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New Merch Roundup: Terastal merch at Pokémon Center Japan; US, U.K., and Canada Pokémon Centers offer new apparel and Wand's latest Poké Ball replica

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Merch Roundup: TeraCute and TeraCool, Powerhouse apparel, Mini Great Ball replica
Plenty of new merch is coming in at Pokémon Centers across the world this week, including Pokémon Center Japan, where the newest apparel line is themed after the Terastal phenomenon. The “TeraCute” and “TeraCool” lines include apparel, accessories, and lots of jewelry in the sparkly style of Terastallization. TeraCool features icy and elegant Pokémon on its items, like Chien-Pao earrings for ¥1,320 ($8.54 USD), a Dragonair lanyard and card case for ¥2,200 ($14.23 USD), and, interestingly, a Frosmoth wind chime for ¥2,420 ($15.65 USD). Meanwhile, the TeraCute line stars some of the expected cuties, like Tandemaus earrings for ¥1,430 ($9.25 USD), Pikachu, Mew, Dolliv, Tandemaus, and Flittle on an acrylic jewelry box for ¥2,970 ($19.21 USD), or the same Pokémon frolicking on a sheer shirt for ¥4,400 ($28.46 USD). The TeraCute and TeraCool lines will be dropping in-store on April 27th, with preorders online beginning April 25th.

Chien-Pao earrings
Dragonair lanyard and card case
Frosmoth wind chime
Tandemaus earrings
TeraCute jewelry box
TeraCute sheer shirt

Pokémon Center Japan isn’t done with the cuteness yet, announcing a line of umbrellas and other rain gear also to be released April 27th, with preorders online beginning April 25th. Six umbrellas will be available for between ¥3,520 and ¥4,950 ($22.76 to $32.01 USD), including a Ghost-type-themed umbrella whose design changes when it gets wet. Some other interesting pieces from the collection include a waterproof bag featuring Jirachi and Minior for ¥1,980 ($12.81 USD), a Wiglett umbrella handle cover for ¥1,100 ($7.11 USD), and a set of 5 keychains available via gachapon for ¥300 ($1.94 USD).

Pokémon Center Japan umbrellas and rain gear

As mentioned, the US, U.K., and Canada are not without new merchandise, receiving the “Powerhouse” apparel line, available online now at the three Pokémon Centers. The collection of ten hoodies, $59.99 USD each, and ten t-shirts, $29.99 USD each, features big and powerful Pokémon, which all happen to be Dragon-types except for Metagross. Some of the t-shirts show off bold, large-scale designs of Pokémon like Tyranitar, Dragapult, and Goodra, while the sweatshirt designs are a little more subtle.

Powerhouse Metagross t-shirt
Powerhouse Dragapult t-shirt
Powerhouse Goodra t-shirt
Powerhouse Kommo-o hoodie
Powerhouse Baxcalibur hoodie
Powerhouse Garchomp hoodie

Mini Great Ball replica
Finally, fans of The Wand Company’s collector-quality Poké Ball replicas will be excited to find the latest addition to their Mini collection, which will continue to expand over the coming year. Just like its Mini Poké Ball predecessor, the Mini Great Ball features proximity-sensitive and touch-sensitive lights, plus a display stand that senses touch or the presence of the Mini Ball to illuminate the Pokémon logo on the front. It also comes with a silver display token embossed with a Charmander pattern, compared to the Mini Poké Ball’s Bulbasaur patterned token. The Mini Great Ball is available online now to customers in the US, U.K., and Canada at the Pokémon Center and other select retailers for $59.99 USD.


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I am mildly jealous and would love stuff like that. I'm form the U.S. so I'm outta luck. Plus all the good stuff with out of stock anyways.
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