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S25: Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series - Dub Title Thread

Lyrics and credits for anyone interested:
"With You"
Written and Performed by Echosmith

I'll go anywhere if I'm with you
Lightning strikes or any shade of blue
The journey's the best part
Even when the road gets hard
I'll go anywhere if I'm with you
With you
Echosmith is an American band best known for their 2013 song, "Cool Kids".
I kind of like it. The instrumental music is really the best part and it has a decent beat. I think it would have been more fitting as an insert song or maybe an ending theme to a future dub movie as opposed to an opening theme. It is a bit too laid back and calm for an opening. In my opinion, the best Pokemon dub openings are the ones that get you excited or pumped up to see the episode. This song isn't bad by any means, but I think it's too relaxed to really get you excited. It isn't one of the worst dub openings, but it isn't one of the best ones either. It's firmly in the middle and given TPCI's track record with dub openings, that's still pretty good all things considered.

It is a shame that only the first Journeys dub opening got a full version. Both the second and third Journeys dub openings really would have benefited from getting full versions too.
Lyrics and credits for anyone interested:
"I'll go anywhere if I'm with you" is very similar to "Anywhere you're goin' so am I" from the previous opening. I too like the instrumental/ending version.
It seems an unused opening theme, by the dub composer Ed Goldfarb instead of an outside artist, has surfaced online:

OMG this has to be a troll right? No way this is real.
If it is I’m so glad they didn’t use it
It was sung by Haven omg it’s real I feel so bad. Also I need a Haven cover of with you
It seems an unused opening theme, by the dub composer Ed Goldfarb instead of an outside artist, has surfaced online:

OMG, that sounds terrible. It sounds like a fan song posted on TikTok or something. How is this even a Pokemon song??? This is on the same level as the theme song for Season 20, thank GOD they never used it. The current one we have now is definitely an improvement.
The opening was...weird. The song sounds pretty good actually, but I feel like in an effort to make it sound nostalgic because of the JN finale, the returns and all that it ended up sounding very un-Pokemon like. The footage and editing is also strange, it starts decent but then becomes kinda messy with things like Wobbuffet being on screen for like 0.01 seconds and Ash tossing the Dynaball many scenes after the scene of his team. It doesn't match the slow vibe of the song much, so I wonder if the opening was made with different footage in mind until they received the new Japanese opening.

Now onto the ending...They did their best, but it's impossible to take out the context of the footage belonging to a song about types. However, it's still cute and I'm all for them keeping this tradition of using footage of Japanese endings even if it's not a fitting one.
The unused opening was pretty bad. It really sounded like a rough first draft of a song as opposed to a finished project. While I'd say that the Ultimate Journeys opening is the weakest of the dub opening for Journeys, it is better than that unused song.
The unused version sounded like a pop song, a genre that does NOT belong in Pokemon. I'll say it again, this is as bad if not worse than Season 20's opening.
The "Cool Kids" band... That's surprising, to say the least. I know they're mainly known for that one song, but that's still a much higher profile artist than I'd ever expect to ever sing an English Pokémon opening.

But despite, or perhaps because of the artist they chose, the opening... doesn't really feel like an opening at all. At least not for your typical cartoon or anime, and especially not for an action-focused series like Pokémon. I guess I could see it working for something live-action depending on the genre and target audience? But honestly, the thing it reminds me the most of are those fan-made music videos where they play a popular song over anime footage.

As a standalone song I'd say it's all right. I'd say the artist knew what they were doing in that regard, and while the melody and lyrics are simple, in my opinion they're catchy enough to make for a decent radio track. Obviously in the song's current form it's much too short to leave a real lasting impression, so it would be nice to hear a full-length version sometime down the line.

And man, I really wonder what that scrapped Goldfarb opening was like, assuming it was real. I can only imagine from some of your reactions.
Regarding the new opening, I have a feeling TPCi originally had planned to have their openings for Pokemon Journeys played by mainstream artists/bands instead of “in house” like they typically do. As we can see with Season 23 and Season 25.

And I think covid was the reason they reverted back to using their “in house” music/artists (Ben Dixon/Haven Paschall) for Season 24.

As for the unofficial opening for season 25 I’m assuming that they initially wanted to go the in house route again due to the uncertainty with covid, but in the end were able to book a deal with Echosmith.

That’s just my speculation.
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