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Tell us a strange fact about yourself!


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Jun 1, 2023
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This thread is exactly what it says on the tin! All you gotta do is list a random fact (or facts if you wanna list more than one fact) about yourself that others (or at least you) might consider to be strange. I'll go first:

Okay, this is probably gonna get me cancelled (lol jk), but I'm obsessed with ketchup. I even like to eat ketchup all by itself. Sometimes, I put ketchup on foods that don't normally "go" with ketchup. My most infamous ketchup + food combo has got to be none other than macaroni and cheese with ketchup. I also like to put ketchup on other foods, such as pizza and steak to name a few. Chances are if I liked whatever food I was eating, I might like it with some ketchup on it. My little sister finds my little ketchup + food combos to be disgusting, and she tells me how ketchup and insert food here don't really "go" together (which ig kinda makes sense?).
oo let's see
  • my favorite novel is to kill a mockingbird, which i firmly believe is NOT strange of me, but according to several people it is, so i'm putting it down
  • i thought ace attorney: dual destinies was like a really really good game. (aside from 5-2 but that doesnt count as part of the series dear lord it is so bad)
  • i can't eat condiments. well. i can. but i hate them. i only ever eat french fries or chicken strips or whatever you can think of by themselves. and i hate mixing food, for that matter.
  • i don't like minecraft :confused:
  • i got to feed a lion cub once. stay jealous
  • i own three copies of street fighter 5 all for the ps5 (well. ps4 technically, but i only have a ps5, so uhh yea). there's an actual story behind this, but certainly it's weirder without context, and that IS the point...
  • ah, and to go back to the topic of popular things i don't like? i HATE popcorn. cannot stand it. i don't like the texture OR the flavor. i get clowned on a lot for that but i stand by it. popcorn is super overrated to me and i am not budging on it.
i don't like minecraft :confused:
perhaps the most offending article on your list (jk jk)

let’s see what weird quirks of mine I can recall that are unexplainable…

  • biggest is probably how weirdly particular I am about cold-cuts. Could NOT tell you why, but I absolutely hate cold meat. It makes me nauseated, and if i have no choice but to eat it, I will rip and pick out all the parts that look ‘gross’ to me before I eat it.
  • Ever since I was little, I always hated feeling the texture of paper specifically against my fingernails. Any time my nails would ghost across paper on a desk, I would have to ‘scratch the paper vigorously’ to get rid of that weird feeling I had after.
  • I can fall asleep curled up into a very tight ball. This is only achievable when I’m incredibly sleepy, but it’s still something I’ve done numerous times.
  • I like reading random movie plot summaries on wikipedia sometimes.
  • I think slugs are cute.
Wonder if I’ll remember any more.:wynaut:
i HATE popcorn. cannot stand it. i don't like the texture OR the flavor. i get clowned on a lot for that but i stand by it. popcorn is super overrated to me and i am not budging on it.
Lol. I can somehow relate to this. I can't stand the taste of spicy foods. Especially when it's spicy chips or spicy candy. My little sister LOVES to eat spicy chips, and my mom would buy her a bag of hot cheetos or takis from the store.

There have been some instances where I accidentally ate something spicy, like a spicy hot dog or some spicy spinach. I lowkey wouldn't even know that said food was spicy until I already start feeling the spicy taste in my mouth.
  • I have a big aversion to a specific texture found in some stickers. I don't know what exactly it is made of, but I remember having that aversion when my parents washed my hair when I was little and felt my hair having that kind of texture. If I had to end up in an ironic hell, everything would be having that texture. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl ><
  • I know certains phrases in german, but I can't count beyond 3 in that language. However I learned through logic how to count in japanese, for some reason.
  • For some reason, I took the habit of talking with a lighter voice whenever I greet younger women. Afterwards, I just speak with my normal voice. I don't know why I do that, and I'm mainly doing it at work as a way to make them feel welcome, I guess ?
  • I eat a lot and fast (bad habit, I know), but somehow my body stabilizes itself to the point where somehow I can lose a bit of weight. At times I do gain back some weight, but it always seems to stir towards the 80 kilograms mark and oscillates around that.
I'm not even sure what facts about myself are strange or not anymore, but these are the things I've been told aren't normal...
  • I love most kinds of seafood, especially if it's raw, but I specifically refuse to eat catfish, because it's too cute for me to eat.
  • I'm extremely good at memorizing videos, and even entire episodes from TV shows. I have a whole repertoire of 'em in my mind that I can mimic word for word, right down to the tone. I'm basically like a parrot :wynaut:
  • I have a very weak sense of smell, but I'm very sensitive to taste. I'm completely unaffected by intense perfume, but if something I don't like even touched my food, I can and will be able to tell >_>
  • As a kid, I couldn't eat anything that had red food dye in it, because it used to make me so hyper that I would black out and throw a tantrum. (Apparently, Red 40 dye does that to a lot of kids, but I was on the morning news once because of it :stunfisk: )
  • I can't pronounce the word "caterpillar". It always comes out something like "kyeahder-pya".
  • I have what my friends describe as "anti-luck" — meaning that my luck is absolutely abysmal compared to other people, but if there's an impossibly rare chance of something that I'd like to avoid, suddenly it's destined to happen to me immediately. Like, only ever finding full-odds shinies of my least favorite Pokémon, or having a 90% accuracy move miss five times in a row, or getting the 1/65536 glitch in Stadium... it's like a running gag at this point - -;
  • When I was like eight years old, I had a very brief fixation on the game Zero Wing, where the "all your base are belong to us" meme comes from. But I didn't actually care about the game itself at all... I was only obsessed with the intro cutscene. I still have a sketchbook full of little chibi drawings of the characters. And in retrospect I... don't really know why???
  • I don't like Minecraft either ;_;
I'm glad so many of us are weird eaters, lol. Never let them change your mind! Cold cuts and popcorn ARE gross and you should say it!!!
  • i, like many other people here, am a very picky eater. i have a weird aversion to food where there's like. multiple flavors at once and i can pick out each individual flavor. it really bothers me.
  • i once got locked in a chicken coop with my cousins and grandma. i was like 8 and i don't remember it well, we weren't in it for very long it was only like 10 minutes.
  • i've never broken a bone, the worst injury i've ever had was last year when i sprained my foot.
  • you know how in grade school they'd make you sit with your legs crossed? sometimes i sleep with my legs crossed like that.
  • i randomly like to think (and sometimes act out) how i'd react if i was cheated on. i've never been in a relationship btw.
  • when i first started getting interested in pokemon (i was like 8) i for some reason tried to really hide it from my parents? i thought they'd say that it was dumb lol
  • whenever i'm eating chicken nuggets, i like to eat the skin off the chicken before eating the actual chicken.
  • also related to food, i like to make sure that i finish eating something on the best possible bite.
  • when i was 9, i was extremely obsessed with the max headroom signal intrusion. it simultaneously horrified me and fascinated me and i would watch videos about it all day long.

there's more that i'll think of later lol
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Just thinking of how to properly reply to this makes me antsy, I am not the kind of person who wants to show their vulnerabilities but to close family and the closest of friends...

So I will just list a few traits that seem weird even to those people...

  • My memory is weird. I might remember super elaborate details about some things 20 years ago, but forget crucial things about a few hours earlier.
  • I can bend my joints a bit more than is usual, which looks particularly weird when you are overweight, like how can I be so nimble with all that fat...
  • My overthinking and paranoia tendencies can go very overboard. Meanwhile I may just skim over something that may look much more worth worrying about for others.
  • I may have emotional outbreaks over fictional events especially when relatable and combined with real world pressure... Then something devastating, outright emergency, may come up, and I am much more calm and level headed while everyone freaks out while I am like "I have considered this worst case scenario a bajillion times, I got this".
I actually used to be a very, very picky eater when I was little, to the point where every meal would be some variant of chicken nuggets or fries or pizza or maybe some kind of lunchable, haha, along with the resiquite childhood snacks. Not much variety or nutrition there, as you might imagine! That said, there was some weird point in my life relatively soon after that where all of that went away and I was willing to eat almost anything. I became a super-adventurous foodie, willing to try nearly everything under the sun no matter how outrageous! How funny…
Ohhhh no I don't know what to say LOL... neechan i also read movie plot summaries on wikipedia too! sometimes when i'm not invested in the plot of one and it's on in the same room as me, i look it up to see what happens LMAO... also oki i want to hear you recite all of fesh pince someday with neechan and i and maybe airgalethorn there this needs to happen

  • I was born 3 months early! (at 27 weeks, almost 26) So genuinely speaking I am in every sense of the word, a miracle child, to be not only alive, but to be functioning basically normally (health complications are extremely common for babies born as early as I was, although I had to have physical therapy surgeries etc to be as fine as I am now). If modern-day medicine didn't exist, I guess I wouldn't have, either, which... is a bit of a sobering thought, I guess? I've kind of theorized that that's why part of me is really... positive I guess? LOL.. happy to be here! o77 i guess that makes me very expensive too? LOL
  • I live less than an hour from a real-life active volcano, one of the biggest mountains in America. This is... not an amazing thing, but it's really pretty in pictures and such! We've had to practice evacuation drills and that kind of thing before, and it's a little scary to think about the possibility of something happening someday. But we'd know in advance at least? hoorayʕº̫͡ºʔ
  • As a child, I was also late to talk! (they were worried i wouldn't ever speakʕº̫͡ºʔ, i was more than 2 when i was able to talk) But when I did, I was apparently speaking/reading in full sentences, or so my family says? one of my first words was 'helicopter' i love that fact
  • I really like pickles. (this one's very boring sorry)
  • Uhhhh... I've said this elsewhere but my name isn't really connected to lisia pokémon (duh, I'd have to be 9 or so for that to even be possible?) — I've just really liked her ever since I played ORAS as a kid (my first game!) hehe. My full username is what I was actually named after, and I they're still my favorite flower!
  • etc (these are all boring sorry!!! if i think of any more i'll put them here??)
I am physically incapable of sneezing in public. The urge will come on, yet right at the last second it'll stifle out.
- Ever since I did that one rollercoaster in a Parc Astérix a few years ago, I've somehow gained a fear of heights. It extends to the point that even falling in Minecraft in Creative Mode makes me feel tense. Even watching a documentary about the Eiffel Tower and how high the person was on the monument made me scared for them even though they were in no danger whatsoever. The weirdest part is that when I was a kid and did go to the same Parc Astérix, none of the rollercoasters scared me. Even getting to the top of the Arc de Triomphe many years ago and taking my first ever selfie didn't give me that fear of heights.
Not really a strange fact to most people, but compared to my personality here, irl im definitely a lot more sarcastic and there’s a slight edge to my voice (if you know what I mean) compared to here where I tend to come off as childish when im generally being thankful or happy
I have an incurable and rare ear issue called patulous eustachian tube dysfunction which I've had pretty much my whole life. I hate it so much and often wonder what it'd be like to live a normal life with normal ears. :') Sadly there is no cure and surgeries are, at best, 50% effective and they also stop working anywhere from a few weeks to a year or two usually.. cries
  • The inside of my mouth, specifically, is allergic to latex. I could be covered in latex bandages with no consequence.
  • As a non Japanese (i think) person born in the early 2000s, it's a bit weird for my first ever animes to be Anpanman and Astroboy, according to my friends around my age anyhow.
  • I have unnaturally sensitive senses but i can never seem to recognize the smell of smoke, drinkable (so they say) alchohol, certain meat, nor can I acknowledge anything around 1600 hertz, but i can hear above it.
  • I've said this in another post somewhere in the "who i last talked to" thread, but i like to consume creamer.
  • This might be super weird for some people (about hair) so I'll blur it out but: Body hair and short fur is alright to me, extremely long furred animals and long heads of hair of ANY texture make my skin crawl
  • I can remember every single song I've written in my head from ages 4-14
  • I may have a mild form of disassociative identity disorder (DID)
  • As a non Japanese (i think) person born in the early 2000s, it's a bit weird for my first ever animes to be Anpanman and Astroboy, according to my friends around my age anyhow.
Lol I can somewhat relate to this one. I find myself fixating on anime that not too many people I know, if not anyone, has never heard of, such as Anpanman, Jewelpet, and Popee The Performer, to name a few. Hell, my sister watched Popee The Performer after I was telling her about it, and she even finished watching the anime before I did (I didn't think she would even like Popee The Performer, let alone watch it bc I thought she might find the anime to be "too weird" lol).
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