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The Song In The Mist - Pokémon Horizons Episode 31 Review - The Fourth of the Six Heroes

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A collage of screenshots from the episode, showing Liko and Roy looking at Lapras in the mist; Fuecoco fighting with Ambipom; Lapras's pirate crew of Pokémon; and Lapras ahead of the Brave Olivine.
While this week's episode of Pokémon Horizons was primarily buildup to the reveal of the fourth of the Six Hero Pokémon, I did like the mystery building up around the Lapras. A cargo ship thought it was helping them escape a fog, when it reality, Lapras was looting their food. Lapras's Pokédex entries going back to the first generation have mentioned how they are gentle and kind-hearted Pokémon, so that means it should be a good Pokémon, right?

I really liked the buildup of the reveal of the Lapras. I initially thought it was helping out sailors, until clues about a more sinister motive started floating in, like the empty cargo boxes with the same logo as the ones the sailors were hauling back onto their boat. Once the Ambipom and Toedscruel came and stole the berries, I instantly knew that this was a ploy. It seems that the Hero Pokémon Lapras has been living a life of hardships, to the point it created a band of pirates to steal food from ships. My question is: why? I guess that will be answered in the next episode. However, it really does make me wonder if it does this out pure malice, or simply out of survival? I’m leaning towards the latter.

Also, seeing the Brave Olivine being used as a ship was amazing; I think it’s been the first instance its boat mode has been shown ever since we got a glimpse of it in its original form as an older fishing boat. Heck, I think this is also the first instance where Ludlow has received more screen time than he usually does! That’s amazing in itself. Other than Ludlow, everyone on the Brave Olivine had their fair share of screen time too. They all helped out with Friede’s plans to find the mystery behind the stolen food by baiting them with food. It was nice to see Captain Pikachu use its Rising Volt Tackle again too.

Although Fuecoco is super adorable, in recent episodes it's been used as comic relief and as the butt of some jokes. To see it finally have some relevance, in showing the true intent of having people tail Lapras, made me very happy. Who knew that being a glutton could actually be helpful at times? On the topic of Pokémon, the Polteageist and Sinistea from the previous episode make another appearance in this episode as they give tea to Mollie and Orla. I’m glad that they’re adjusting well to their new life on the ship. I was actually surprised to see another Ambipom since the last appearance of Dawn’s Ambipom back in the Diamond & Pearl era though. This Ambipom is voiced by Nanase Nishino, who plays the main character in the Pokémon-themed live action drama Pack Your Pocket With Adventure. It’s also nice to see a Toedscruel too! It seems that the pirate Pokémon are from all different regions. Though, it does make me wonder where in the Pokémon world this particular episode takes place. Are they still in Galar, or at least the waters around Galar? Did they leave region?

Liko's Sprigatito reacting with surprise to Terapagos
At the end of this week's episode, instead of Friede’s seminar, there’s a small short about Terapagos called The Brilliant Terapagos Expedition, where the titular Pokémon does cute things. This week's segment is focusing on its relationship with Sprigatito. Given that there will be three of these, I’m assuming the last two will be focused on the other two Paldean Starters aboard the Brave Olovine. I can’t wait to see what their interactions will be like.

I think I’ll end my review here since there isn’t really much more to talk about; it was a very straightforward episode. I’m actually digging the Lapras’s hardened appearance with the scars and damaged shell. What about you? What are your thoughts on Lapras, and this episode in general?


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