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Review S21 EP37: A Young Royal Flame Ignites!

Sarah Natochenny
Laurie Hymes
Jessica Paquet
Rosie Reyes
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Marc Swint
Rodger Parsons

Sam Black
Roger Callagy
Carter Cathcart
James Weaver Clark
Emily Cramer
Abe Goldfarb
Melissa Hope
Emily Jenness
Michele Knotz
Michael Liscio Jr.
Ryan Nicolls
Lisa Ortiz
Jake Paque
Ben Phillips
H.D. Quinn
Bill Rogers
Marc Thompson

Footage coming soon
I wonder who reads who's that Pokemon's in this episode? Masked Royal with Ash or maybe Ash, his classmates and Masked Royal?
I see we have a new guy in the form of James Weaver Clark, probably does Electric or Magma, Professor Sycamore's back I see, looks like my guess of H.D. Quinn doing Incineroar is correct
I think the "En-joy!" finishing line was done better in the Japanese. They stretched out the "En-" in a hammy voice, then followed by saying "joy!" really fast.

The English dub on the other hand: "En-" wasn't all that hammy and it wasn't dragged out long enough, and "joy!" was too slow.
So it's a Battle Royal episode... Interesting!

Mr. Electric? And Mad Magma? Wow, those are some really clever names... :rolleyes:

So, Mallow and Lana didn't tell the gang that they were going to the Battle Dome? :p Sneaky...

Burnet's the real MVP in the relationship, eh! :LOL:

Masked Sophocles is so cute. :giggle:

Damn, Ash's detective skills are on point for once.

Man, I feel sorry for Kukui. :cry: Hmm.... Then again, he chose this life for himself, so maybe not... :LOL:

The Revengers cannot play fair, now can they? :rolleyes: Also, that's an Alolan Golem... YAY!!! :love:

Torracat barging in like that... That's some really clever writing. (y) I appreciate how the writers tried to establish a relation between Torracat and Incineroar through this. (y)

It's Viren... I'm not surprised. You'd think he'd learn his lesson, but sigh :confused_emoji: The gang's reaction to his entry was hilarious though. :LOL:

The audience booing Viren was priceless. :ROFLMAO: And Viren, you really need to come up with some good comeback lines; you are sure to get that a lot in your life! :LOL:

Ash Royal?! So many creative names in this episode... :rolleyes:

A tag-team battle round sounds interesting. Let's see how it plays out.

Of course, sigh the Revengers relying on dirty tactics... Not surprised!

That Feint Attack animation tho! :ROFLMAO:

I like how Team Rocket was glamoured by the Revengers breaking the rules. :LOL: Ah, Team Rocket, you will always be the favorite bad guys!

Lana and Kiawe stepping up to assist the duo Royals was really appreciable. (y)

So, Ash's Torracat learns Revenge. AWESOME!!! (y):love:

Malicious Moonsault... Yup, that's one way to end the show with a bang! :giggle:

Viren just does not know when to quit... :oops:

Man, I can't wait to see the Masked Royal and Ash have a battle. #Hyped :giggle:

Yeah, poor Kukui! :LOL:

All in all, an entertaining episode. Torracat got some much needed focus, and that's always a plus. An easy 10/10 from me. (y)
All in all, an entertaining episode. Torracat got some much needed focus, and that's always a plus. An easy 10/10 from me. (y)

I agree with your review, a real fun episode. Masked Royal episodes remain among my favorites with this one being the best (so far at least)

Nice variety of Pokemon with Poliwrath making a comeback
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