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[SPOILERS] Dipplin Appreciation/Speculation Thread

Apr 30, 2011
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I bet y’all thought we were done with these lol
Based off a candy apple, this lil guy provides a nice alternative to Flapple and Appletun. I like that it may also have a connection to their shared Gigantamax form with the “slime”.

MOD NOTE: given there's not much to discuss regarding Dipplin otherwise, discussion of leaks and rumors will be allowed here
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I really like the design. It obviously fits the apple theme by being a candy apple (I wonder why the syrup is red?) with the head resembling the stick someone would use to hold one. I also like the fact that it's essentially two kids in a trench coat since there are apparently two creatures inside the apple.
Dipplin is so cute :bulbaLove:

I cannot wait to see Dipplin's evolution!

Will the tail be a second Dipplin or will it be a different creature altogether?

In my opinion, Dipplin is one of the better gen 9 mons. Especially since I wasn’t a fan of most. Though it may be because it’s a new evolution of a gen 8 mon.
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