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Review SM029: Are You Going to Have a Nap-masyu in the Nemasyu Forest Too?

I think it was the same as 18. Also ET was surprised by that guess it might be popular in Japan?
Who would know, it was the funniest SM episode so far, and Team Rocket wasn't even a part of it. Eat your heart out Team Rocket!
Ayumi Sekine is much MUCH better at writing comedy. It's been a long time since I actually laughed to this show. Even Kaki and Mamane was genuinely funny, thanks to comic timing.
Lilie saved the episode. She's a better source for comedy compared to Kaki and Suiren's forced meme-faces. Also, she's actually relatable.
Bonding between Namashu and Satoshi was weird but kinda fun. I seriously thought that he's gonna catch it.
Ending was a standard pokemon filler ending, surprising for a non-standard episode like this.
"Memories" part of the summary definitely wasn't what I actually wanted. It was a let-down but I don't mind it much.
It's a good thing that episode actually focused on all main characters and no one left behind, even the pokemon. It's something unusual for SM.
Also, did anyone noticed that they didn't give any food to Denjimushi? What's up with that?

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Get in the bag, Pokédoll.
I thought it was a really good episode. I actually really wanted Ash to catch the Morelull seeing how they bonded so smoothly.
I like the ET reference they threw in there.

Overall, it was a fine episode. I enjoyed it.

Also, little fun fact, the kid who played the boy in E.T. actually went to my high school!
Decent episode. There were a lot of funny moments, like Lana being creepy with the flashlight, the group in their drained states (the moment with Ash and Sophocles was particularly funny), and Ash eating food to reverse becoming weakened by Morelull. The ET reference at the end was really cute. Unfortunately, the episode seemed to drag in some places so it got kind of dull if there was't something overly funny going on. 5/10
This one really didn't hold me. Felt very like an oldschool PotD story and I think the camping setup did not help that!
I thought this was a very competently put together filler episode that looked very pretty. Seriously, anyone still having doubts about the new artwork: watch this episode.

The best fillers are the ones that are self-contained stories on their own and this episode told a simple story about a Pokemon and what that Pokemon is all about. On top of that, the group interactions were fun and there were some neat character points, particularly about Lillie: she's never been camping before, she sleeps with a PokeDoll, and she overpacks to the extreme.

Last week's episode was insane fun. This one was more subdued but pleasant to watch.
So Lillie has Brock/Cilan/Clemont-style cooking/camping skills, eh?

Okay Mallow, get out. You really ARE not needed :p
I seriously expected this episode to be as dark and scary as the Litwick Mansion episode from Best Wishes...but I think we can all agree now that the Shiinotic line is actually much less dangerous and malevloent than the Chandleure line!
Nice that they finally put those face-faults where they belong: in a scary setting. Seriously, outside of Team Rocket, the face-faults could very well be used for horror shows. Also, a forest where you come out skinny isn't scary, it's actually a gold mine.
Ok I forgot the one part of the episode that made me laugh out loud:
When the gang wake up after a shroom induced coma with a serious case of the munchies!

Not sure that it was intended to come across that way, but man, the dissonance of that scene from PokeAni norms cracked me up!
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