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Preview SM064: Satoshi and Nagetukesaru! Touchdown of Friendship!!

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Jan 12, 2008
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SM064 - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

Airs March 1
Satoshi had gone to the marketplace to shop when he ran into a group of the "Teamwork Pokémon" Nagetukesaru. It appears that groups of Nagetukesaru living on different islands have started arguing, and are now fighting over who will be the boss of the entire flock. The group Satoshi met lives on one of the islands that lost, and when he looks at them, he feels he can't just ignore them, so he does his best to cheer them on.
Screenplay 藤咲淳一 (Junichi Fujisaku)
Storyboard 樋口香里 (Kaori Higuchi)
Episode Director 渡辺正彦 (Masahiko Watanabe)
Animation Director 直井由紀 (Yuki Naoi)

Credit for the translation of the episode title, summary and staff list goes to Dephender.
I'm not completely ruling out the possibility of a capture but... the summary doesn't mention one Passimian, but a group. Unless Ash befriends the leader or something. Plus he's already got Poipole capture upcoming, unless it's another Nebby after all.
Standard POTD episode imo, will Ash catch one though? That might make things interesting.
I've always thought Passimian would really fit Ash's personality and would make a much better 5th Pokemon for his team than Alolan Sandshrew. Basically the Hawlucha of this series.
I mean its possible Poipole becomes the new nebby where Ash doesn't specifically capture it, which could potentially mean Ash does catch this Pokemon as well. Lets also remember in Black and White as well as Kanto-era where Ash would catch Pokemon a few episodes between each other
I would just wouldn't hold your hopes up high about Ash catching Passimian since we don't know if he's going to catch one. We won't know if he's going to catch it until we get more information about the episode or when it airs.
This is a Pokemon I've always thought fitted Ash, but didn't want him to get because we just had Hawlucha last generation. Besides I'm still holding out hope for Ash to get a Wimpod. I think it would be weird for him to not have a Water-Type.
Ash didn’t get a grass type in Kalos so it isn’t necessary he'll get a water type in Alola , and Ash rescued a Wimpod in the 20th episode. If he didn’t capture it then I don’t think he'll get another Wimpod.
Water-Type feels a little more necessary to me. He rescued one, but it was far from the focus of the episode. Ash caught a Gible in Sinnoh despite having spent a whole episode trying to catch a different one in an earlier episode.
How so? Grass and water are both starter types, and Ash always got (atleast) one Pokemon from each per region before Kalos happened. I don’t get why Water is more important than grass.
Because it lets him have a proper battle in water if he should desire, whereas a Grass-Type wouldn't offer anything new like that to Ash's team.
Because it lets him have a proper battle in water if he should desire, whereas a Grass-Type wouldn't offer anything new like that to Ash's team.

They’ve already shown that it isn’t an issue (Pikachu battled in the water, and they brought back Kingler for whirl cup). And when Greninja had been there, there were no water battles.
I believe the writers are doing away with battle fields restricting certain Pokemon, for example, the Kalos league.
New Summary
New summary:
Adamant said:
Satoshi and Pikachu are shopping at the marketplace when they meet a group of Nagetukesaru that are fighting over something. It appears there was a fight going on between the Nagetukesaru from Akala Island and the Nagetukesaru from Melemele Island over who gets to be boss, and that the ones from Melemele Island lost. When Satoshi looks at the losing Melemele Island Nagetukesaru, he decides to help them.
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