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Preview SM127: Glazio and Lilie! Chasing a Father's Phantom!!

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Go figure Lillie gets Magearna working just before the League.

Let me guess...she'll master Subzero Slammer here, won't she? :cautious:

All that's missing is the cherry on top of Snowy evolving and learning a new move...
Both the current subplots for this episode revolve around her though: Magearna was Lillie's subplot and she’s the one who needs to train for Z-Move.
I hope we get lots of Gladion focus though, but SM writers don’t seem to share my hopes and wishes.
I'm not expecting Lilie to accomplish anything in this episode. "Z-move training" is just an excuse to bring others to her home, and Mageana probably has something with their father's disappearance.
Z-moves solve so many problems in this season I won’t be surprised if someone uses one for laundry.
I'm pretty sure Lana's going to use Oceanic Operetta to put herself inside a bubble...
Corkscrew crash would’ve been used to open a bottle of wine if the series was not for 10 year olds...

The previous post was something I don’t want to happen, but I expect to happen, knowing the writers.
Lillie's going to master the Z-move in this episode, and it’s not entirely implausible for this series.
So Lillie tried fixing Magearna and failed? I was hoping she'd succeed, but I get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that Magearna will be fixed by Mohn if he shows up in this episode.
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