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Supporting Character Bios?


Jan 31, 2004
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There are so many random anime characters, it would be overwhelming to do a bio for each one. Especailly when most are single-episode characters.

But obviously some of them deserve bios or articles of their own. Which ones, off the top of your head? I'd think that the requirement would be that they'd either have to appear in more than one episode, affect the plot GREATLY, or appear in some other medium (manga, games, TCG) as well.

Off the top of my head? I think that the following could use bios of their own, for reasons listed below:

* Melonie, Giselle, Joe, Samurai, A.J., Mikey, Eevee Brothers (Appearence in anime as well as Dengeki Pikachu manga)

* Damian (Appearence in game, Dengeki manga, and Yellow)

* Todd (Obviously)

* Captain Aiden, Aya, Sakura (Multiple appearences)

* Spoink, Jigglypuff, and Pichu Bros (Possibly only reoccuring Pokemon without owners)

Any other reoccuring or possibly important characters I'm forgetting?
It's simple enough - if they appear in more than one episode, they get their own article. If they're never heard of or seen from after that episode, merge into the article for the episode. (Similarly for manga) If they appear in more than one medium, then they get their own article. If they have sufficient depth, they get their own article. But, if the character has very little depth, merge into the article for the episode in which they first appeared, and link to that.

The player character in a game is a bit doubtful though... I mean, isn't that just a reflex of the player in the game world?
If you can get more than a solid paragraph out of their description and information, than they probably deserve an article. That's my rule of thumb for just about anything.
So--does this mean we should break the Members of Team Rocket article into single entries? I mean, people like Viper and the Delibird woman can probably have a collective article, but the more detailed ones like Domino should probably have their own entries.
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