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When you feel like you’re wasting time and/or aren’t embracing important milestones


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Mar 26, 2011
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Simply put; this a thread for discussing how some of us here might feel when this sort of thing consumes their thoughts.

So, here’s the deal for me; October has always been one of the most looked forward to months of the year for me, and that has always been because of two special occasions; my birthday and Halloween. However this year, it feels as though that I’ve allowed too much time to pass before I got into my usual routine of getting into the Halloween spirit. I mean, I didn’t even get around to putting up a Halloween decoration until about 2 or 3 days ago, and as of this moment; there are only 10 days left until Halloween is here. And there’s still so much stuff that I can think of doing that would be very much in theme with this month, a month that will be over in just ten more days.

Plus, there’s also the additional matter of me not fully getting into the rather rare and important milestones that have been happening this month already. I mean I was able to catch a glimpse of the “ring of fire” eclipse this month, but I just don’t seem all that invested in the fact that this year marks the 100th anniversary of both Disney and Warner Bros., respectively. Two television companies that have been providing me with entertainment material since as far back as I can remember, do you see the problem here?

But, more importantly; this year marked the first birthday of my brother’s youngest child and the 18th birthday of his only daughter. I was invited to join in on the group Google Meet sessions to wish them both a happy birthday, but due to technical difficulties, I was rather late to the session for my youngest nephew’s first birthday and so had to share with my mother’s tablet in order to get in on at least a few minutes of the session. Then, when it came time to for my niece’s birthday Google Meet session, I was still not able to join in on my own phone and thus had to share with my mother on her tablet just to be in attendance. Those were both very important milestones for my brother’s two children and I almost missed one of them and wasn’t really all that invested in either

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

Or, if not this, then, any experience with a similar situation?
Admittedly, I wish I could slow down on MTG at times, not just because it costs money, but the drive to build many decks is starting to fill a lot of room, where I could have just spent that money elsewhere. But I can't seem to help it, and have been content in reducing the amount of times I buy something MTG related. Another thing is me being so driven into F-Zero 99 that I miss the time (and inspiration) to continue that story draft I've been meaning to advance. One more thing is finding the drive to actually search for a new apartment, so I can finally leave the one I'm in. The one I live in isn't that bad, but it's been 6 years now and I've been wanting to adopt an animal, but can't because it's not allowed where I live.
Hmm so if I'm understanding this right, I definitely feel like this sort of thing has affected me more recently as I've been working a lot and have had less time to play new games, watch new shows, celebrate events and holidays etc. Sometimes it feels like especially when you get too caught up in routine that there's just not enough time to remember everything. It's also been difficult for me to catch up with the news, and sometimes when I do have time to I just feel sort of demotivated? I feel like it's just part of having a busy life and not always having the energy to think about certain things, so writing down notes might be helpful sometimes! With that said: I definitely think it's beautiful to keep up with your passions; you just have to balance that with being productive and disciplined.

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