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So is Journeys the Worst Series Ever?

Is JN the Worst

  • Yes

    Votes: 42 36.5%
  • No

    Votes: 44 38.3%
  • To early to tell

    Votes: 29 25.2%

  • Total voters
To me, what makes Goh a better character than Liko will ever be is because I don't remember him as being a constant "Why am I like that?"/"What's wrong with me?"/"What is my place in this world?" type of character. While Chloe might have already been like that, she wasn't the main character and didn't have a constant overthinking.

Also, in works, especially modern ones, if there is at least one character being a "Why am I like that?"/"What's wrong with me?"/"What is my place in this world?", I want several characters from the main cast like that. While the RVTs are also intended as relatable characters, they're more of the "I'm like that" type of characters.

Journeys wasn't about relatability, yet I think they handled it ironically better with series than with Horizons.
I frankly think the idea of being a "Pokémon Master" is more of a spiritual concept than an outright title. Capturing all known (1,025 as of The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero) Pokémon would be absurd in the anime, and improbable in a post-Dexit era (I'm only at 1,024/1,025 in HOME myself, with just Zarude missing).

Ash's definition of "Pokémon Master", by befriending all Pokémon, could still be up to interception. Does he mean befriending at least one of each of the 1,025+ (including Hisui's lost evolutions and the Paradox Pokémon), or by befriending all Pokémon in the world (in the potential trillions)? If the latter, that would be an insanely impossible goal. If the former, it would still be a difficult, but more believable goal (especially if Ash and Pikachu were to time travel again with the help of either Celebi, Dialga, or Professor Sada's Time Machine).

Hence why I consider the end of Journeys as a thoughtless fail-safe to bring Ash, Pikachu, and Team Rocket back one day, even though it's obvious that they'll spend all eternity chasing after their impossible goals and dreams.
I think Journey or Aim to Be A Master would to be fair also work as a journey goes on type thing if it was right after the Indigo League.

Kind of the same with with Distant Blue Sky. But then any fear that showing Mr. Ketchum being anticlimactic is a bed of the company's own making by keeping it secret all these years.

If that was say a 1999 special, I think it would be more near flawless if not perfect.
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