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Review S20 EP11: Young Kiawe Had a Farm!

This remains one of my favorite episodes of SM so far, due in large part because of my love for Kiawe. Learning more about his background and family was so much fun! It also seemed to stay pretty faithful to the original, at least based on the subs I watched.

I absolutely loved the dub voices for Kiawe's family! His mother's was my favorite. Mimo is such a cutie! I love how her voice had a little bit of an almost boyish rasp to it. She sounded like a real little girl! I'm not crazy about her dub name (the first few times they said it I thought they were saying "Nemo," like the fish) but I do think it's cute that it comes from the same tree family as Kiawe's name origin.

I also thought the emoting in Kiawe's voice was much better this episode. The scenes with Mimo came across very well, especially towards the end with his response to her telling him to be careful like he's always telling her. It still needs a bit of work (I think his voice itself is great, the delivery sometimes just comes across as flat) but I do think it's getting there. It's only 11 episodes in, after all.

The episode itself was great, just as enjoyable as when I watched the original. Loved seeing Akala and learning more about Kiawe. I hope we get to see more of the ranch in the future!
The dub kept only one piece of music today: the title card. As for the dub music itself, it recycled the themes fans call the "elevator" one and the "laundry" ones, it's actually more funny than anything since they don't fit the mood very often, making things comedic.

Anyway, Ash's voice seemed to crack when he was getting excited, giggled, and turned really effeminate in response to Kiawe's gestures at the start- not sure what to say to this, really.

Some on YouTube think Mimo's dub voice is terrible, whereas here some like it: I think it's...below average, really...her delivery was really rushed and raspy at times.

Kiawe's mom had a good dub voice, though: his Dad's was okay-ish, Kiawe's VA himself is off & on: sometimes, he sounds good, but other times, his delivery is really flat and monotone.

Rotom Dex still sounds awful in the dub: really high-pitched & just forced.

Ignoring Team Rocket, because thank god they had barely any scenes in the episode.

Writing, a few minor line rewordings/changes, but a lot less crappy than it usually is in this dub. Ash still says "Kay" pretty often, though.
Whoever gave this dub title must be such a little kid.
His name is James Carter Cathcart, he's also the only writer of the dub script since Season 9, and was a minor writer in Seasons 5-8 before the whole dub crew got like 98% replaced, when TPCi took over from 4Kids. He's actually quite elderly, too (and if I told you my opinion on him & his writing on the whole, I might get infracted, so I'll leave it at that).

I think his worst episode titles to date are this one, "Yo Ho Ho! Go Popplio," "Getting the Pre-Contest Titters," "Dealing With a Fierce Double Ditto Drama," "A Trip Down Memory Train," and "Party Dancecapades," myself: truly the definition of cringe-worthy writing in my book.

Anyway, re-watching it, some of Ash's dub lines were really bad in this episode, like:

"I'm super psyched!"
"I'm bushed!"

10 year olds don't speak like this, but then, this is how he's always spoken since Season 9 in the dub, not surprised. I'm just glad Team Rocket didn't have more scenes because, dear god, TPCi's take on them is beyond obnoxious in terms of dialogue/writing imo.
I'd hardly call "A Trip Down Memory Train," and "Party Dancecapades" bad titles...
This episode was pretty good. We finally got to Akala and met Kiawe's family who I'm already going to love quite a bit. Compliments to Mimo for sounding way diffrent then I thought and not coming across too much like a Bonnie clone. As always, the acting and music was really especially the Z-move theme even if we don't get the text added in, it's alright in the end. I will give this a 8/10, would've been 8.5 but Team Skull man what a waste.
"I'm bushed!"

Okay, I rewatched this episode last night and this also caught my attention (I think I was too tired the first time and didn't really process it.) What the heck was that line? I've honestly never even heard that used as a term for exhausted (not saying it isn't one, but I definitely don't think it's common...) Why couldn't they just use tired or exhausted? Weird choice there.
If Ash was unaware Rowlet could use a Z move (which is already dumb in the first place for him not to be aware) why does Rowlett already know the dance!? I guess maybe he watched Ash and Piakchu do it offscreen when they did it...

Kiawe working that job just reminded me of when he got fired in my game. Had I not battled him he would've had a job forever D:

"Young Kiawe had a farm" lmao. ON ON THAT FARM HE HAD A MILTANK, IT WENT MOO MOO MOO.

Does everyone get free milk? damn I want free milk.

Birthdays happen in Pokemon!? how many has Ash had since he started his journey!?

That's a big garden.

Looks like Ash is blasting off again!

and huh you'd think Mudbrays would hate water. Also Ash's own fault, I wouldn't even wanna wash one of them, never mind 60.

Ash you jealous show off.

Beating Olivia with his fire types is pretty impressive. I guess he's not a captain in this series? also, someone having a full family is weird!

He really is over protective. And poor Pikachu. Pelipper is just glad he wasn't shocked too, he'd probably be knocked out for like 6 days due to that double weakness. And Kiawe doing this every day, no wonder he's so hench. Only thing missing is his lovely Hiker David.

Team Skull should've just attacked Ash whilst he dance, that would've stopped that Z move.

Random kid, Ash and Kiawe will be even more late for other people if they battle for you. Damn we don't even get to see the battle? and Team Rocket are pointless right now.

Eh that was a standard filler I guess not much happened.
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I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. It was nice to see more of Kiawe's personality.

First things first, I thought it was weird that Ash had the Normalium-Z in pocket and not on the Z-Ring. I mean, does he not notice that it has several slots for multiple Z-Crystals? I'm totally serious. It's not like Mega Stones where there's only one slot in the Ring/Bracelet for 1 stone, there are like 6 empty spots for Z-Crystals. I just thought that was weird. Anyway, I wasn't a fan of how the Z-Move training was just watching a stock footage Breakneck Blitz that looked nearly identical to the one shown last episode, with the only difference being switching out Pikachu for Rowlet. I did however like that they showed how Z-Moves are so powerful that they exhaust the Pokemon using it, so that was nice. I also liked that Kukui said the exact game line when a Pokemon is about to use a Z-Move.

I wonder why Harry couldn't have just used the milk Kiawe brought him the day before his mom's birthday to make the cake. Surely Moo Moo milk doesn't expire after one day. And man, I feel so dumb. Even after reading that Kiawe lived on a farm and playing through both Sun and Moon, I totally forgot about the fact that he actually lives in the ranch land of Paniola Town. I don't know how I didn't think of that, but whatever. It was nice to see a bit of Akala Island before Ash actually travels there.

Damn, I though Kiawe was tall, but seeing him next to his parents...my gosh. And what the hell is up with Kiawe freaking out every time Mimo tried to do something. I get that she's young, but c'mon. And I can understand the first freak out since she was literally trying to carry the milk herself, but she had a cart the second time. Well, that was funny to see.(But these moments did make me think of Clemont and Bonnie and I started missing them even more :cry:) It was even funnier with the fact that he screwed up and smashed Pikachu's tail the second time. But seriously, I did really enjoy seeing more to Kiawe's personality aside from being the super stoic guy he normally is. Particularly in the scene where Ash got kicked by Mudbray and Kiawe was just super calm about it.

I have to say that I loved how polite Rotom was in speaking to Kiawe's dad while Ash was too concerned with ice cream. I'm loving Rotom more and more with each episode.

I really wasn't a fan of how pointless Team Skull was. They actually went out of the way to bring back the same trio from episode one, only for them to get blasted away with Gigavolt Havoc, which was also just complete stock footage. That was so boring. I was happy to see Team Skull again after not seeing them in so long, but this was just so unnecessary. Well, at least it wasn't TR. Actually with that said, I'm so glad TR was barely in this episode :)

So overall, this was a really nice episode. The stock footage and pointless Team Skull appearance were annoying, but everything else was pretty great. I'll give it a 9/10.
It's a filler in one sense of the word, but we finally have Kiawe's "character development" episode. And...while it wasn't as good as Lillie's, it was nice seeing more character for him than "the serious guy". I didn't think much of Kiawe's family's dub names, but reading their etymologies on Bulbapedia, they're actually pretty fitting! The dub voices for them were good, but I found Mimo's rather annoying – it fits though, since she's supposed to be the bratty younger sibling. Also nice seeing the Team Skull trio again. I hope we see more of them in the future.
Wow, this was such a nice, cheerful episode. I liked watching it very much.

Okay, so Ash is using his day off to train and has Rowlet use a Z-Move for the first time. Now, that's nice. Liked how Rowlet's Breakneck Blitz caused a cleavage in the ocean water. :eek: Also like how Rowlet was quickly tired of using the Z-Move due to being under-trained.

Oh, I love Kiawe even more after this episode. Seeing how his daily routine keeps him so busy, yet how he has a cheerful, passionate attitude made me marvel at his awesomeness even more. :cool:

His relationship with Mimo and his over-protectiveness for his sister was just the cutest. :X3: Yup, that's one responsible child and brother after all. (y)

Nice Mudbray debut. Poor Ash getting trolled by Mudbray in this episode. It was so funny! :D:D

I was desperately hoping for a Team Skull blast off in the end, but eh... Maybe next time. :p
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