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Preview SM091: It's a Pikachu Outbreak! The Pikachu Valley!!

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Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu tie-in with the anime this episode. One female Pikachu in this episode (Kurin) has one of the special haircuts you can give Pikachu in Let’s Go!

Just seeing a Pikachu with eyelashes and that kind of hair in this anime just feels...
off putting.
This is pretty great I’m not going to lie

*Banjo Kazooie style* DURR HA, is this a JoJo reference?
This would be completely left-field and out of the blue, but what if Ritchie made a cameo with Sparky-the OG Pikachu with a 'cut?
And don't forget this Pika:
The chances that Ritchie or Sparky appears are less than zero, but if all these Pikachu have haircuts they could still throw in an easter egg by having a Pikachu around that looks similar to Sparky.
Say, when DO we get a voice cast list for this episode? o_O

Will we still get it today, or will be a week or two? Especially with the timeslot change.

Come to think of it, does the timeslot change mean we'll get VA lists on a different day from now on? :confused:
Why the hell are people calling the female Pikachu "Pikachu's girlfriend" when the dang episode ain't even out yet?
Why the hell are people calling the female Pikachu "Pikachu's girlfriend" when the dang episode ain't even out yet?


This followed by

This implies a fight over the female Pikachu...

They’re shaping up the female Pikachu as the stereotypical beautiful girl the hero falls for.
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