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"The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon"

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Hopefully it'll be an English remake of a recent Japanese OP, a la "Meowth's Party".

Btw. I bought an S-Video cable earlier today, to get slightly better quality on the recording. I will be recording it for sure (parents gave the OK). But I have to set up my PC and do a few run tests to make sure it won't fuck up.
I have to be at work tomorrow morning, so I'll have to test out the TVR scheduler to make sure it works.
Likely not. They usually make separate topics, 'before (speculation)' and 'after (review)', for the big specials and movies.
I really hope it all turns out okay, and the voice acting is at least decent.

I'm sure the animation will be good because it's been done by the same people who have always done it. I have nothing to worry about with the animation, I'm mainly concerned for the voice acting.

In my opinion, I believe the imitators will actually try to do their best for all the characters, so I hope all the voices sound at least a little similar to the old ones.

However, there is a sense of dread in my heart right now. And that is because my biggest worry concerns Ash's voice. Obviously, he is the main character, so getting his voice right should've been extremely important to his VA (and Pokemon USA, of course). I am really hoping they kept this in mind when making the special.

Also, I can't deny the fact that I really love Ash's current voice, because it just fits his character and personality very well. And that is why I have a feeling that no matter how well they seem to 'imitate' Ash's voice, I am still going to hate the new voice (and maybe the VA too).

Then again, I may be slightly biased towards that, because I'm an Ash fangirl, but still I know for a fact I'm going to hate it so much......

Although, if I dislike the new VA that much, I might just end up tuning out Ash's 'new' voice completely and just listening to the other characters' voices and watching all the cool animation (hopefully, that will take my mind off Ash's new voice, so I can at least try to enjoy the special).
I wish we could know how many people are going to turn it on tommorow morning expecting a normal special and will be (most likely) surprised by different voices. I only say "most likely" because if we're lucky the voice difference isn't noticable. It just seems funny that some people will hear like the first line of speech and just the like "what the hell?!"
Yeah, I've already told my friends who watch Pokemon about the new VA thing, so that way they won't freak out or be totally surprised when they watch the special. ^^
Think of all the little kids!

Ash (In a deep bariotne)- Pikachu, Thunderbolt!
*run out screaming*

Or, maybe the new voices wil be so good at imitating, the kids won't notice.
inu-liger said:
I don't know, actually.

If I were to sell it, I'd do it for $5 US ($6 US for International destinations outside of Canada/US), which covers media, shipping and CD bubblemailers.

Or, if some people would rather participate in a DVDR tree, where I would burn a few copies and send it out to some people, who would in turn then make more copies and send it out to people in their regions.

Personally, I'd also like to see this seeded on BitTorrent on #pm.

Let me know what you guys would like to do.

And yes, it would be Region 0.
(I could make PAL conversions if I need to)

Vote: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?t=12541
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