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TCG Starter Figure Boxes announced: Boxes expected to release in September

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Nov 13, 2005
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TCG Starter Figure Boxes announced: Boxes expected to release in September

Three additional TCG box sets have been announced for release. The Starter Figure Boxes, each featuring one of the three starters-Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott-are expected to release sometime in September.

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Talk about milking it...

I'll prolly end up getting all 3 though.
I'll get the three of them too probably, just for the jumbo cards and the boosters - not too bothered about the Promos, but they'll be a nice extra :)
I'll probably give the figurines to my little cousin, who missed his chance to get the Preview Tins <3
I wanna get all three. :3
I wanna get more B&W cards. And I still need to get Victini Box.
Not hyped about this. Most likely will be overpriced like 80% of everything Pokemon TCG nowadays. God..worse time ever to get back to playing the cards. xD
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