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Special Pokémon to be distributed in USA

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Mar 14, 2005
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This Bulbanews article is disguised as a regular piece of news, when in fact it is an editorial. The point of the article is not that which is presented in the heading.

The true subject of the article is one that requires an overview of some background. If to be frank, I feel that most fans are oblivious to a list of important facts regarding the special downloads and official tournaments that are held in Japan. I could not agree more that in the last eight years the Pokémon franchise might have been extended outside Japan, but to a certain extent, has remained a privilege to Japanese players. I do, however, disagree with the notion that this is an intended result. I am of the opinion that now, after many years of aiming at this objective, Game Freak are on the verge of implementing their plans for worldwide communication.

Without knowledge of the facts, it is impossible to be able to predict what will become of Jun'ichi Masuda's plans for Diamond and Pearl (and as implied in the article, even the current games). Having glossed over speculation, I find some to be baseless, whereas a great share would not even be considered wishful thinking if more fans were aware of the nature of communication in Japan.

Since I expect these plans to be explained by the tenth anniversary of Red and Green, I wish to use the remaining time for informing others of the matters at hand. I am currently working on a Bulbapedia article focusing on Wireless Communication (called "Joyspot" in Japan, and incorrectly "Wonderspot"), which I hope will be of interest as it is to me.
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I'm just going to shake my fist at you because I read the title wrong and thought Pokemon Special was going to be rereleased here or something. Damnit.
I wouldn't waste my time filling out that poll, since they blatantly left Celebi and Deoxys off the list, which eliminates any chance of people getting Mr. or Ms. 251.
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