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Final Fantasy discussion thread (all games)

Aug 2, 2023
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  1. He/Him
hey gang!
i was thinking the other day, and you know what other popular video game series somehow doesn't have a general thread? final fantasy.
of course xiv is very popular and has a dedicated thread, but there are none for the series as a whole or for any other specific games (as far as i know)... so here one is! a thread for all of your final fantasy needs, including fantheories, general conversation, and... hey, whatever else comes to mind.
this covers all games and spinoffs and there's no spoiler policy or anything, so just use caution if you're not finished, i guess?
I've only played games in the FF7 subseries. Unacceptable, I know. I've been trying to get into other games in the series, but I just haven't had the time yet. Planning to tackle FF1, FF9, and FF16 relatively soon though.

Oh yeah, and FF7 Rebirth. Very excited for that game.
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I've only played games in the FF7 subseries. Unacceptable, I know. I've been trying to get into other games in the series, but I just haven't had the time yet. Planning to tackle FF1, FF9, and FF16 relatively soon though.

Oh yeah, and FF7 Rebirth. Very excited for that game.
if you're going to stick to one ff subseries, then ff7 is absolutely the best possible one. so no, not unacceptable at all d:
do you happen to have a favorite character? i guess that can be a pretty hard question for people; it does have a terrific cast...
if you're going to stick to one ff subseries, then ff7 is absolutely the best possible one. so no, not unacceptable at all d:
do you happen to have a favorite character? i guess that can be a pretty hard question for people; it does have a terrific cast...
In the original, definitely Red. I thought his arc was really well done.

In the remake, definitely Aerith. I absolutely love how she's portrayed.
Haha hiiiiii. I never planned to play a Final Fantasy game ever but then I played FF7 on a whim and it has utterly consumed and destroyed me. I'm obsessed with everyone. I love Cloud, I love Tifa, I love Aerith, I love Barret, I love Cid...literally everyone. Soon as I get my hands on a PS5 Remake and then Rebirth are the first games I'm playing. Yes, even before P3 Reload. That's how ruined I am.

Now I'm playing Crisis Core Reunion and have already cried multiple times because oh my god I love Zack so much and I love his relationships with Aerith and Cloud and basically every other character and this game has already joined the ranks of "games that destroy Dana" because godddd.
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the big issue beryl has with ff7 is that i cannot decide whether i just want to indulge in an AU where cloud and friends are all happy and safe and alive for their own sakes or stick with the actual story with its beautiful, nuanced, absolutely and completely emotionally crushing writing
Final Fantasy!!!! one of my all time fav video game series (tho my fav squeenix series will always be kingdom hearts XP).

listen, Aerith is my very favorite FF character ever, and words cannot express how happy (and relieved, lol) I am at the Remake doing her justice. So many of her appearances outside of the OG watered her down so much that she barely resembled the character I loved so dearly, and I genuinely got so emotional at the Remake bringing back my Aerith--sassy and fierce, headstrong, taking no crap from anyone. And really, the Remake did justice to all the characters, which made me so happy after how they were portrayed elsewhere in the Compilation (Barret in particular has gotten done so dirty for so long :cry:). Not to mention how much the Remake fleshed out characters like Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge, and actually made me care about them in a way I never have before.....and I could go on and on, and gush about the Remake forever. XD Sure, I have a few nitpicks with it, especially towards the end of the game, but on the whole it has given me everything I could ever want out of a remake and then some. It's currently sitting as my very favorite FF game of the entire franchise (which is no mean feat, as it's not a field w/o competition), and I am so incredibly excited for Rebirth (and in general, just ready to enjoy the ride w/ the rest of the Remake trilogy, no matter where we ultimately end up).

So....yeah, safe to say that I absolutely love the OG VII, and Crisis Core is really the only other part of the Compilation that I accept (tho, I need to jump into Ever Crisis, and see if that changes my perspective on some of them....but tbh, getting rid of Dirge of Cerberus's terrible gameplay won't do anything to improve its terrible story XP).

My other big favorite in the series is XII (and really, the Ivalice Alliance games in general, particularly Tactics (and yes, I'm def part of the crowd who's dying for Squeenix to give us another Tactics game)). The Zodiac Age is such an incredible overhaul, but I've always adored XII, despite the flaws of the PS2 original. My third favorite is probably V, as I adore the job class system, and V definitely has the best implementation of it. I've also played I & IV, which are both solid when it comes to really laying the main groundwork that the rest of the series would build on top of (IV lays the groundwork for the epic (and sometimes convoluted XP) stories the franchise has become known for), but they're kinda like gen 1 Pokemon games for me, in that they're outclassed by said later entries. But I'll always recommend IV as being a very good starting point for a newcomer to the series, especially for story-oriented gamers. (I've still gotta finish The After Years tho... XDD) My first ever FF game was actually X, but as I was coming into it fresh off the heels of KH, and with this being my first time playing a turn-based RPG, I REALLY did not click with it at the time, and quickly gave up in frustration. :LOL: Now that I'm more accustomed to turn-based RPGs, I def want to go back and try again, as I'm sure I'll have a much better experience with it this time around. I also tried out XIII, but I was in college, and at the time the TV I had was extremely small, so I had to give up bc I literally couldn't read any of the text, which is kinda necessary when the game is wanting to give you a tutorial in how to actually play the game. XD I find it more unlikely that I'll pick XIII back up again tho, as a lot of elements about the trilogy don't seem like they'd be suited to me as a player. Lastly, I played the heck out of the first Dissidia game, and def need to get around to 012. I want so desperately to be able to play Dissidia NT as well, but I've heard it doesn't have a good single player experience, so unfortunately I'll have to pass it by. :/

The other titles in the series that I (most likely) have and still need to try out: II, III (both the Pixel Remaster & 3D remake), VI & IX (it's a crime that I haven't gotten to these ones yet, I knooow ://), VIII (this one and II are the ones I'm the most wary of, given that they're probably the most divisive games in the series, but I def will need to actually try them out for myself before I can judge XP), XV, XVI, Type-0, World of Final Final Fantasy, & Theatrhythm Final Bar Line. (I'm not an MMO player, so I've no interest in XI or XIV.)

for the person asking: yes, the Pixel Remasters are fantastic, and are definitely the way to go when getting into the series for the first time. If you have a PSP, you can get versions of I, II, & IV that have more content (same w/ V for the GBA), and they could be considered to be the definitive versions over the Pixel Remasters. I & V Advance mostly just add bonus dungeons (and 4 extra jobs in V, but you can't unlock them until the very end of the game, so you don't exactly get much opportunity to really use them), but imo you wouldn't feel their absence. II & IV, however, give you additional story in the PSP versions (ftr, this extra story campaign in II can also be found on the GBA version, but the PSP version of the game is of much better quality; IV: The Complete Collection on PSP also comes bundled w/ IV's sequel, The After Years, and w/ a new "Interlude" episode in between the games), so imo they could be considered the better versions over the Pixel Remaster versions of those games. But if you don't have a PSP, or want the most accessible way to play the games, the Pixel Remasters will serve you just fine. And III's Pixel Remaster is the only legit way to play the original game, as this is the only time the OG has been released outside of Japan.
^ Intresting, I was considering getting a PSP so I could play the Sonic Rivals games. Thanks for the suggestion!
You're welcome! If you would like more information about it, I'd recommend checking out AustinSV on youtube, who does a really great job comparing all the different versions of the games (and does so for a lot of other games and series outside of FF), and it's very comprehensive.
So I absolutely love the Final Fantasy franchise though I do admit some of the later games have not been my favorite. The first Final Fantasy game I ever played and beat was Final Fantasy X, it is still one of my favorite FF games of all time and it's one of the games I have replayed the most (which is so funny because that game is sooo long.) The storyline was so good too, and the fact that it was the first voice acting FF game in the series makes it have a speical place in my heart. I also love the musical score, and the otherworld song is just so amazing. My favorite character from that game is Lulu, I tend to favor a lot of the magic users, I also really like Yuna too. I do enjoy X-2 but it isn't my favorite in the series and I don't think it warrants the hate it gets sometimes.

I have played FF7 the original and I just completed the remake! Just in time for Rebirth. Now I really do enjoy FF7 but I do think of all the games it does get overhyped a bit, there was a lot that was just eh when I played it. I don't really like the new fighting mechanism in the remake comapred to the turnbased system that was in the original. The music in the series is beautiful and all the characters are really fleshed out, but it is not my favorite in the series.. though it does have one of my favorite cutscenes that I'm interested to see how is done in rebirth. I have not spoiled myself even though I know that cutscene is available already. The one in Nidelham, the music was so good and the entire build up was done really well. I don't see myself replaying FF7 original anytime soon (exploration is daunting. It was so boring and bland which I know is because it was a way older game....) the newer one it wasn't as dautning to explore but a lot of the sidequests were so boring and I like ones that will give you good rewards and I wasn't rewarded in a way that I like.. it just wasn't worth it.

FF12 is really good, I like the remastered version, it's a lot easier compared to the original one. The job system took some time to get used to when I first started playing it back in 2006 and it was hard! I have fond memories of that game, the remaster (i forgot the actual name of it) was really good too. I should replay it soon because I haven't replayed it in awhile. I like the creative liberties it took with the fighting system, but I do miss the turn-based system FF used to have and am sad it won't be returning though it does make sense with how the style of the games are now.

FF13 - Never finished it because I got stuck on that octopus robot boss and could never beat it so I gave up playing, and you can't play older generation games on the PS anymore so I have no way to play it even if I wanted to since I think its only on the PS3 which is a shame because I would like to try and play it again. Maybe one day it will be added to the like.. online subscription thing.

FF15 - I hated it, no comment.

FF16 - I started playing it, and I really enjoyed it and will eventually get back to it once I have more time. I like the story, it reminds me a lot of game of thrones but thats okay.
I'm an old school FF player. I haven't played anything past 12 since I disliked 13 when I rented it from my local library. That and I'm too cheap to buy a PS4/PS5 or whatever number we're on right now.

My all time favorite is Final Fantasy Tactics. It's pretty much the Final Fantasy meets Fire Emblem game that very few Fire Emblem fans have actually played (oddly). The classes are fun to mess around with, maps let you do some creative things, the music is wonderful (as always in FF) and the story is both dark and thought provoking. Tactic's story is pretty much about a succession crisis that spirals into a continent wide war and 2 people who were once childhood friends seek to stop it in opposing ways that are contrary to their origins. I'd urge anyone who hasn't played it to give it a try.

Another favorite of mine is Final Fantasy 6. I'll admit that it's one of the easier games in the series since the Figaro brothers break the game in half :LOL:. But the sense of wonder, uncertainty and adventure is top notch in this game as you walk through the world of the amnesiac Terra and collect a rather odd ensemble of heroes. And then there's Kefka, there's a reason the guy is up there with Sephiroth for most talked about FF baddie. Guy is just an out of control looney that is as heinous as he is amusing (thanks Ted Woosley!). Things take a pretty shocking turn half way through the game in a way that preys upon typical RPG tropes and set up. The 2nd half gets pretty damn dark but a big theme of the game is hope and finding something to fight through all the pain that life can throw at you. It's pretty damn awesome to see everyone find something to believe in as they push through one of the most infamous baddies of all time. A big recommendation for sure.

I haven't played the remake for FF7 but I'm pretty fond of the original. I did however see the let's plays on youtube. I'm so happy to see that the FF7 cast has been put back on track after Advent Children messed up how people think they are. Cloud especially got it bad since people were convinced he was brooding and mopey as his default personality when he was a snarky jackass for most of FF7. His interactions with Barret especially are hilarious, the voice actors do a top notch job at capturing what the characters should be like. The OG game is a legend for a reason. The story was honestly ahead of its time and they do a damn good job of making Sephiroth seem as menacing as possible. Dude's actually like a horror movie bad guy in a couple of ways, just look what he did to Shinra HQ in his first appearance! Looking forward to seeing how the remake unfolds. I like what I'm seeing so far, I'm curious to see where it all leads.
I do not own a PS5, so I am not able to play Rebirth.:cry: I am moving so I am not even able to begin to think of getting a PS5. I hope that the game comes to PC relatively soon because I do have a PC that can run it thankfully!

In the meantime, I'm sad and trying to avoid any content related to it. (understanding that I didn't get too far into the original FFVII because I was bad at it and got stuck on a boss which I think is almost certainly included in the part that Rebirth covers, so content from there on is new to me, save for the obvious big FFVII spoiler that everyone and their dog knows about lol)
I am one of the weird ones that got into the series thanks to 8. If you take the time to learn the ins and outs of how junctioning works, you'll be in for a surprisingly good time (even if some of the story beats are a bit cliche even by late 90's/early 2000's standards)

I have not played 7, but I at least know who everyone is and the basic plot of the story.

My other favorites (that I have played):

--the original NES classic (or at least, the GBA version)
--4 (2 USA--prefer the GBA version)
--6 (3 USA--prefer the GBA version)
--Tactics (forget the story, this game actually makes grinding fun!)
--XII (I can't be the only one that thinks Balthier is a dead ringer for Captain Jack Sparrow...)
--XII (I can't be the only one that thinks Balthier is a dead ringer for Captain Jack Sparrow...)
They share the same Japanese voice actor (Hirata Hiroaki), but not in English; Balthier is voiced by Gideon Emery. Oddly enough, Jack Sparrow's English voice actor in Kingdom Hearts II (James Arnold Taylor) is Tidus' English voice actor.

I have played many of the Final Fantasy games, and I can say that the villain of PLA Volo is so much like Seymour Guado from Final Fantasy X, as both are nihilist psychopaths using the main character for his goal in ending all life and are associated with a beast you can team up with later (Anima and Giratina). Dr. Cid from Final Fantasy XII is somewhat like Professor Sada/Turo in that he's a well-meaning but morally grey professor whose obsession with his research left him estranged with his son, which eventually lead to his death (the difference in that Balthier had to kill his maddened father; Sada/Turo died long before Arven had to "confront" them).

I've managed to get a Platinum trophy on the PS3 for Final Fantasy X, and it was outrageously hard. I exploited a trick for the "Dodge 200 Lightning Bolts in a Row" for Lulu's Celestial Weapon, but it took well over 50 attempts to get 0:00 in the Catcher Chocobo race. It's even harder than winning the race with Erol in Jak II. My advice is to only do these borderline-impossible sidequests once for the trophies/achievements, then use custom weapons for subsequent gameplays. They're just not worth it.

PS: A part of me wants to see a Pokémon version of the Triple Triad card game from Final Fantasy VIII.
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