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Review S22 EP54: Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!

Apr 2, 2017
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WTP is Solgaleo

Sarah Natochenny
Laurie Hymes
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Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
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Cried watching this episode in Japanese, cried watching it again in English.

Team Rocket leaving their Pokemon behind, Burnet and Kukui saying goodbye to Ash at the airport, and the gang saying goodbye to Ash on the plane were the parts that really got me all over again. Really excellent voice acting in this episode. I think everyone got the emotions down perfectly and gave a wonderful final performance.

It's crazy to think that when this episode first aired all those months ago, I thought "well, at least we still have a couple of months left of the dub!" I really can't believe SM is over. This series really stole my heart and renewed my love for the anime. I'd have to say that SM finishes as a top two favorite series for me. I'm really going to miss it.
The irony is, though, that if the English Dub were, indeed, to end, this would be the perfect series to end it on. Ash won a League and also had, for lack of a better term, a Title Defense against Kukui, aka the Masked Royal and the strongest Trainer in Alola. If there was ever a time to end an "endless" series, this would be it. Personally, though, I hope the Dub doesn't come to an end and that we get the whole series. And I also think that the dub isn't coming to an end so soon. There's still a lot of money to be made for the animé from America and other countries.
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