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FAQ: Super Training Pokemon Ball Type Page Project!


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Jul 27, 2014
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Let's Get Started!
Hi there~ I am new so please notify me if I have done anything wrong or rule breaking! I am a bit of a completionist, so I get kind of irked by the fact that the Super Training page here is not completed even till now. This is one of the game mechanics that got shafted by everyone because it has very low importance in gameplay (other than EV training). :dodgy:

So what are is it missing, you ask? The thing is, we do not have a list of Pokemon by the Ball Types. Also called by some as the Shot Type, is the difference in how a Pokemon shoots the ball when doing some EV training. It is distinctly separated into 5 Types: the Black Ball, the Blue Ball, the Green Ball, the Orange Ball and the Yellow Ball.

I would like to gather forum members who frequent Bulbapedia to assist in making this project come true, and at the very least complete what was started. Nothing is worst than a incomplete page with vague information on the game mechanic.

I would like there to be groups of people to work on the project: -

The Sprite Group (TSG): - [In charge of getting the sprites for the Ball Types]
How to do this if you can't rip it off directly from the game? You can try to find photos online (need the consent of the original poster before using it) and proceed to edit out the Ball Type sprite (on the top right) with programs such as Photoshop to be used in Bulbapedia or record the 3DS screen directly (using 3DS Capture Cards like these ones) and edit the sprite out.

The Ball Icons edited out:

Note: Thanks to Nickmare, I was able to get screen shots of the Super Training screen and edit out the Ball Icons in Photoshop. I was given permission to use them in Bulbapedia and can offer evidence if required. Really special thanks to Nickmare because it was very difficult to find someone with a 3DS Capture Card that was willing to help out ^v^

The Template Group (TTG): - [In charge of defining the template]
I think the admins do this and we have to request it in the Template Request thread right? However, I would need people who are capable of making a template in order to be able to define the appearance so that the request can be very SPECIFIC. What I had in mind is one like this:
Ball Type SpriteBlack Type
#001Bulbasaur SpriteBulbasaur
Ones in italic means it is where the sprite goes.
Sorry, not sure how to use colspan here (couldn't span the "Black Ball" across two columns). It's inspired by the Ndex template, but I would really like someone coming up with a lot better one than the example I have shown (and better names than calling it "Black Ball", maybe Average Shot Type or something). Would want someone to finalize the look and send it in to be used as a template.

UPDATE: I tried to reuse some of the already made templates to create a new one because it'll take me quite some time to learn all the wiki syntax. Currently I have combined the Rdex and Ndex codes to create something like this for the Balltypeh (header):
Template: Balltypeh

{| style="{{roundy|10px}}; margin:auto; text-align:center; border: 2px solid #{{{{{1|black}}} color}}; background: #{{{{{1|black}}} color}};"
! style="background: #{{{{{2|grey}}} color light}}; {{roundytl|5px}}" | [[File:Elesa_OD.png]]
! style="background: #{{{{{2|grey}}} color light}}; {{roundytr|5px}}; color: {{{3|Black}}}" colspan="2" | {{{3|Black}}} Type
! style="background: #{{{{{2|grey}}} color light}}; color: {{{4|#575057}}}" | Ndex
! style="background: #{{{{{2|grey}}} color light}}; color: {{{4|#575057}}}" | MS
! style="background: #{{{{{2|grey}}} color light}}; color: {{{4|#575057}}}" | Pokémon<noinclude>[[Category:Table templates]]</noinclude>

For new users wanting to learn about wiki templates:
The {{{1|black}}} is a parameter, meaning it could be changed when included in another page. When you use a template you type it like this: {{Balltypeh|black}}

The "Balltypeh" is the name of the template, so {{Balltype}} tells the wiki that you are using the template on the page. The information on next to it changes the parameter in "1" depending on what you input. Confusing? Ok, let's look back up to the template.

We have {{{1|black}}} here. That means that it is the 1st parameter and that the default information is the one right next to it, which is "black". That means that the default word that will be displayed would be "black".

Now, we go back to the other page which uses the template. It actually works like this: {{Balltypeh|"1"}}
Wait what? Shouldn't it be {{Balltypeh|black}}? Well, that is exactly what a parameter is. A parameter is like question, it asks you what you want to put into it and whatever you put into it becomes the "answer". Simply put, that "1" is the same "1" in {{{1|black}}}. So if you were to put in {{Balltypeh|blue}}
then the parameter 1 which is {{{1|black}}} will change to {{{1|blue}}}. The "black" is replaced by the "blue" you have entered in the 1st parameter. This will make the template display the word blue instead of black.

You must use {{{1|"insert any default value"}}} for it to be used. When linking to templates, the parameters continue on like this: {{Balltypeh|"1"|"2"|"3"|"4"|"insert number..."}}. Therefore, if you have the {{1|"value"}} in the template, then whatever you type in {{Balltypeh|"1"}} will change the "value" that is in {{1|"value"}}. If you want to continue on, then all you need to do is make a {{2|"value"}} to use the 2nd parameter. Nothing will be displayed in the "2" of {{Balltypeh|"1"|"2"}} if you do not have a {{2|"value"}} in the template because there isn't a value for the wiki to change.

This is used so that you do not have to type the whole syntax, but rather just change 1 parameter to have another effect. I hope this can help out some people new to making wiki templates (actually I am quite new to it and do not if I explained it well. I hope this helps you understand how I worked out the Balltypeh code above).

For more please visit here: Table Syntax
Alright~ I have completed the template for Balltype (the body template):

<noinclude>{| style="{{roundy|10px}}; margin:auto; text-align:center; border: 2px solid #{{black color}}; background: #{{black color}};"
! style="background: #{{grey color light}}; {{roundytl|5px}}" | [[File:Elesa_OD.png]]
! style="background: #{{grey color light}}; {{roundytr|5px}}" colspan="2" | Black Type
! style="background: #{{grey color light}}; color: #575057" | Ndex
! style="background: #{{grey color light}}; color: #575057" | MS
! style="background: #{{grey color light}}; color: #575057" | Pokémon</noinclude>
|- style="background:#FFFFFF;"
| style="font-family:Monospace;" | #{{#switch: {{{1|001}}}|351S|351R|351H=351|386A|386D|386S=386|412G|412S=412|413G|413S=413|422E=422|423E=423|479O |479W|479R|479F|479L=479|487O=487|492S=492|521F=521|550B=550|555Z=555|585S|585A|585W=585|586S|586A|5 86W=586|592F=592|593F=593|641T=641|642T=642|645T=645|646B|646W=646|647R=647|648P=648|666Arc|666Con|6 66Ele|666Gar|666Hig|666Icy|666Jun|666Mar|666Mod|666Mon|666Oce|666Pol|666Riv|666San|666Sav|666Sun|666 Tun=666|669Y|669O|669B|669W=669|676He|676St|676Di|676De|676Ma|676Da|676La|676Ka|676Ph=676|678F=678|6 81B=681|{{{1|001}}}}}
| {{MSP|{{{1|001}}}|{{{2|Bulbasaur}}}}}
| {{p|{{{2|Bulbasaur}}}}}<noinclude>
|}[[Category:Table templates]]</noinclude>

Once again, interesting notes for new users working wiki templates:
I was checking out the rdex template and had to look up on the #switch syntax for a while before I understood what that long chain of "junk" code is. Switch syntax and other functions.

Basically what we have here is the parameter (as explained in Balltypeh) as the "test" or "logical reasoning". It is much like an IF function in excel where you put IF( logical reasoning test, result if yes, result if no). However, this one is different in that it is: #switch: comparison string (the value used to be compared to the cases), case 1, case 2, default result if it did not match any of the given cases.

An example is like this: #switch: {{{1|001}}}|351S|351R=351|{{{1|001}}}
If the parameter {{{1|001}}} has the input of 351S when used in another page, then it'll become like this #switch: {{{1|351S}}}|351S|351R=351|{{{1|351S}}} as the entered value (351S) replaces the default value which is 001. If you have taken a look at the link about the switch syntax, you would understand that |351S|351R=351| is a case or scenario. Basially, it means that values 351S and 351R is the same as 351. Therefore if you were to enter 351S, you would get 351 instead. A " | " is needed to separate the values 351S and 351R because there is MORE THAN ONE value. The case/scenario ends only when one of the value is "equal/=" to another value. Everything behind that value is then included into the scenario. In this case, the scenario ends at 351R=351. That means that the value 351S is also included and would be displayed as 351 as well if the parameter(1)'s input is 351S.

Why go through the trouble of putting 351S, 351R and 351H in the template if it will be changed to 351 in the end anyway? Why not just put them all as 351? The thing is that this parameter value is also used for sprites. 351S stands for #351 Castform Sunny Form, 351R for Rainy Form and so on. This is a way to display the sprites of the Pokemon's alternate forms because alternative formes do not have their own Dex No. Castform is still #351 no matter the forme it is in, so in order to separate the sprites, adding a S, R and H behind the Dex No is required to differentiate the different files for the sprites.

The link to the sprite in the above template is this: {{MSP|{{{1|001}}}|{{{2|Bulbasaur}}}}}
The parameter(1) is used in both places which is why the #switch syntax must be used or else it will display the value as "351S" instead of "351". The sprite link will use "351S" as it is because no #switch function is used. MSP is another template (meaning that another parameter is used for it separately like this {{MSP|"1"|"2"}})

The parameter 1 and 2 is "file" and "link" respectively in the MSP template. It is confusing, but I'll try reiterate what I said. It is a template used in another template, so that the parameters are separated. When the Balltype template is used in the Super Training page, putting a "003" in {{Balltype|003}} will make all the parameter 1 in the Balltype template contain the value "003" like this {{MSP|{{{1|003}}}}}. Since the MSP is another template itself, the "003" value will once again be inputted into another page as a parameter value. The template structure for MSP in its own page is this: [[File:{{{1|000}}}MS.png|link={{{2|Missingno.}}} (Pokémon)|{{{2|Missingno.}}}]]

Therefore since {{MSP|"1"}} in the Balltype page has the value of {{MSP|003}}, the value will change all the parameter(1) in the MSP page to 003 making the new one like this: File:{{{1|003}}}.

Hope that helped you out even though the explanation is a bit messy. In other words, the way you type code for the template and how it is used in order pages are different. That is how parameters work out so that the value can change depending on the input in other pages.
Note: I have completed the template for the Balltype so that it can be easily managed in the Super Training page (as using a template cuts down a lot of space usage because all you need to just enter the template:name and the parameters rather than typing the whole thing like some of the others have been doing on the page). If you would want to learn a bit of making templates so you don't need to create new tables/codes all the time when editing a page, you can read the above information inside the spoilers regarding the two templates I made using the rdexh, rdex, ndex and ndexh as references and as the base so that I do not need to recreate a whole new template myself. :p

The Double-Check Group (TDCG): - [Double-Checking whether the listed Pokemon is in there correct Shot Type before editing it onto the Pedia]
Simple, not much to explain. Basically, the group checks it once again and makes sure no mistake has been made in regards to the categorizing of the Pokemon in their respective Shot Types.

Here are the lists:

Gen I Pokemon (listed in order of their National Dex No.):
10. Caterpie16. Pidgey7. Squirtle4. Charmander1. Bulbasaur
11.Metapod17. Pidgeotto8. Wartortle5. Charmeleon2. Ivysaur
13. Weedle18. Pidgeot9. Blastoise6. Charizard3. Venusaur
14. Kakuna21. Spearow27. Sandshrew12. Butterfree15. Beedrill
19. Rattata22. Fearow28. Sandslash37. Vulpix23. Ekans
20. Raticate41. Zubat31. Nidoqueen38. Ninetails24. Arbok
35. Clefairy42. Golbat34. Nidoking54. Psyduck25. Pikachu
36. Clefable48. Venonat50. Diglett55. Golduck26. Raichu
39. Jigglypuff49. Venomoth51. Dugtrio58. Growlithe29. Nidoran
40. Wigglytuff83. Farfetch’d56. Mankey59. Arcanine30. Nidorina
52. Meowth100. Voltorb57. Primeape63. Abra32. Nidoran
53. Persian101. Electrode62. Poliwrath64. Kadabra33. Nidorino
60. Poliwag104. Cubone66. Machop65. Alakazam43. Oddish
61. Poliwhirl105. Marowak67. Machoke79. Slowpoke44. Gloom
77. Ponyta116. Horsea68. Machamp80. Slowbro45. Vileplume
78. Rapidash117. Seadra74. Geodude81. Magnemite46. Paras
86. Seel120. Staryu75. Graveler82. Magneton47. Parasect
87. Dewgong121. Starmie76. Golem92. Gastly69. Bellsprout
96. Drowzee123. Scyther88. Grimer93. Haunter70. Weepinbell
97. Hypno126. Electabuzz89. Muk94. Gengar71. Victreebel
106. Hitmonlee135. Jolteon95. Onix109. Koffing72. Tentacool
108. Lickitung142. Aerodactyl98. Krabby110. Weezing73. Tentacruel
113. Chansey145. Zapdos99. Kingler122. Mr. Mime84. Doduo
118. Goldeen148. Dragonair107. Hitmonchan124. Jynx85. Dodrio
119. Seaking111. Rhyhorn131. Lapras90. Shellder
128. Tauros112. Rhydon134. Vaporeon91. Cloyster
129. Magikarp115. Kangaskhan138. Omanyte102. Exeggcute
132. Ditto125. Magmar139. Omastar103. Exeggutor
133. Eevee130. Gyarados144. Articuno114. Tangela
137. Porygon136. Flareon150. Mewtwo127. Pinsir
147. Dratini140. Kabuto
151. Mew141. Kabutops
143. Snorlax
146. Moltres
149. Dragonite

Gen II Pokemon (listed in order of their National Dex No.):
161. Sentret152. Chikorita158. Totodile163. Hoothoot155. Cyndaquil
162. Furret153. Bayleef159. Croconaw164. Noctowl156. Quilava
173. Cleffa154. Meganium160. Feraligatr179. Mareep157. Typhlosion
174. Igglybuff169. Crobat185. Sudowoodo180. Flaaffy165. Ledyba
175. Togepi170. Chinchou192. Sunflora181. Ampharos166. Ledian
176. Togetic171. Lanturn208. Steelix183. Marill167. Spinarak
190. Aipom177. Natu212. Scizor184. Azumarill168. Ariados
191. Sunkern178. Xatu214. Heracross186. Politoed172. Pichu
201. Unown198. Murkrow220. Swinub194. Wooper182. Bellossom
202. Wobbuffet215. Sneasel221. Piloswine195. Quagsire187. Hoppip
206. Dunsparce223. Remoraid231. Phanpy196. Espeon188. Skiploom
209. Snubbull224. Octillery232. Donphan197. Umbreon189. Jumpluff
210. Granbull225. Delibird236. Tyrogue199. Slowking193. Yanma
216. Teddiursa227. Skarmory240. Magby200. Misdreavus204. Pineco
217. Ursaring230. Kingdra244. Entei203. Girafarig205. Forretress
234. Stantler239. Elekid248. Tyranitar218. Slugma207. Gligar
235. Smeargle243. Raikou219. Marcargo211. Qwilfish
237. Hitmontop249. Lugia222. Corsola213. Shuckle
241. Miltank226. Mantine233. Porygon2
242. Blissey228. Houndour251. Celebi
246. Larvitar229. Houndoom
247. Pupitar238. Smoochum
245. Suicune
250. Ho-Oh

Gen III Pokemon (listed in order of their National Dex No.):
255. Torchic252. Treecko258. Mudkip261. Poochyena283. Surskit
256. Combusken253. Grovyle259. Marshtomp262. Mightyena292. Shedinja
257. Blaziken254. Sceptile260. Swampert269. Dustox302. Sableye
263. Zigzagoon267. Beautifly289. Slaking270. Lotad311. Plusle
264. Linoone273. Seedot296. Makuhita271. Lombre312. Minun
265. Wurmple274. Nuzleaf297. Hariyama272. Ludicolo313. Volbeat
266. Silcoon275. Shiftry299. Nosepass278. Wingull314. Illumise
268. Cascoon276. Taillow304. Aron279. Pelipper316. Gulpin
285. Shroomish277. Swellow305. Lairon293. Whismur317. Swalot
286. Breloom280. Ralts306. Aggron294. Loudred331. Cacnea
287. Slakoth281. Kirlia318. Carvanha295. Exploud332. Cacturne
288. Vigoroth282. Gardevoir319. Sharpedo298. Azurill343. Baltoy
290. Nincada284. Masquerain320. Wailmer303. Mawile344. Claydol
300. Skitty291. Ninjask321. Wailord315. Roselia345. Lileep
301. Delcatty309. Electrike324. Torkoal322. Numel346. Cradily
307. Meditite310. Manectric328. Trapinch323. Camerupt357. Tropius
308. Medicham329. Vibrava336. Seviper335. Zangoose361. Snorunt
325. Spoink330. Flygon339. Barboach341. Corphish362. Glalie
326. Grumpig333. Swablu340. Whiscash342. Crawdaunt385. Jirachi
327. Spinda334. Altaria347. Anorith350. Milotic
337. Lunatone370. Luvdisc348. Armaldo353. Shuppet
338. Solrock373. Salamence367. Huntail354. Banette
349. Feebas380. Latias369. Relicanth355. Duskull
351. Castform381. Latios375. Metang356. Dusclops
352. Kecleon384. Rayquaza376. Metagross358. Chimecho
359. Absol386. Deoxys (Speed Form)377. Regirock368. Gorebyss
360. Wynaut378. Regice382. Kyogre
363. Spheal379. Registeel386. Deoxys (Defense Form)
364. Sealeo383. Groudon
365. Walrein386. Deoxys (Attack Form)
366. Clamperl
371. Bagon
372. Shelgon
374. Beldum
386. Deoxys (Normal Forme)
Gen IV Pokemon (listed in order of their National Dex No.):
399. Bidoof393. Piplup387. Turtwig403. Shinx390. Chimchar
400. Bibarel394. Prinplup388. Grotle404. Luxio391. Monferno
408. Cranidos395. Empoleon389. Torterra405. Luxray392. Infernape
409. Rampardos396. Starly410. Shieldon412. Burmy (Trash Cloak)401. Kricketot
424. Ambipom397. Staravia411. Bastiodon413. Wormadam (Trash Cloak)402. Kricketune
427. Buneary398. Staraptor412. Burmy (Sandy Cloak)418. Buizel406. Budew
428. Lopunny414. Mothim413. Wormadam (Sandy Cloak)419. Floatzel407. Roserade
431. Glameow430. Honchkrow422. Shellos425. Drifloon412. Burmy (Plant Cloak)
432. Purugly441. Chatot423. Gastrodon426. Drifblim413. Wormadam (Plant Cloak)
440. Happiny455. Carnivine434. Stunky429. Mismagius415. Combee
446. Munchlax456. Finneon435. Skuntank433. Chingling416. Vespiquen
463. Lickilicky457. Lumineon438. Bonsly436. Bronzor417. Pachirisu
468. Togekiss461. Weavile443. Gible437. Bronzong420. Cherubi
479. Rotom (Normal Rotom)466. Electivire444. Gabite439. Mime Jr.421. Cherrim
480. Uxie471. Glaceon445. Garchomp442. Spiritomb451. Skorupi
481. Mesprit474. Porygon-Z449. Hippopotas447. Riolu452. Drapion
482. Azelf479. Rotom (Fan Rotom)450. Hippowdon448. Lucario453. Croagunk
487. Giratina (Altered Forme)484. Palkia464. Rhyperior458. Mantyke454. Toxicroak
489. Phione488. Cresselia467. Magmortar462. Magnezone459. Snover
490. Manaphy492. Shaymin (Sky Forme)473. Mamoswine475. Gallade460. Abomasnow
493. Arceus476. Probopass477. Dusknoir465. Tangrowth
479. Rotom (Heat Rotom)479. Rotom (Wash Rotom)469. Yanmega
479. Rotom (Frost Rotom)487. Giratina (Origin Forme)470. Leafeon
485. Heatran491. Darkrai472. Gliscor
486. Regigigas478. Froslass
479. Rotom (Mow Rotom)
483. Dialga
492. Shaymin (Land Forme)
Gen V Pokemon (listed in order of their National Dex No.):
504. Patrat501. Oshawott498. Tepig495. Snivy494. Victini
505. Watchog502. Dewott499. Pignite496. Servine511. Pansage
509. Purrloin503. Samurott500. Emboar497. Serperior512. Simisage
510. Liepard515. Panpour513. Pansear506. Lillipup540. Sewaddle
522. Blitzle516. Simipour514. Simisear507. Herdier541. Swadloon
523. Zebstrika519. Pidove524. Roggenrola508. Stoutland542. Leavanny
531. Audino520. Tranquill525. Boldore517. Munna546. Cottonee
539. Sawk521. Unfezant526. Gigalith518. Musharna547. Whimsicott
550. Basculin527. Woobat529. Drilbur535. Tympole556. Maractus
559. Scraggy528. Swoobat530. Excadrill536. Palpitoad568. Trubbish
560. Scrafty548. Petilil532. Timburr537. Seismitoad569. Garbodor
562. Yamask549. Lilligant533. Gurdurr564. Tirtouga572. Minccino
563. Confagrigus561. Sigilyph534. Conkeldurr565. Carracosta573. Cinccino
582. Vanillite566. Archen538. Throh570. Zorua585. Deerling
583. Vanillish567. Archeops543. Venipede571. Zoroark586. Sawsbuck
584. Vanilluxe574. Gothita544. Whirlipede577. Solosis587. Emolga
594. Alomomola575. Gothorita545. Scolipede578. Duosion590. Foongus
602. Tynamo576. Gothitelle551. Sandile579. Reuniclus591. Amoonguss
613. Cubchoo580. Ducklett552. Krokorok592. Frillish597. Ferroseed
614. Beartic581. Swanna553. Krookodile593. Jellicent598. Ferrothorn
619. Mienfoo595. Joltik554. Darumaka610. Axew603. Eelektrik
620. Mienshao596. Galvantula555. Darmanitan611. Fraxure604. Eelektross
626. Bouffalant615. Cryogonal557. Dwebble612. Haxorus605. Elgyem
633. Deino616. Shelmet558. Crustle624. Pawniard606. Beheeyem
634. Zweilous617. Accelgor588. Karrablast625. Bisharp632. Durant
636. Larvesta627. Rufflet589. Escavalier629. Vullaby635. Hyrdeigon
641. Tornadus (Incarnate Forme)628. Braviary599. Klink630. Mandibuzz640. Virizion
642. Thundurus (Incarnate Forme)638. Cobalion600. Klang643. Reshiram642. Thundurus (Therian Forme)
645. Landorus (Incarnate Forme)641. Tornadus (Therian Forme)601. Klinklang646. Kyurem (White Kyurem)649. Genesect (Shock Drive)
646. Kyurem649. Genesect (Douse Drive)607. Litwick48. Meloetta
647. Keldeo608. Lampent649. Genesect (Chill Drive)
649. Genesect (No Drive)609. Chandelure
618. Stunfisk
621. Druddigon
622. Golett
623. Golurk
631. Heatmor
637. Volcarona
639. Terrakion
644. Zekrom
645. Landorus (Therian Forme)
646. Kyurem (Black Kyurem)
649. Genesect (Burn Drive)
Gen VI Pokemon (listed in order of their National Dex No.):
659. Bunnelby656. Froakie650. Chespin653. Fennekin666. Vivillon
664. Scatterbug657. Frogadier651. Quilladin654. Braixen669. Flabébé
665. Spewpa658. Greninja652. Chesnaught655. Delphox670. Floette
674. Pancham661. Fletchling660. Diggersby672. Skiddo671. Florges
675. Pangoro662. Fletchlinder667. Litleo673. Gogoat677. Espurr
700. Sylveon663. Talonflame668. Pyroar676. Furfrou678. Meowstic
704. Goomy679. Honedge688. Binacle682. Spritzee690. Skrelp
705. Sliggoo680. Doublade689. Barbaracle683. Aromatisse691. Dragalge
706. Goodra681. Aegislash696. Tyrunt684. Swirlix694. Helioptile
692. Clauncher697. Tyrantrum685. Slurpuff695. Heliolisk
693. Clawitzer708. Phantump686. Inkay702. Dedenne
698. Amaura709. Trevenant687. Malamar703. Carbink
699. Aurorus712. Bergmite707. Kelfki710. Pumpkaboo
701. Hawlucha713. Avalugg716. Xerneas711. Gourgeist
714. Noibat718. Zygarde720. Hoopa719. Diancie
715. Noivern721. Volcanion
717. Yveltal
Pokemon Ball Type Statistic Table (The spread of the Pokemon in each different category):
Gen I3224353030151
Gen II2218162420100
Gen III3526302819138 (3)
Gen IV2119252428117 (10)
Gen V3230433129165 (9)
Gen VI91716151572
Total151134164151141741 (22)

The number enclosed in a bracket, bold and underlined - e.g. (3) - is the number of Ball Type that comes from a Forme Change instead of a Pokemon. Example is that the (3) represents the 3 Ball Type changes that came from Deoxys different forms. If you were to subtract the number 3 from 138, you would get 135, which is the exact number of Pokemon in Generation III (excluding Forme Changes).

The above bold number is the majority of the Ball Type in each Generation - e.g. 35.
Here is the information in word form instead of numbers:

GenerationBall Type with the Majority
Gen IGreen
Gen IIOrange
Gen IIIBlack
Gen IVYellow
Gen VGreen
Gen VIBlue

Interesting note: Each Ball Type is the majority in at least one of the Generations, with Green being the majority in two of the Generations.

Pokemon/Pokemon Formes that have not been checked to see whether it affects the Ball Type due to it not being unavailable unless hacked:
UPDATE 8/30/2014: - These have been checked using the Save Editor and PKHex.
Castform: Rainy, Sunny and Snowy Formes - No affect on Ball Type
Cherrim: Sunshine Forme - No affect on Ball Type
Darmanitan: Zen Mode - No affect on Ball Type
Meloetta: Pirouette Forme - No affect on Ball Type
Floette: AZ's Floette - No affect on Ball Type
Aegislash: Shield Forme - No affect on Ball Type
Hoopa - Orange Ball Type
Volcanion - Green Ball Type
Mega Evolutions - - No affect on Ball Type
Pokemon Formes that has been checked whether or not it has an effect on the Ball Type in Super Training:
Unown - Different Unown formes have no effect/change on Ball Type
Deoxys - Ball Type changes for Defense, Speed and Attack formes
Burmy and Wormadam - Different cloak have different Ball Types
Shellos and Gastrodon - East and West forms have no effect/change on Ball Type
Rotom - Different appliance formes have different Ball Types
Giratina - Altered and Origin formes have different Ball Type
Shaymin - Land and Sky formes have different Ball Type
Arceus - Different plates have no effect/change on Ball Type
Basculin - Different stripes have no effect/change on Ball Type
Deerling and Sawsbuck - Different seasonal formes have no effect/change on Ball Type
Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus - Therian and Incarnate formes have different Ball Types
Kyurem - Kyurem, White Kyurem and Black Kyurem have different Ball Types
Keldeo - Ordinary and Resolute formes have no effect/change on Ball Type
Genesect - Different drives have different Ball Types
Vivillon - Different patterns have no effect/change on Ball Type
Flabébé, Floette and Florges - Different colored flowers have no effect/change on Ball Type
Furfrou - Different trims have no effect/change on Ball Type
Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist - Different sizes have no effect/change on Ball Type

Bold ones are ones that changes the Ball Types of the Pokemon depending on the forme it is in.
Underlined ones are ones that have no effect and does NOT change the Ball Type of the Pokemon depending on the forme it is in.

UPDATE 8/23/2014: I would really like Harmonius Fusion to help out, but am not sure whether you'll see this message. I cannot PM because I do not have 10 posts in total and my response here was not approved by the admin for some reason. I finished checking up to the 3rd Generation and by the time you notice I might have finished checking all of them. Even so, I am really thankful for your offer and if you do manage to see this in time please respond >.<

UPDATE 9/07/2014: I have finished double-checking all the lists!~!!

The List Group (TLG): - [Updating the list of Pokemon that belongs to each ball/shot type]
Would like a group of people to help out with this by taking out your Pokemon and going into Super Training to check the ball type of the other Gen Pokemon. I have every Pokemon except Legendaries (which I only have a few of), but it'll still take me a few days to finish the list by myself as I will only update 1 Gen per day. If others would like to help, then I would really appreciate it. However, it would be great if the people in charge of the group can order the list by the Ndex number so it wouldn't be that chaotic.

Note: The list has been completed. Although I couldn't find anyone to help out, I am still thankful that some people read the thread. Thank you~

The Pedia Group (TPG): - [Handle and updates the Super Training page with the new list]

This is will be the group that will edit in the list of Pokemon using the templates that will be created. It will be quite time consuming to do all 719 Pokemon, so it would be great if more people are available to help! This will be the last group to work though, so this isn't the priority right now.

UPDATE: This the current code that will be used in the Super Training page.
{| style="margin:auto"

Last of All

I didn't miss anything did I? Would really appreciate it if people can help out and update the Pedia together!! This page needs more notice and it needs to be completed :p

Please reply if you are interested in helping out~! There were people requesting this to be done in the talk page. We shouldn't ignore the requests of the community right?
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I applaud your effort and what you've put together so far. If I weren't already knee-deep in other projects of my own, I'd be happy to help.

I should note, however, that just "finding photos online" and editing them is not really acceptable without the permission of the person who posted the image. The only "exception" is official screenshots, like from Pokemon.com.
I applaud your effort and what you've put together so far. If I weren't already knee-deep in other projects of my own, I'd be happy to help.

I should note, however, that just "finding photos online" and editing them is not really acceptable without the permission of the person who posted the image. The only "exception" is official screenshots, like from Pokemon.com.

Thank you for reminding me that. I forgot to change that in the opening post. The only method would be asking the person who posted it or have someone take the image themselves right? I'll try to input the 3DS screen onto the monitor, but I am not sure how it works. Thanks for the nice reply (I tried asking for help in other forums and someone told me "no one cares about Super Training" which I am aware of...but since someone requested this to be done, I don't like leaving it as it is even if it's a very small minority who asked for it).
The only method would be asking the person who posted it or have someone take the image themselves right?
That's right.

If you've just got a run of the mill 3DS, you probably can't do anything to capture images unless you're very technically knowledgeable. Most people (probably everyone, really) that create videos or take pictures without using an external camera have a 3DS capture card, a pretty expensive mod.
That's right.

If you've just got a run of the mill 3DS, you probably can't do anything to capture images unless you're very technically knowledgeable. Most people (probably everyone, really) that create videos or take pictures without using an external camera have a 3DS capture card, a pretty expensive mod.

It seems like the template I made is too simple? I am not sure how things work around here so I don't know how much things will need to get approved. Since you and Kogoro commented, I realized you are the person I can rely on if I don't know what to do.

I have the Ball Icons, but is it deemed as unnecessary? I know that the wiki is an information site and not a site for decoration, but I thought that's what makes it different from Serebii in general. The layout and design is made to be candy for the eye and the information is organized to be easily understandable.

If there is no need for the icons and template, then do I just start a separate page for the list? Right now I have everything. The list, the template (thanks to Werdnae for helping out), the icons (captured by Nickmare and given permission). The last part is to double check the lists again to make sure no mistakes were made and to include the information onto the wiki. I was intending to split them into Generations just like the Ndex page so people can search the Ndex No, the name or the Generation. They can then either look for a specific Pokemon or look at a specific generation only. That was what I had in mind.

I know you said you are involved with plenty of your own projects currently, but I definitely would like your input in this~ If you hadn't told me about the 3DS Capture Card and the regulations related to using photos online, I would have made the mistake of randomly using photos found online. Thank you~

P.S. I could not PM you because of my post count. I actually do not intend to stay long, but wanted to offer my contribution at least once as Bulbapedia has always been my source of information.
I can help double-check! I have a nearly-complete National Pokédex in White 2 that I can bring over, so I can probably cover most non-legendaries. I can do a few legends too, but I've already traded most, and the only event legends I have at all are Jirachi and Arceus.

Do you want me to PM you my findings as I work on the lists, or how should we do this?
I can help double-check! I have a nearly-complete National Pokédex in White 2 that I can bring over, so I can probably cover most non-legendaries. I can do a few legends too, but I've already traded most, and the only event legends I have at all are Jirachi and Arceus.

Do you want me to PM you my findings as I work on the lists, or how should we do this?

Ah, it would be great if you can help double-check because I am currently stuck on working on other projects (real life work and not wiki-related). Yeah~ It'll be fine even if you just do the non-legendaries. PM me or post it here if you find any mistakes in the lists~ Also tell me which list you have checked~ (no need to list out the Pokemon, just say Gen I list checked [legendaries excluded] or something akin to that xD)

Thank you so much~
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