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The Handwriting and Penmanship Thread: Script, Scribbles, or Scratch?

What below best describes your handwriting?

  • Script (Good)

    Votes: 3 23.1%
  • Scribble (OK)

    Votes: 4 30.8%
  • Scratch (Not-So-Good)

    Votes: 6 46.2%

  • Total voters
Apr 2, 2016
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  1. They/Them
We’ve all had to write something down on paper before, right? With that said, what’s your opinion about how well you write, or how it looks? Feel free to participate in the poll or even provide examples of your handwriting if you’d like!

Everyone has told me that my own handwriting is excellent, and I… kind of sort of agree with them? It’s been a while since I’ve written anything down on paper which means that I’m kind of out of practice, haha, but whenever I look at my past writings from when I was really young, I’m indeed kind of surprised by how neat it looked compared to most others people’s in my age group. Some think that I must take a really long time to write that neat, but… not really? It comes pretty naturally to me, I think. So I guess that I should consider myself lucky? My gift is apparently just that: a gift; not one that a lot of people have…
It was unfortunately never good even in primary school, never got to learn cursive, it got even worse after high school when almost anything is typed in computers these days :(
It was unfortunately never good even in primary school, never got to learn cursive, it got even worse after high school when almost anything is typed in computers these days :(
That’s kind of the thing with me, haha. I literally can’t even remember the last time I’ve actually written something down on paper. Although I don’t really think that my handwriting has gotten worse because of that, just a little rusty. I could use some practice, though, as I do actually enjoy writing, even if typing is much, much easier, of course!
I write in all caps because I have a bit of trouble writing in cursive. Plus it's easier to understand for both others and myself !
In elementary and middle school, I used to fail spelling tests occasionally because my teacher couldn't read my writing when grading them. My handwriting has not made significant improvements since then, so I think that says it all. I can write legibly sometimes but it requires a ton of erasing and rewriting for me to do successfully so generally I don't, at least not on paper-- if for whatever reason I'm writing words on one of my digital drawings I'll usually redo it until it's at least decent, but that's somewhat different.
My handwriting has a very broad range, it can be anywhere from font-like to illegible spaghetti depending on various factors. Generally I think it's on the neater side, though. Because it tends to be slower, I usually keep my best handwriting for display stuff, like if I'm writing on a poster, or if I need to show off in a group project lol. Although I don't like using cursive, I do connect my letters a lot if their shapes flow together, especially if I'm writing very quickly.
When I write digitally (i.e. with a stylus/pen tablet) or work on design stuff, I use all caps. It's a trick I use to keep my handwriting neat and legible even if I'm in a hurry.
My handwriting is definitely more readable than others but not excellent. I have the ability to write well, but I just decide not to lol.

I can write in cursive, but I forget what some letters look like sometimes, especially ones at the end of the alphabet and “J”. With my signatures, I sign very messy on purpose. Younger people love it, and older people find it messy. My favorite pen to sign in would be a Pilot G-2 gel pen. Sharpies do not feel good to sign in as they are scratchy.

For writing utensils, I usually go with a 0.7 mechanical pencil. It definitely allows me to be more precise with my writing.
I think for the most part my handwriting is legible though certainly not the cleanest. I tend to have issues writing in straight line unless I'm writing with lined paper.

And it's weird for me to write with lined paper because then I have a tendency to scribble things or want to draw things that tends to make my writing easier to understand.

As for cursive, oh god, I never want to go through that ever again. Thankfully, the only time I actually had to write in cursive was back during the SAT exams where I basically has to write in cursive something like "I promise not to cheat on the SAT exam." In other words, they lied about cursive being mandatory during the actual exam part on the SATs!
I never learned how to hold a pencil correctly it kinda shows. For the sake of notetaking, I tend to write very quickly and usually go entire sentences without even lifting up the pen. Not the most appetising penmanship, but at least I don't have to worry about others trying to cheat off my paper 'cause they wouldn't be able to read it anyways.
I straight up had a surprising amount of my teachers straight up say, “You have bad handwriting.” Or something like that which growing up freaking destroyed my self esteem. Like bro it be looking like an ancient language that only I can interpret, I’ve been told this might be tied to one’s intelligence although I’m not sure.

With non-Latin scripts however, my writing is clearer than the waters of Humilau City.
I've been told that my handwriting looks like a teenage girl's. Lol. Guess I never left that age when it comes to my handwriting. xD

I try to write neatly, but that doesn't happen 100% of the time. When filling out something that other people have to deal with I try to write my neatest. I work in data entry and process handwritten mail information a lot and sloppy (or even ambiguous in any way - such as t he way one differentiates between "4" and "9") handwriting makes my job that much harder. Also, I hate cursive because it's much harder to read. If you send out mail with handwritten information or fill out a physical form for a doctor's office or job application or anything, I ask you please to take everything I said above in account. lol
Uh it’s ok enough

It varies on digital and paper lol
(This image has a pretty good example of how I write when I try to be decently legible on digital

I’ll find an example of my writing on paper later lol
I think I fall into the "OK" category. My digital handwriting's usually pretty good, but on paper I always feel like it looks sooooo bad. I write in very deliberate print, but it's very inconsistent and I have an abnormally firm pen grip only when writing on paper (I suspect it might be a dyspraxia thing). So more often than not it just looks like a ten-year-old's handwriting to me lmfao, it's kind of embarrassing when I have to sign important documents and stuff.
Most people seem to like it just because it's legible though, and I thankfully never had to learn cursive... I don't envy anyone that did.
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