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Preview SM068: Work Experience! 24-Hour Pokémon Center!!

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Can we have at least one episode where Kukui is absent? He appears in every episode, is he a part of main characters? Wobbuffet is absent, but Zubat is here.

Wish Team Rocket were absent, they are boring and I find them mostly useless

If they were absent more, we could learn if their VA's voice any additional characters
I like the theory, but a fully-voiced Wobbuffet would have to appear anyway in order to show the effect of the medicine.
In what exactly?
Seeing them in nurse outfits. They just created male nurse outfits out of nowhere, simply to not made a crossdressing episode. I guess crossdressing is not allowed in pokemon anymore.
The rest of April's episodes:

I don't want to make promises the show can't keep, so let's just say the rest of your life? :)
I don't want to make promises the show can't keep, so let's just say the rest of your life? :)
More Team Skull involved it won't be long that their both leader and second-in-command, Guzma & Plumeria are about to make their debut soon or later in the future episodes and I betting it will be the start of Ula Ula Arc.
Wouldn’t it be a bit sexist to suggest nursing is a female profession and a male uniform would never be made?

Wouldn’t it be a bit weird if boys were forced to wear women’s clothing on school work experience?

I think wanting a momentary chuckle at Ash crossdressing has made people abandon logic....
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