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Review S23 EP11: Best Friend...Worst Nightmare!

Apr 2, 2017
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Chloe has become one of my favorite new characters as I've watched the new Journeys episodes in Japanese, so I was really excited to watch the dub of this one. And it did not disappoint!

I really love the Cerise family; their dynamic was carried over really well into the dub, and all of their voices sounded great. I do love that we seem to have carried over seeing more of the characters' families that we got in SM, as that was one of my favorite aspects of that series. I feel like it really tells us a lot about the characters that we might not have known otherwise, and Chloe is no exception. I think it's refreshing that she doesn't really know what she wants to do in the future, and that her mother can relate and is very encouraging of her daughter not to rush these kinds of things. It makes Chloe a very relatable character, and it's one of the reasons she's become a favorite of mine.

Definitely looking forward to seeing the other Chloe-centric episodes dubbed in the future!
They say three's a crowd but damn should Chloe be more in this show - she's the protagonist we need, if not the one we deserve. Seriously though, seeing her dilemma combined with her family scenes were so wholesome and more compelling than most of the prior episodes of Ash 'n Gou just faffing about at being wannabe research assistants. Overall a good episode. :bulbaLove:

On a side note, seeing Chloe in an actual school is really bizarre considering Ash and Gou don't go. Is Ash using his Neverland powers to put off going to school so he can have adventures? It raises a whole lot of questions that the writers probably don't care to answer. :unsure:
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