, the writers could have made Tyrantrum desperately want to come with her so that the scientists would have had no other chance than to let it go....
Why in the world do they have to show us farewells again and again? They're bitter and they're sad. I mean that Pokemon belongs to Bonnie and our heroes and I simply didn't want to see how it all ended...

A great and a very sad episode alike. So, it's really difficult for me to judge it this time.
Certainly a cute episode seeing Bonnie caring for Tyrunt like that, and the ending was really nice too. I felt really sad for Bonnie. :(

Although maybe I like this being dubbed more because I only ever watch the dub episodes once, which is generally about the amount of views it takes me to lose interest in these Bonnie focused episodes. It's not that I hate them, I just don't get the same emotions from it than I should which is the main point of them. This episode in particular was one episode I didn't watch subbed because of that.
It's about time Bonnie had an episode like this one. I think her actions at the end are entirely believable, and a sign of real character development on her part, because she understood that she couldn't take Tyrantrum with her and didn't even throw a tantrum about it (no pun intended) even though she was obviously upset.
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