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Review What were the dumbest visual edits/censorship examples to everyone over the years in the Pokemon English Dub?

For me, the Brock Maracas, removal of most Japanese Text, (Without even bothering to replace it, either.) Calling what are clearly apples "berries", and the pink shuriken edits. A lot of other visual edits don't bother me nearly as much, but I wish they'd be consistent with them. (Specifically wine glasses, they went uncensored in DP and some other instances, but couldn't in SM?) Some of them honestly seem more defendable than not, particularly stuff like the mustache edit and some of the cleavage edits.
TPCI now added a fade to black before cutting to credits to make it THE END OF AN ERA at the end of every episode in Horizons they did the same to the credits!!!!!! I REALLY HATE TPCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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