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Review S19 EP32: A League of His Own!

Alright finally the league. Which I conveniently forgot started today...again:p

I did like how Malva was going around giving interviews. I also loved Clemont being nervous on camera. That Furfrou man is weird, but his hair does look cool. I lol'd at Serena stopping Ash from battling. And she was so fierce about it too.

I though it was weird that they showed Tierno and Trevor when they scanned the room of competitors, but then had Ash look over to Sawyer first. Damn, they're seriously giving them the shaft for Sawyer aren't they. Well, at least they went over to actually talk to him. And nice to see that Tierno still has his crush on Serena. But man, they way she avoided that heart was both hilarious and rude. I mean, he said that she'd always be queen to him, which is like the sweetest thing ever, and then she's just like, "So where's Shauna?". I thought it was really funny how Ash, Tierno, and Trevor all said that they'd be the league winners back to back as if the title could be shared.

Now for the battle. I really like how Trevor had his Key Stone in his camera. I also totally didn't even notice that thing on Charizard's tail with the Mega Stone in it. I did think it was weird how Trevor mentioned his Charizard's fire-type moves would do boosted damage to Alain's ignoring that the opposing Charizard would also receive the same power up. Alain's Charizard completely blocking MZardY's attack was really unexpected and impressive. Unfortunately, after that the battle goes downhill. I'm seriously annoyed with how little respect MZardY is given compared to X. MegazardX just one shots Y with a simple Flamethrower. It didn't even get to do any bit of damage to Alain's. Then Areodactyl and Florges are just shown getting destroyed. I already knew Trevor would lose, but I hoped for a better battle than this. The only thing I liked was that his MegaZardY used fire-type moves other than Flamethrower. And the Furfrou battle...honestly, the only thing I enjoyed from this was that they actually showed Trevor's battling in the background. I thought that was a nice touch. Though, honestly, that battle shouldn't have even been happening at all. There was literally no point to that guy. And then Ash's battle immediately has Ash-Greninja OHKOing an Altaria. Great...

Overall, not the best league start. Furfrou man was completely unnecessary, Alain vs. Trevor could have been so much more, and Ash's battle looked like it was going to be quite similar to Alain's. I'll give it a 7.4/10.
Overall a terrible episode. Furfrou guy is still conpletely unnecessary and I hated the battle between Alain and Trevor. Seeing that broken, overpowered Mega Charizard X sweep all of Trevor's team was just too much. Poor Mega Charizard Y. Ash's battle also should have been shown in full and if it was, maybe we wouldn't have had to show Ash-Greninja OHKOing Altaria.

Worst start for a league ever.
Well for me, the episode was a nice one, it actually focused more on the rivals than Ash. An how Serena pulled Ash and this time she didn't hesitate to hold his hand.
Unpopular opinion: I actually think this was a decent league start and like the fast-paced nature of it. Although I agree Mega Charizard X vs. Y was an utter disappointment. I really like the concept behind Everett, but I would rather see the battle I've been waiting about two years for.
And gosh, I know I've said this before, but this "I'll win the league for sure" stuff is soooooo depressing in hindsight.
If Ash actually won it, that forfru guy wouldn't look like a joke. It would have been so perfect for Ash to win as it gives a certain feel that he might win it but....
I'm again going to be mad when I will see the 'victory' episode.
Bulbapedia XY125 said:
The episode's rating was less than 2.3, making it the lowest-rated debut of a Pokémon league in the overall anime to date.
I don't hold these to much, but this is so extraordinarily fitting. This episode originally confirmed my deep seated suspicion that the Kalos League would be a rushed stain on the otherwise good XY series.
Minus the rush, I was right all along.
Even when I try and look at this as an episode with more focus on the rivals than Ash, it fails at that too. A mediocre 3-0 win for the Mega Evolution poster child and this random layabout taking up screentime which could have been used by them. I know they can do better than this, the 3-0 stomp that Paul gave Barry in the Sinnoh League was leagues (sorry) ahead of this one.
The worst part is that Everett is completely irrelevant. He's never seen again. He isn't a covert Team Flare member and he isn't the trainer who lost to Clembot prior to the presently unaired XY137. He exists solely to have Ash be nearly DQ'd. Not a good representation of all the trainers unable to compete.
Everett? Is that the punk's name? Not that it matters, as he was so unnecessary. What was the point of him, again?

I think whoever runs the anime has a raging hard-on for Megazard X and hates Megazard Y for some reason. Why else would Alainzard one-shot Trevorzard like that after taking no damage whatsoever? I understand that some people like one more than the other, and I can see why Megazard X might be the more popular one, but damn. Megazard Y really needs some love ASAP.
Some of you obviously didn't like that Furfrou guy because he wasted valuable time that could have been used for showing us longer battles instead. Well, I wouldn't say so, and I'd like to explain:
Yes, I agree this episode was way too rushed and this bothered me as well! But it is not Furfrou guy's fault if you ask me. If we want to blame somebody for that rushed start, it's because the writers, for some strange reason, didn't invest two episodes (just as the start of a league would have deserved it) but gave us that totally unnecessary gadget episode last week.
In fact, Furfrou guy mentioned something that has never been talked about before: All those unfortunate trainers who didn't make it in time for some reason or another. I think this was a very interesting idea because I'm sure there are a lot of trainers outside whose greatest dream was to compete in the Kalos League but couldn't make it. This is something unprecedented and I'm grateful the writers came up with that idea.

What I didn't like, however, was that totally rushed start itself. Why not invest ONE more episode to build up suspense and give that league a worthy start? I don't get it...
I would have loved to see Ash's entire battle, but instead we're supposed to believe that he won the first round with ease. That battle scenes that we saw sure were intense and good, no doubt about that, but considering the league is supposed to be THE highlight at the end of any adventure, we want to see it all: all the battles, all the excitement and all the action!

Well, let's see what round two will have in store for us.
I actually liked the general idea of bringing up the topic of trainers who didn't make it, but it was poorly executed imo and just took up screen time that could have been used for the battles.

I was pretty surprised that they had two Mega Charizards go up agaist each other in the first battle already. Even though the winner was obvious from the start, that still could have been a great battle, but instead we just get Alain's Mega Charizard X one shotting it's opponent - what a waste.

As for Ash's battle, I for one didn't mind not seeing his full battle since it was the first round and against a generic opponent, but the ending still felt kind of abrupt. They start showing us the battle for a few seconds and then just end the episode with "...as Ash advances to the next round.", felt pretty weird.

Overall, quite a disappointing episode, hoping for a better one next week.
Mega Charizard Y seemed like a waste as it really didn't get to do much. And Ash's battle was too short with Ash Greninja overpowering his oppenent.
Pretty cool Charizard battle. Disliked they had Megazard X kill all of Trevor's guys though, Alain could've switched or something so Trevor could get at least one win.

Weird hair guy was a cool character to add. The "Ashc ould forfeit" thing happening again is bleh.

Also sucks we only saw 30 seconds of Ash's first round. I suppose that's better than when they skipped rounds entirely in Uonva.

We don't even get round two, or round three. We skip all the way to round four and Ash's full battle isn't even shown there.

...and I guess now that makes it worse
a very good episode , better then some of the past.
but the battles could have been longer especially that first one, Charizard X got to much spotlight.
Trevors could have had more chance if Alan would use atlest one difrent pokemon and if Dragon Tail could hit and swich it out or if Trevors Charizard could have used Whirlwind.
Lame that we got only Ash one pokemon in battle.
And so, the League begins, and we meet up with this Everett guy who aims to battle League participants just because he could not win his badges on time. Okay, I am fine with this, but as long as he does not cause the participants to be very nearly eliminated from the competition, you see. :mad:

Personally, I wanted to see more of Alain versus Trevor than just their Charizard battling, and Alain's Mega Charizard X one shotting Aerodactyl and Florges. Seriously, I have been wanting to see an Aerodactyl battle in a League for a long time, and when I learnt that Trevor will use an Aerodactyl, I was hyped, but alas, all my hopes were shattered :(, just as Trevor's hopes of advancing through the first round were.

Trevor's Key Stone was embedded in the camera, nice touch there. But, I don't think hitting a Mega Charizard X with an Energy Ball is a good idea, considering the not very effective...ness of the move. Perhaps, you should have tried any Fairy-type move (if your Florges had one), though, I assure you, the result would have been the same.

Okay, so a quick advancement through the first round for Ash, Tierno and Sawyer, there (we did not even see the latter two's battles, so...) and now we are up to the second round.
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