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MATURE: The Legend of the 'Mon


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Nov 2, 2013
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Okay everyone, hello. This is the first time I'm posting a fanfic up here. It is a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Pokemon crossover. It is the first of four books in the series. Books one through three are done and will be posted eventually.

Anywho, this is rated Mature for relatively graphic descriptions of death scenes, and because I want to be on the safe side.


P.S: I'll probably post a chapter every few days or so.

The Legend of the ‘Mon

One morning, on the 10th day of the 5th month of the 2002nd year, a new prophecy appeared in the Cave of Legends. It foretold of an evil man spiriting away Princess Zelda and a boy in green, with the aid of a boy in red and black, will save her, and will aid the boy in red and black in returning to his time and place. This was to happen on the 4th day of the 6th month of the 2012th year. Those in Hyrule attempted to avert the prophecy by capturing all those that fit the man’s description, tall, and from the Gerudo desert. They captured all the Gerudo men, imprisoning a few, killing the rest, all in an attempt to avert a mere prophecy. One of those imprisoned went by the name Ganondorf. He seemed too kind to be the one in the prophecy, so, in their blindness, they let him go. Only after their princess disappeared did they realize their error.
Meanwhile, in the Hoenn Region, a boy was born, unwittingly becoming the boy of legend. His name was Alex. He stayed with his family, and was raised by them until he reached the age of 10, the age when all young men have the opportunity to become a Pokémon trainer. He goes to the region’s Pokémon Lab, and talks to its professor, asking to get his starter Pokémon and his Pokédex. As it turns out, all of the starters had already been taken. All that was left was a female Ralts. Alex was overjoyed that there were any Pokémon left, as he had woken up late that day. He gladly accepted, and was on his way on his quest, one to soon be forgotten. He named the Ralts Elizabeth.
He did his best to get to know her quickly, as he did not want his first Pokémon to be a stranger to him. Luckily, she could tell he was a very nice person, and took to him immediately. Ralts were always good at getting along with people who were nice. Alex then remembered to do something. He pulled out his Pokédex and scanned her. It reads: “Ralts is a Pokémon that can detect emotions, and will hide if it senses hostility.” He then tries to strike up a conversation, seeing if the Ralts understands him. “Elizabeth, can you hear me?” She turns her head towards him, as if in acknowledgement of the question, and does something that surprises Alex.
‘Yes, I can.’
“What was that? I heard a voice in my head!”
‘That was me Trainer. I am the one you call Elizabeth.’
“Oh. Well, I was not expecting you to respond. Anyway, my name is Alex.”
‘Alex… I like that name. So, you are my Trainer now are you?’
“Yeah, I guess I am.”
‘You don’t need to speak aloud; our newly forged telepathic link lets us talk without speaking.’
‘You mean like this?’
‘Yes. Very nice job.’
‘Thanks Elizabeth.’
‘Hmm. I don’t really like Elizabeth. How about Elise?’
‘Sure Eliz- I mean Elise.’
‘Thank you Alex.’
They walked on their way to the first Pokémon Gym, in Rustboro City, to receive the first Gym Badge, and progress in their quest to conquer the Hoenn Pokémon league. They didn’t get too far before something odd happened.

Back in Hyrule, a boy awoke, a Hylian. His name was Link. He had been raised, thinking he was a Kokiri boy, destined to forever be a boy, as was the destiny of all Kokiri, they never age. He went and talked with a young girl named Saria. There, she gives him a gift, a gift of music. She gave him his first ocarina, a fairy ocarina. It is crafted from wood, and imbued with the power of the fairies. It gave him control over a small portion of their power. It gave him the ability to contact Saria telepathically, if he were ever to need help.
He then set out to meet Princess Zelda. Unfortunately, since he was not of Hylian descent, as far as they knew, he must sneak by, avoiding detection. He finally met her, only to learn that he is important for some reason. Ganondorf then attacked, and ran off with Princess Zelda. Link chased after them, and saw Zelda throw something into the moat. He picked it up, only to find it to be another ocarina.
This one was the Ocarina of Time. It held more power, the ability to transcend time. It, unfortunately, also has a darker power, one that only worked in the right conditions.
It involved the power of lightning, the courage to be outside in a lightning storm, and the wisdom to know when to play the Song of Time. When those were combined, the song pierced through space and time, and removed someone from one dimension, and brings them to the player’s. This had happened once, and once alone. It happened on the night of the Ocarina’s creation. It caused one person from a different dimension to be brought to Hyrule to live out the rest of his days. It was a man, whose son would fall to the same power.
As Alex was walking along, he remembered his father, who disappeared many years ago. He just disappeared. No note, no anything. He then felt a small pull on his shirt, as if someone small were tugging at it. He felt the pull get stronger, and quickly called Elise back into her Pokéball. He then passed out.

An interesting start, but in order to make it even more interesting, you need to expand a bit more. The best way to do that is to show and not tell--and as is, there's too much telling. Pretend I'm not familiar with either Pokemon or Zelda--what do the Pokemon look like? What do Link and Saria look like, what does the forest look like? Details like this make the world come alive.

Also, it's much easier to read if you space out paragraphs and dialogue.
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