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TINA's Nuzlocke Series

I'm done exploring the west province for now, so i opt to set my sights elsewhere. After a brief period exploring the south province, i stumble upon a Moon Stone, which i immediately use to evolve Nena into the mighty Wigglytuff. We're going to need a powerhouse for the trials ahead. With that though, i opt to set my sights eastward, heading into Area One of the East Province. I catch myself a Teddiursa the moment i set foot in the area, which i nickname Blitzbear. It will be going to the box though. I'm curious about the lights in the distance, so i follow them until i hit East Province Area Two, where i bump into a Marill. This little guy will be joining us under the name Mizu Ball, and since he's probably more useful than Buizerd, he will join the team.

The lights were coming from the city of Levincia, home of the next gym. Before i challenge it though, i opt to seek out some trainers for their experience. I should have time for this before the start of class. When Mizu Ball evolves into Azumarill though, i opt to head back; not that Mizu Ball will be of use against the electric gym. The moment i enter the gym though, i get a call from Nemo that she is nearby and wants to do battle. I agree; it'll be a nice warming up for the gym itself. We head towards the town's battle court and start the fight; she leads with Rockruff and i lead with Mizu Ball. His Double Team does not prevent my Aqua Tail from OHKOing, and next is Pawmo. This is Dumbo's job; my first Bulldoze misses due to Dig, but the second one gets the kill. Last but not least is Quaxwell; Razum-dar comes in, we both terastalize to power up our moves, and i bring him to a sliver as he just sets up Work Up. Next turn, i get the kill and the victory.

With that out of the way, it's time for the gym itself. This is an electric gym, so Mizu Ball will be sitting this one out. Instead, Buizerd will be making a return, as death fodder. Turns out the gym leader Nanjamo is one of those disgusting Streamer people; sporting a vomit-inducing outfit and a disgustingly upbeat way of speaking, she forces me to partake in one of her "livestreams" that serve no purpose other than to boost her ego. Guess i have no choice in the matter. She makes me find Clavell in a crowd three times, before she finally agrees to do battle with me. I really wish we could just skip this nonsense and this fake internet personality, but i guess i'll just get this over with. I also have to take on some of her fans; i really don't get why anyone likes people like this.

Once i've finally suffered enough, i get to take on Nanjamo herself. She feels the need to this cutesy dance throughout the battle that makes my stomach churn, but whatever, at least we're finally fighting. She leads with Wattrel and i lead with Nr. 45. She paralyzes me with Spark, but that doesn't stop me from 2HKOing. Up next is her Bellibolt, which is a job for Razum-dar. He really can't hurt me, so i'm free to take him out with a barrage of seed bombs. I do land in the red due to a crit at the end, but that's ok. My third opponent is Luxio; Nena comes in and Intimidate triggers Competitive, raising my special attack. I terastalize into pure normal for some extra punch, and kill with a hyper voice. Last but not least is Iono's Mismagius; she terastalizes it into pure Electric and confuses Nena, causing her to hit herself for a sliver. The next turn though, i hit a Hyper Voice, which brings Mismagius to the red; i thought that would kill. I'm in the red too due to charge beam, and his special attack is raised, so i opt to switch to Dumbo on a Charge Beam. Dumbo can't really do much, so i opt to just switch back and forth between Nena and Dumbo until she's out of charge beams. Then Nena gets in another Hyper Voice for the kill.

With that, the badge is mine, and i will hopefully never have the displeasure of dealing with a streamer again. Back in the gym building, i run into the big boss of this region's league. She introduces herself as Geeta, and encourages me to continue my gym challenge so that we may face off someday. Anyway, i have to get back to Madrid now, as class is about to start. These are the last classes before the midterms, so it's extra important that i pay attention now. I attend my classes, take notes, all that jazz. After class is done, i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Mizu Ball (Azumarill) lv 23
Nena (Wigglytuff) lv 25
Dumbo (Phanpy) lv 24
Akachan (Toxel) lv 23
Nr. 45 (Gumshoos) lv 25
Razum-dar (Floragato) lv 25
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After class, i find that one of my fellow students have left their lunch behind. It's a Pecha Berry, of mythical quality. It's pretty much impossible to find the owner now, so i guess i'll just hang on to it in case i get hungry later. For now, i head back to Area One of the East Province. I run into Clive here; he wants to get to the bottom of the bullying problem that caused Team Star to form. At this point, we get a call from Cassiopeia; Clive heads off to grant us privacy, and Cassiopeia asks me to take out the nearby Team Star base. This is a fire base, so Razum-dar will be sitting this one out. Instead, i'm bringing Buizerd the Buizel, as death fodder. I beat up the guy at the gate, and clive joins me as we head inside. We notice a Charcadet who seems to want to head in with us; we see no problem with this. Mizu Ball, Dumbo and Nena beat up all of the grunts' pokemon, until their leader Meguro shows up on her fancy car. Always sad to see a fellow lesbian reduced to dropping out of school and leading a gang of delinquents.

Anyway, it's time we do battle. I lead with Mizu Ball and she leads with Torkoal. Torkoal's Drought intensifies the sunlight, so i terastalize to get rid of my fairy type and i set up rain as his clear smog does a sliver. My aqua tail does half, so the next one kills. Next up, as in the previous base, is the car. Meguro decides that fire moves are the best course of action here, despite my typing, thick fat, and the rain. A Screech lowers my defense, which i don't care about, and i have to set up the rain again, but i eventually take him out without issue. After this victory, Meguro tells me and Clive why she quit school and joined the team; she was bullied to the point of quitting because she's a pretty gay girl. So i tell her that the school has become a lot more accepting of us queer kids. At this point, the Charcadet from earlier runs up to Meguro; this is apparently a pokemon she used to play with a lot. This reveals to us that her rough exterior is just an act, and she agrees to return to school and quit the team.

As i walk out of the base, i get another call from Cassiopeia, saying she again hacked the pokemon center servers to let me make more TMs. While i like being able to do that, i'm not really comfortable with a hacker doing this for me; pretty sure it's illegal. After the conversation, Botan once again shows up; Miraidon decides to come out of its ball and lick her, to her annoyance, but eventually he goes to sleep. Anyway, Botan gives me a gift for clearing up this Team Star base; i still don't know how she knows i was here. Probably some connection to Clive.

With my business here done, i opt to go explore north of Levincia. The moment i enter East Province Area Three, i get a call from Arven about a nearby Titan. Guiess i should check that out, but first i accidentally kill a Bramblin i was meaning to catch. I also fight some trainers in preparation, and this causes Dumbo to evolve into Donphan. After fighting most of the trainers, i decide i'm strong enough to take on the titan and head over to its location. There i spot a giant Orthworm. This is a steel type, so Nena will be sitting this one out. Instead, i'm once again bringing Buizerd as death fodder. It tries to run, but i catch up and send out Dumbo. It lowers my defense with iron tail, but i manage to burn with fire fang. He then misses a wrap and tries again th next turn, allowing me to bring him to low health, which prompts him to flee. I give chase through a cave, and eventually he leads me to the special herbs and heals up on them. At this point, Arven catches up and we do battle again. Arven sends out his Toedscool and i again lead with Dumbo. He wraps me as i hit a fire fang and toedscool misses a confuse ray. We continue to exchange hits and i end up in crit range, but i can't switch due to wrap. I opt to use a potion here, but that turns out to be superfluous as he just uses another wrap. So the beast goes down, and we have our herbs.

Arven uses the herbs to make us some sandwiches, and i again opt to share with Miraidon. Arven shares with Mabosstiff, and for the first time in a very long time, Mabosstiff found the strength to make its cry. It's still too weak to stand, but we are making progress. Miraidon has also recovered more strength, regaining the ability to jump over high distances. With that, i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Dumbo (Donphan) lv 28
Nena (Wigglytuff) lv 28
Mizu Ball (Azumarill) lv 28
Akachan (Toxel) lv 27
Nr. 45 (Gumshoos) lv 28
Razum-dar (Floragato) lv 28
I think i've spent enough time in this crater landscape, so i think i'll head to the west province for a bit before my exams start. I decide to set my course for the town with the water gym, but along the way i accidentally drop off the cliff and land in the middle of the desert. I immediately get assaulted by a Flittle and a swarm of Rufflet; guess i'm invading their territory or something. I catch the Flittle and bestow it the nickname Hinako. Hinako is probably going to be of more use long-term than Nr. 45, so it is with pain in my heart that i send him to the box. When i do finally reach town, there's a massive sandstorm going on, so i just head directly towards the gym. I see the gym leader running off though; his assistant tells me he's headed off toward the bazaar at the town on the opposite side of the desert, but he's forgotten his wallet. The assistant gives me the wallet and asks me to bring it back to the gym leader. I'm not completely sure i have enough time for this before the midterms, but i'll try to get it done.

While traversing the desert, i get a call from Arven about a nearby titan, but i definitely don't have time for that before the midterms. So anyway, i make my way across the desert into West Province area two, where i catch Noisy the Staravia. I run into the gym leader here, who is admiring the flowers rather than getting to the auction he needed to get to so bad. Guess he noticed he didn't have his wallet or something. But no; he runs off toward town before i can approach him. I follow him to town, but when i finally get to approach him, some guy tells me not to waste the gym leader's time and challenges me to a battle. So yeah, i beat the guy up, then i give the leader his wallet back. As a gym puzzle, he gives me a ton of money and asks me to buy some strange coral at the auction. Strange puzzle, but i see no harm in it. I manage to get the item for way less than i was given, so i guess i've turned a nice little profit too.

So yeah, that was the gym puzzle. I think i still have the time to do the gym battle before my tests start, but it's gonna be tight. So i head back to the gym, where i run into the school's art teacher as well as some lady. She introduces herself as Chiri; apparently she's one of the elite four of this region together with my art teacher. I wish i had time to chat with them, but i have to get to this battle quickly and then get back to school. This is a water gym, so Dumbo is sitting this one out. Instead, we're bringing Buizerd the Buizel, as death fodder. I challenge the gym leader to a battle amidst a sandstorm, and he leads with his Veluza. I send out Nena, and we do massive damage to each other, with me dealing over half and him only just not getting me into crit range. The sandstorm gets me into crit range though, so i opt to switch to Mizu Ball on an Aqua Cutter. I then tank a slash as Play Rough gets him to the red, and the sandstorm finishes him off. Wugtrio is my next opponent, for which i opt to swap in Razum-Dar. I terastalize immediately, which causes my Seed Bomb to OHKO. Last but not least is Crabominable, who immediately terastalizes into a water type and thus gets 2HKO'd by Seed Bomb.

After i receive my badge back at the gym building, Nemo comes in and asks me for a battle, but i really have no time right now. So i turn her down and head back to class, just in time for my tests. I'm pretty confident i'll do well in most of them, though i have my doubts whether i'll pass history; not exactly a history buff.

Tests are done, but it's gonna take a while before the teachers have graded them all, so instead of just waiting around at school, i opt to go and explore northeastern spain, specifically the Tagtree Thicket. The moment i enter this jungle, i run into Clive, who wants me to help take down another Team Star base, but i think i'm gonna explore a bit first. The trees here have special markings on them; they say that these mark the territory of Grafaiai clans. I don't find a Grafaiai here though; instead, while admiring these markings, i run into a Charcadet. I proceed to catch the little bugger and nickname her Ember. I explore a bit more and fight some more trainers, when Akachan evolves into Toxtricity. Good; now she can finally start pulling her weight.

I beat up the remaining trainers here in the forest, but then it's time to take on the base. This is a poison base, so Razum-Dar and Mizu Ball will be sitting this one out. Instead, Nr. 45 will be rejoining for now, and Buizerd the Buizel will join us as death fodder. Nena is also weak to the poison type, but going in with only three of our good mons, one of which is not yet up to speed with the other guys, seems like a bad plan. When i approach the base, i interrupt a conversation between the guard and some kid who wishes to join the organization. I beat up the kid, and he explains why he wants to join the team. He really looks up to its leader, and wanted to join under him. After this conversation, i get another call from Cassiopeia; i should probably change my number or something. Don't want this random hacker to be able to track my every move. Anyway, Cassiopeia explains that the leader here really likes oldschool stuff. Whatever; i just march into the base and have Akachan, Hinako and Dumbo murder all the grunts' pokemon.

Once all the grunts are out of the way, the leader Atticus shows up, on the same kind of car the other team star bosses liked to ride. Man talks real ond-fashioned, but i don't really care. He leads with his Skuntank and i lead with Akachan. My spark paralyzes, but he brings me into crit range in one move, so i have to switch. Dumbo comes in on a failed sucker punch and kills the thing with a stomping tantrum. Revavroom is next, but he flinches Dumbo, so i have to heal the turn after. He keeps bringing me into crit range in one hit though, so in the end i decide to bring Nr. 45 in to sack him and heal Dumbo up fully. Sorry i had to do this, old friend. Once Dumbo's back he hits a stomping tantrum and kills the enemy. Third is Muk and i switch to Nena. I terastalize immediately to get rid of my poison weakness, but his sludge waves do almost half. I opt to risk the crit, as i outspeed and can three-shot. This pays off, so now Atticus is down to his car. I don't think Nena's the correct pokemon to take on the car, so i opt to sack Buizerd to get Dumbo back in. Buizerd actually tanks a Spin Out, so i can heal Dumbo up as he goes down. Dumbo quite easily tanks anything the car can throw at him, and deals massive damage in return. In fact, Buizerd's sacrifice was probably unneeded. I take the car out with more ease than the previous car (Revavroom), and victory is mine.

Atticus tells us how he was bullied back in school for his love of everything old, and how he designed the outfits for everyone in te team, giving them a sense of community. At this point, Clive and the kid from the entrance show up, and the kid thanks Atticus for protecting him from bullies some time ago. Most of the bullies are now gone, so he begs Atticus to return to school. Atticus says that he can't just go back, as Team Star is holed up in their bases until the return of their big boss, who disappeared about a year ago. The big boss is a recluse though; Atticus has never actually seen the person, only heard from them. We continue to talk to Atticus, and eventually he agrees to get back to school. So as i walk out of the base, i get another call from Cassiopeia. She reminds me that there's still two bases to clear before Team Star is done, and tells me i will have to face the big boss once all the bases have been dismantled. She also grants me more TMs to craft at the pokemon center, but before i can voice my discomfort at this hacking, she hangs up and i'm suddenly approached by Botan again. I need to talk to Clive about why he keeps informing this girl of my whereabouts. Anyway, she gives me a gift and i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Akachan (Toxtricity) lv 30
Hinako (Flittle) lv 28
Dumbo (Donphan) lv 31
Nena (Wigglytuff) lv 32
Razum-dar (Floragato) lv 32
Mizu Ball (Azumarill) lv 32

Probably should have planned better against Atticus.
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At this point, rather than continuing my exploration of the mainland, i opt to turn to the seas. In the seas east of Spain, i run into a Mareanie, which i proceed to capture and give the nickname Tent. Not much of note in these seas though, so i opt to go all the way to the other side of the region and go for a swim there. In these waters, my frolicking is interrupted by a Clawitzer, which i proceed to trap in a poke ball and bestow the nickname Mudcrab. Again though, these seas are pretty but boring, so i quickly tire and decide to head east from the auction town. I make a quick foray into the area around Casseroya Lake, where i get my hands on a Slowpoke that i will nickname Soema. It'll be boxed for the coming time though. After this, i make myt way through a fascinating rock formation. Many pictures later, and i take the bridge on the other side to area three of the west province, where i encounter a Psyduck. Before i can catch it though, it one-shots Hinako from full health with an qua tail. This hurts, but i still proceed to capture the duck and name it WCEend.

Ember the Charcadet will be joining us instead of Hinako. I've heard that this pokemon can be made stronger with an item made from Sinistea cups, so i go and beat up a bunch of them. Once i have the materials, i trade them with a guy in the eastern desert town to get a set of armor, which i immediately put on Ember to evolve her into Ceruledge. I use some exp candies to get her up to speed with the other guys, and we can continue our journey through the west province. I head up the road from where Hinako died, and eventually reach the town of Medali. This town is home to the normal gym, so i guess i'll be heading there; no one will have to sit this one out. The moment i arrive, i run into Nemo, who asks me to battle her when i'm done with the gym. I see no harm in that, but for now, let's focus on the gym itself.

The gym challenge here revolves around uncovering the gym leader's favorite food, through various hints strewn about town. However, as i'm doing this, things go horribly wrong. One of the gym trainers straight up one-shots Akachan with her Gumshoos. I obviously cannot take on the gym leader and Nemo with just five pokemon, so i'm gonna need to get a replacement.

That replacement will be Noisy the Staravia. I use all my remaining candies to bring her up to speed with everyone else, and continue with the challenge. I eventually find all the hints and go to the restaurant to order said dish. The moment i put in my order, the restaurant transforms into a giant battlefield and the gym leader Larry challenges me to a fight. He leads with Komala and i lead with Razum-dar. I switch in Ember immediately and proceed to spam ineffectual will-o-wisps until he is out of sucker punches, then i switch back and forth to Dumbo to get rid of his yawns. Whenever i switch Ember into a Slam, i then proceed to get a hit in. This strategy eventually takes out th Komala without me taking a hit, and next is Dudunsparce. This is Dumbo's job; Dumbo outdamages the big snake-thing, but gets paralyzed, costing him a turn and forcing me to switch. Noisy comes in and gets an intimidate off, but takes way more damage than i expected, so i switch to Mizu Ball immediately. Mizu Ball gets paralyzed on the switch-in, but that doesn't stop her from killing with an Aqua Tail. Last but not least is Staraptor, so Nena comes in and Intimidate triggers Contrary. We both terastalize into pure normal immediately; his Facade does massive damage, but not as massive as my Hyper Voice, which OHKOs for the win, rendering my Focus Sash unnecessary.
The experience from this battle is enough for Razum-dar to evolve into its final form, the mighty Meowscarada.

We've no time to celebrate though; there's still a battle with Nemo coming up. I run into the top champion after the battle, and she tells me how good i was. Nemo comes in after; it's time for our fight. With the top champion watching, Nemo sends out her Lycanroc and i send out Razum-Dar. She hits me with a weak quick attack, after which i OHKO with flower trick. Next is Goomy, and i send out Nena. Play Rough kills, meaning that third up is Pawmot. Dumbo proves quite capable of one-shotting after tanking a quick attack, meaning that only her Quaquaval is left. I opt to bring Nena back here, and we both terastalize; me into normal and she into water. She deals massive damage to me though while i do less than half, so switching is probably the wisest course of action. Mizu Ball comes in on an Aqua Step that does next to nothing, and we proceed to do chip damage to each other. She brings me to the red first though, so i have to heal. This allows me to get the kill a turn later, earning me the victory. This victory is enough for my newest team member, Noisy, to evolve into Staraptor, the same pokemon Larry used. Let's hope it doesn't go down as easily.

With that, it's time to call it a day for now.
My current team:

Razum-dar (Meowscarada) lv 37
Nena (Wigglytuff) lv 38
Mizu Ball (Azumarill) lv 38
Dumbo (Donphan) lv 37
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 38
Noisy (Staraptor) lv 34

i boxed the slowpoke because it was way too high a level for the point where i'm at; it'd take the fun out of the game. If only this game had a useful minimap that doesn't twist of its own accord, i wouldn't have accidentally taken the wrong bridge. Up is north. It's not hard.
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Midterm results are back; i aced all of my tests! Even history, which i felt i might have flunked. School's still out though; vacation. I opt to celebrate by going on an exploration trip, venturing into the north province's Dalipaza Passage or however you spell that. I spot a Persian here, which i proceed to chuck poke balls at until it stays put. It shall get the nickname Nala. This cave system running under the region's biggest mountain is quite something, if you're a fan of natural beauty. Of course, i cannot stop myself from exploring the mighty mountain itself hereafter. Amidst the snowstorms, a Pyroar and its Litleo family cross my path; i catch one of the little fire cats, and name it Mufasa.

The snowscapes on this mighty mountain are really something special. The landscapes here are comparable to Mt. Silver in Kansai or Mt. Coronet in Hokkaido, in that they must be seen to be believed. It is while climbing this majestic mountain that i come across a snowy village, tucked away in the harsh terrain. This also happens to be where i will face my next gym challenge, against the Ghost gym. No one will have to sit this one out; Ember is weak to the type, but also hits it super effectively and can terastalize to ditch her ghost type. In the gym building, i run into one of my professors, who hands me a Lucky Egg; great for when i want to bring new members onto my crew.

This gym's challenge just revolves around beating all the gym trainers in double battles. So yeah, i beat them all up, and then it's time for the gym leader, the famous rapper Ryme. Lady looks pretty similar to my math teacher, now that i look at her. Anyway, this is also a double battle; she leads with Banette and Mimikyu and i lead with Noisy and Nena. Noisy's Intimidate does its work, so now it's time to switch it out for Ember. Mimikyu sets up a light screen while Banette lowers our speed with Icy Wind, which triggers Nena's Competitive as she breaks Mimikyu's disguise. I terastalize Ember and hit Mimikyu with a will-o-wisp while Banette fails a sucker punch, mimikyu deals weak damage to Nena with Slash and nena deals about half to Mimikyu with Draining Kiss. These moves excite the crowd so that they give both of my pokemon an omniboost. Won't say no to that; Ember kills Banette with a night slash and Nena kills Mimikyu with another draining kiss. Next up, Ryme sends out her Houndstone and Toxtricity and the crowd gets so excited they bestow my pokemon with boosts to their offensive stats again. Ryme terastalizes her toxtricity into the ghost type and launches a discharge that paralyzes both my pokemon and causes them both to be fully paralyzed this turn, which prompts the crowd to give her pokemon an omniboost while Houndstone prepares a Phantom Force. I decide that switches are in order; Razum-dar comes in in Ember's place and Dumbo replaces Nena. The enemies both hit Razum-dar and bring her to below half, but the crowd decides to be generous and ups my pokemon's speed. I decide to use this by having Razum-dar night slash the Toxtricity for almost half health and healing Razum-dar on Dumbo's turn. I get hit by a very powerful Hyper Voice though, that deals over half to Razum-dar and brings Dumbo to a sliver due to a crit. This is going bad. I switch Noisy into Razum-dar's place to get an intimidate off to lower Houndstone's attack while i heal Dumbo and Houndstone goes for another Phantom Force. The only course of action here is to just keep healing and hope i avoid the crit. I make the decision to leave Noisy in despite knowing fully well that she'll be killed by a discharge, which is what happens. Swotching would have been too big a risk for what came in. I send out Nena next and just keep healing, getting an attack in when i can. Unfortunately, my healing items run out just as her hyper voices do, so i'm forced to make some tough choices. I sack Mizu Ball to get Dumbo out of there, and switch in Razum-dar as Discharge re-paralyzes Nena and causes her to be fully paralyzed. I have to let Nena go down here, so i use a Super Potion on her turn to get Razum-dar back to full; Razum-dar gets paralyzed but not fully paralyzed, and takes out Houndstone as Nena goes down. Dumbo comes back out and my team get one last attack boost from the crowd. Ryme can kill one of my pokemon this turn, but not both, so i just need a bit of luck to still get a win out of this fiasco. She goes for a Discharge, which kills Razum-dar and lets Dumbo get revenge for all his fallen comrades.

After the battle, i run into elite four Hassel again, who remarks about how Noisy did especially well in this fight. Anyway, i will decide my new teammates next time; for now, it's time to mourn the fallen.
My current team:

Dumbo (Donphan) lv 42
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 42

This really hurts. Many of those guys have been with me for a long time, and were pivotal in a great many battles.
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My new teammates will be Blitzbear the Teddiursa, Tent the Mareanie, Mudcrab the Clawitzer and Mufasa the Litleo. As i'm training them up, Blitzbear evolves into Ursaring, Tent into Toxapex and Mufasa into Pyroar. I continue training for some time, then i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Tent (Toxapex) lv 42
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 45
Dumbo (Donphan) lv 46
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 41
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 43
Mufasa (Pyroar) lv 41
Once by training is done, i remember that Arven told me about a titan pokemon in the desert. So i head over to the indicated location, and i do indeed spot a giant... robot donphan? No idea what this thing is, but i guess i'll just fight it. Since Donphan is a ground type, Ember and Mufasa will be sitting this one out. Instead, we will be joined by Nala the Persian and WCEend the Psyduck, as death fodder. The moment i engage the beast, i get a call from Professor Turo that this is apparently something called Iron Treads, a pokemon from the future that escaped Area Zero. Anyway, i counter it with my own Donphan, and i terastalize to Ground to fire off a soft sand-boosted supereffective earthquake. This gets the beast to flee, so i give chase and it leads me to the herbs. At this point, Arven catches up so we both engage with the healed-up robot. Arven leads with his Scovillain and i again lead with Dumbo; i terastalize immediately and start firing off earthquakes; Scovillain manages to get a scary face off before it dies to my earthquake. This allows me to outspeed the next turn and two-shot the robot.

With the spices now in our hands, Arven makes us some sandwiches again, and i again share with Miraidon. This causes him to regain the ability to use Fly outside of battle; i already have the badges required, so this will make exploration a lot easier. At this point, Arven opts to share what happened to his Mabosstiff; it was apparently attacked by a Miraidon, which is why he hates mine. Guess that means we owe it to him to look for that last herb.

I start my search in the south province, in the Alfornada Cavern. Here, i meet a Yungoos, catch it and name it Don. I make my way through these impressive subterranean structures onto the Alfornada Plateau, also known as South Province Area Six. On this plateau, i run into the same kind of bird that killed two of my Yungoos all that time ago: Bombirdier. I'm sure a pokemon like this doesn't mind being bombarded with balls until it stays put. So yeah, i catch it and name it Bakudantori. Bakudantori will probably be of more use on the team than Mufasa, so he's coming in. I make my way on to Alfornado, home of the psychic gym. Since i'm here anyway, i might as well challenge it. I'll need to make it quick though; class will start again soon. As soon as i walk into the gym though, i'm greeted by Nemo, who insists we do battle. She leads with Lycanroc and i lead with Bakudantori. I immediately switch out though, to Tent. A combination of healing moves and water moves easily give me the W here, and next is Pawmot, which is Dumbo's job. He takes it out in a single earthquake, meaning that third is Sliggoo, and third on my side is Blitzbear. A single Play Rough is enough, meaning Nemo is down to her last pokemon, her Quaquaval. I think Mudcrab is best equipped to deal with this guy; Nemo terastalizes to pure water and hits mewith her water moves that deal a lot despite me resisting, and i hit her with aura spheres that do less than i thought they would. I'm forced to switch in Tent and then heal up. I pull a Baneful Bunker first though, poisoning the big duck and allowing me to stall him out.

Anyway, time for the gym. This is a psychic gym, so Tent will have to sit this one out. Instead, i'm bringing Don the Yungoos, as death fodder. The gym test here just involves excercizing a bit with the school's Battle Studies teacher, so me and Bakudantori do a little workout and face a few trainers before we challenge the gym. As i'm facing these gyp trainers, Don evolves into Gumshoos despite never actually doing anything. Anyway, i finish up the exercize and challenge the gym leader Tulip. She leads with Farigiraf and i lead with Bakudantori. I two-shot with Thief while she hits a weak crunch on me. Gardevoir is up second, so this job goes to Ember, who tanks a psychic and one-shots with shadow claw. Up third is Espathra, so Bakudantori comes back out and two-shots, taking two shadow balls in the process. It's time for her final pokemon, her Florges. I give this job to Ember, who should have regained enough HP with Shell Bell to not be in crit range. Tulip terastalizes to pure psychic, so i outspeed and Shadow Claw for the OHKO; guess it didn't matter whether i was in range for a crit.

After the gym battle, i run into Elite Four Chiri in the gym building, who seems to have brought her 4yo daughter along; the girl introduces herself as Poppy of the Elite Four. Poppy runs off immediately though, so Chiri has to go and chase her. As for me, i think i'm going to call it a day for now.
My current team:

Bakudantori (Bombirdier) lv 44
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 48
Tent (Toxapex) lv 44
Dumbo (Donphan) lv 49
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 46
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 46

Completely forgot about that Nemona battle. Fortunately no one got hurt as a result.
After i attend my classes for the day, i opt to go and explore Spain's biggest mountain ab bit more. The wintry snowscape of Glaseado is truly something special to behold. While i'm out here, i discover a gym in the middle of nowhere. Since i don't have anything better to do before class starts again, i might as well head in and earn my final badge. Inside, Nemo awaits me to wish me luck with my last gym battle. Anyway, this is an ice gym, so Bakudantori and Dumbo will be sitting this one out. Instead, i'll be takinfg Don the Gumshoos and WCEend the Psyduck, as death fodder. The gym challenge here involves using Miraidon to snowboard down a slope. I manage this with ease, so now it's time to face the gym leader Grusha. He leads with Frosmoth and i lead with Ember. I terastalize immediately into pure fire, so i can kill the thing with a 4x effective Bitter Blade. Next up is Beartic, who also falls to a single bitter blade. For his third pokemon, Cetitan, i opt to switch out to Mudcrab, who resists all of its moves and can hit back with supereffective aura spheres. These two-shot, meaning it's time for Grusha's ace, Altaria. I opt to bring Ember back for this; Grusha terastalizes into ice because apparently he does not want to win, and Altaria goes down to a Bitter Blade, winning me the battle.

After my victory, Geeta and Nemo await me in the gym building to congratulate me on my victory and invite me to challenge the Pokemon League itself. The league building is apparently not too far from Madrid. Don't think i'll be doing that just yet though. For now, i'm calling it a day.
My current team:

Bakudantori (Bombirdier) lv 44
Tent (Toxapex) lv 45
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 49
Dumbo (Donphan) lv 49
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 47
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 47
I head back to Madrid to attend my classes for the day, but i don't think i'm quite ready yet to face the league. So instead, i head back north for some more exploration. I head into area 3 of the North Province, where a Beartic meets my eye, so i head over and capture it. It shall go by the nickname Baloo. As i keep exploring this province, i eventually make my way out of the frozen wastes and run into Clive. Clive tells me he suspects Cassiopeia has some connection to Team Star, but what's more important right now is the team star base here in the area. I don't think i'm quite strong enough to take it on. So i just beat up some trainers in the area, and go for a swim in the North Paldean Sea. In said sea, i spot a Cloyster underneath the waves, so i lure it to me and catch it in a dive ball. I opt to name this guy Zeevrucht.

After i beat everyone up, including some wild pokemon, and use all of my exp candies, it's time to tackle this base. This is a fairy base, so Bakudantori will be sitting this one out. Instead, i'm bringing Don the Gumshoos, as death fodder. When i approach the base, i interrupt a scene where the local leader's piano teacher tries to gain entry. He is apparently in league with Team Star, and challenges me to a battle before i can gain entry. So i beat him up, and afterward one of the grunts tells me that this man was once the director of the school. I get a call from Cassiopeia afterward, and she tells me a bit about the base. I know the drill by now, so i don't really pay attention. I just march in with Clive, and Tent, Blitzbear and Ember beat up all of the grunts' pokemon.

This catches the big boss's attention, so he rides his car out to confront me. He leads with Azumarill and i lead with Tent. He feels the need to lower my attack for some reason, which allows me a free hit with venoshock. After this, he spams Bounce so i just use a Baneful Bunker every other turn until he succumbs to the poison. Wigglytuff is next, so Tent stays in and tries to poison with baneful bunker, but she just tries to lower my attack further. She succeeds at that next turn as i hit a crit Venoshock, and i decide that poisoning isn't worth the effort and just take the thing out. Up third is Dachsbun, for whom i'll go for Blitzbear. However, Dachsbun immediately brings me into crit range and lowers my attack, meaning slash does little and i have to switch. Dumbo comes in on a Baby-Doll Eyes, and then gets hit by another right after, severely lowering the damage of my earthquakes. I still out-damage him though, and eventually he goes down. Last but not least is the car, so i switch back to Tent. He pretty much can't hurt me; all he can do is confuse me. I don't do a lot to him either, but i've got recover to heal off anything he does to me. A great many turns later, the car finally goes down, earning me the victory.

After this win, Ortega tells me and Clive his story. He's apparently the one who designed the starmobiles, the cars that all the team star bosses use. He tells us he left the school due to bullying, as seems to be a trend among these team star bosses, but that he is aware that the bullies are no longer around. The school's former director, now his piano teacher, actually was aware of the problem, and he and his staff all resigned because of their inability to solve the problem. The deputy director assigned in his stead resolved the problem. The head of Team Star was sent home to Britain - sorry, "Galar" - for a year to recover, and the bullies were expelled from the school. After our talk, Ortega agrees to quit the team and return to school.

As i leave the base, i get another call from Cassiopeia. She thanks me and Clive for taking down yet another team star base, and grants me yet more access to TMs at the pokemon center. Hope i don't get arrested for this hacking behaviour. Cassiopeia also explains how the leaders of Team Star banded together to fight their bullies and quit school together, but that the team has overstayed its purpose nowadays. After the call, i get approached by Botan; how on earth does this girl know every time i beat a team star base? is she stalking me or something? Anyway, she gives me a gift from Cassiopeia and tells me there's just one Team Star base to go. And with that, i'm calling it a day.
My current team:

Bakudantori (Bombirdier) lv 49
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 49
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 50
Dumbo (Donphan) lv 51
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 49
Tent (Toxapex) lv 50
With this star base taken care of, i opt to set my course westward, to enjoy the serene beauty of Spain's Casseroya Lake. While i'm taking a splash, i get a call from Arven that there's apparently a titan here. I don't see anything thoughAs i'm doing this and fighting the trainers though, something horrible happens. A trainer's Copperajah straight up one-shots Bakudantori; it apparently knows Play Rough. Farewell my friend; you were invaluable against the psychic gym, even if you had to sit out two boss fights thereafter.

Mufasa is back on the team. It's pretty evident that i need to do some training before i'm ready to explore this place in full though. So instead of staying here, i head into Area One of the North Province. The moment Miraidon lands from a glide among these rainy hills, i spot a Mareep, and since i'm still a bit sour from Bäää's loss all the way before the bug gym, i opt to catch the little fucker and name her Bäh. Guess Mufasa is immediately off the team again. As i'm beating up the trainers here, Bäh evolves into Flaaffy, and then into Ampharos. I decide to train for a bit against wild pokemon after all the trainers are done, then i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Ember (Ceruledge) lv 54
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 54
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 54
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 54
Dumbo (Donphan) lv 55
Tent (Toxapex) lv 54
I still have some time before the final classes start, so i think i'll head back to the lake to search for the titan pokemon Arven mentioned. I do end up finding a Tatsugiri that's a bit bigger than its kin, but the moment i engage with it, it gets swallowed up by a giant Dondozo. The dondozo appears hostile, so i send out Bäh, terastalize to pure electric and bring it to the red with a discharge. A second discharge gets the Dondozo to flee, so i give chase to find the special herbs. The dondozo clears the way, but it's actually the Tatsugiri who goes in and eats the herbs. At this point, Arven catches up, so after the Tatsugiri comes out again and gets swallowed by the Dondozo again, we engage in battle. Arven sends out his Greedent and i lead with Bäh. I terastalize immediately and hit a discharge that does half damage and paralyzes both Greedent and Dondozo. My second discharge kills Greedent as Dondozo is fully paralyzed, and my third one kills him. This revelas the Tatsugiri inside; turns out that thing was in control all along. So yeah, Arven sends out another Greedent and i again lead with Bäh. My Dazzling Gleams unfortunately aren't doing too much, so he still has over half health when he takes Greedent out. A single Dragon Pulse puts me in kill range, so i opt to switch in Tent. Tent tanks his moves pretty well, but cannot do much to retaliate. Due to a missplay on my part, i end up in crit range, and i am forced to use a healing item. He decides to taunt me hereafter, preventing me from using Recover and forcing me to rely on healing items for my recovery. I eventually stall out his Dragon Pulse PP this way, allowing me to slowly whittle him down.

When the big sushi finally goes down, Arven and i head into the cave for the herbs. I once again share my sandwich with Miraidon, which allows it to regain the ability to use Rock Climb outside of battle. Good thing i have all my badges already. Arven als shares with his Mabosstiff, and to both our surprise, he actually gets up and brings Arven a poke ball that fell off the table. Thanks to our efforts, Mabosstiff is back to full health. Rarely have i seen such a beautiful, touching moment like this in my travels. All these fights against the titans were all 100% worth it for this moment alone. However, this magical moment gets interrupted by a call from Professor Turo. He explains Miraidon's new abilities, and tells me and Arven to come to his lab down in Area Zero. This is apparently the first time in years that Arven has actually heard his dad's voice; seems Turo is a pretty crappy dad. Before we have time for adventuring though, it is time to attend my final classes before the big tests.

My classes are done now, but i don't think i can head into area zero just yet; i still have one final team star base to seek out and wipe out. So i opt to explore the final area i have not yet explored: Area Two of the North Province. I run into a Scyther here, which i proceed to catch and give the nickname Striker. I spot the base in the distance, and get a call from Cassiopeia confirming that this is indeed the last one. Clive also shows up for one last showdown against the team. This prompts a conversation between Cassiopeia and Clive about how beating this final base may force Team Star's big boss to make an appearance. We'll see about that; for now, i'm calling it a day.
My current team:

Ember (Ceruledge) lv 54
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 54
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 55
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 55
Dumbo (Donphan) lv 55
Tent (Toxapex) lv 55
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Time to finally put an end to the antics of Team Star. This is a fighting-type base, so Blitzbear will be sitting this one out. Instead, i'm bringing Don the Gumshoos, as death fodder. When i arrive at the base, i find that the boss Biwa wants to confront me and Clive right here, right now, to protect her teammates. However, Biwa is talked out of it by her girlfriend Tanaka, and retreats into the base; Tanaka will be fighting us out here instead. So yeah, i beat her up and we gain access to the base. So yeah, i charge in and Dumbo, Ember and Tent beat up all the grunts, so that we can actually challenge Biwa. She comes out on her car and sends out her Toxicroak, so i lead with Dumbo. A soft sand-boosted Earthquake takes out the frog, and next is. Passimian. I switch to Tent and start off with a Baneful Bunker to poison him. This is followed by a crit Venoshock to take him out; Merciless is a great ability. Lucario is my next opponent though, so i decide it's probably wisdom to use Mudcrab here. His Aura Sphere does hald, but mine does way more, getting the OHKO. Up fourth is Annihilape, so i go back to Tent and poison him with a Baneful Bunker. I recover to let him it a Close Combat and lower his defenses, then i go for a crit Venoshock that to my surprise does not kill. Rather than kill him directly though, i opt to stall him out with Baneful Bunker and Recover so that i am at full health when facing the car. The car is indeed my next opponent, but she just sets up a Shift Gear as i try to poison her with baneful bunker. This is a big problem, and it's wholly my fault. She can probably kill any of my team members now. I see only one option, and it's to use very dishonourable healing/sturdy strats. I sack Don to bring out Dumbo, and heal him up as my opponent goes for another Gear Grind; its attack may not have been as high yet as i thought. She keeps going for these, so i get a few chances to use Fire Fang, none of which burn unfortunately. Biwa tells me that her car can never get status conditions or run out of PP, so i terastalize into Ground and hit Earthquakes whenever i get such an opportunity. This is only possible because his High Horsepowers miss sometimes and he goes for Shift Gear sometimes to raise his speed after lowering it with a Spin Out. However, this does not prove to be enough. I run out of healing items while the car is in the red, and i have to let Dumbo go down. The car currently has -6 speed though, so Bäh can come in and finish it off with a Dazzling Gleam.

After this, Biwa tells us her story. She apparently has taken the position of Team Star's mother figure, protecting them against bullies and making them strong enough to hold their own. Biwa runs off, and Tanaka and Clive approach me so that Tanaka can continue telling me about Biwa. She was apparently bullied for being pretty and good at sports; Tanaka was actually one of the bullies. She changed sides though when she became the subject of bullying, and Biwa stepped in to protect her. Since then, the two have been dating. Tanaka promises to try and get Biwa to return to school, and we part ways.

On my way out, i get another call from Cassiopeia. She thanks me for clearing out the last base, and adds a bunch of LP to my account through hacking. However, there is one more thing i need to do to put an end to Team Star, and that's taking on the big boss. As it turns out, that would be Cassiopeia herself. She challenges me to come to the school at night and face her in the schoolyard. I can't right now though; Dumbo needs a proper funeral. He was a good friend, who helped us through thick and thin. He has been there almost since the start, and was one of the few survivors of the massacre at the ghost gym. He served as our defensive backbone for most of our journey, and will be deeply missed going forward.

Rather than immediately pick a replacement, i opt to go and explore the one area of Spain i have not yet fully explored: Socarrat Trail north of the Casseroya Lake. As luck would have it, i run into a Tinkatuff there and catch it immediately. It will be nicknamed Thor, and it will get a spot on the team immediately. Rather than training Thor up right now though, i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 55
Tent (Toxapex) lv 55
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 55
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 56
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 55
Thor (Tinkatuff) lv 40

I legit did not know before today that you can't stall out the car. That made the battle a whole lot more difficult. Really hurts to lose Dumbo in this way; he was a pivotal team member.

Also, full disclosure, Tinkatuff was not the first pokemon i spotted in the area; i accidentally bumped into it after driving straight through the Sudowoodo i had spotted, and the Sudowoodo was nowhere to be seen after i ran, so i took this as a sign.
I start training up Thor, and it promptly evolves into the mighty Tinkatuff. As it slams its mighty hammer down on many a wild pokemon, i notice a Scyther enter the premises of the fighting team star base, so i opt to catch it to save Biwa the headache of getting rid of it. It shall get the nickname Heijn, but it is unlikely that it will see use. However, i then make a mistake and send Thor out against an Ursaring, which uses High Horsepower to kill my newest recruit.

Joining us instead is Soema the Slowpoke. It evolves into Slowbro during training; i continue my training until everyone is at a decent level for the challenges ahead, then i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Ember (Ceruledge) lv 60
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 60
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 60
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 60
Soema (Slowbro) lv 60
Tent (Toxapex) lv 60

I knew i was too tired to take on any bosses today, but i thought training was ok. Turns out i was too tired for that too. Made a pretty stupid mistake, and it cost Thor her life.
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Time to head back to the school to confront Cassiopeia. However, when i arrive there, i find Clive at the entrance. He reveals that he is actually the headmaster Clavell in disguise; shocker, i know. He tells me that he is the big boss of Team Star, but i honestly don't buy it. I've seen him talk with Cassiopeia. Anyway, he challenges me to a battle and sends out his Oranguru. I lead with Blitzbear and hit him with a Slash, but a Yawn from him forces me to switch in Tent. He keeps hitting Tent with Foul Play, but i out-damage him easily and take him down. Gyarados is second, so i switch to Bäh, who is holding an Air Balloon. Bäh easily tanks an aqua tail and OHKOs with Discharge. Abomasnow is next, which is a job for Ember. A single Bitter Blade gets the kill though. We're facing Polteageist next, so Blizbear makes a return; Polteageist opts to trigger my Guts with Will-o-wisp, but i then miss my next move. This means i have to tank an extremely weak Sucker Punch before i get the kill. Second last will be Amoonguss, so Ember makes a return and kills it with a Bitter Blade. Last but certainly not least is Skeledirge, so i field Mudcrab and terastalize to pure water as he terastalizes to pure fire. A single surf puts an end to this battle.

After the battle, Clavell admits that he is not in fact Cassiopeia; the real big boss of Team Star wants to challenge me on the school grounds at night. It is not currently night, so i'm gonna have to find something else to do for now. Something like becoming the pokemon league champion.

The cave leading from Madrid to the league is now open to me, so i proudly step through and find myself in a lush green field, with Igglybuff and Tandemaus roaming about. I spot the league building in the distance, so i make my way over there and run into Geeta at the entrance. She explains to me how the league works, and wishes me luck. Once inside, i find Chiri behind a desk; the first part of the league challenge here is a quiz to see whether i have the theoretical knowledge needed to be champion. So i take a seat and answer all the questions thrown at me. My answers apparently satisfy her, as she allows me to proceed to the next room, where i am to battle the Elite Four. My first opponent there is Chiri herself, who immediately dazzles me with her amazing taste in pokemon as she sends out Whiscash. Unfortunately, i'm going to have to take that cute little catfish down, so i send out Blitzbear. My slashes deal a bit less than half, as her earth powers do little because of eviolite. So on the second turn, i opt for a Thrash to finish off my beloved Whiscash. Second up is Camerupt, for which i will send out Mudcrab. A single Surf gets rid of the camel, so now Donphan is up third. I opt to keep Mudcrab in against this one; Sturdy prevents me from one-shotting, so he brings me to half as i two-shot. This means i have to switch to Tent for the incoming Dugtrio. I terastalize to pure normal to avoid the supereffective earthquake, but he goes for a sandstorm instead as i one-shot him. Last but not least is her ace Clodsire, so i switch to Soema, who is holding an air balloon. Chiri terastalizes the ugly blob to pure ground, making him more susceptible to my grass knots. These two-shot, and since Slowbro actually outspeeds this thing, i get away with barely any damage and claim the victory.

So out comes my second opponent, the steel-type user Poppy. She leads with her Copperajah and i lead with Ember, who is holding an air balloon. I set up a swords dance as Poppy sets up Stealth Rock, allowing me to get another swords dance up before my balloon is popped. So yeah, i easily take out Copperajah with a bitter blade, and she sends out Bronzong, who meets the same fate. Against Corviknight, i remember that i forgot to Terastalize, so i become pure fire and further power up my Bitter Blade, killing it in one shot. Her second-last pokemon, Magnezone, cannot be one-shot, so i use the opportunity to rase my speed with Flame Charge as he sets up a Light Screen. A second flame charge gets the two-shot, and last is Poppy's ace, Tinkaton. Wish i had one of those on my team right now, but alas. Anyway, it terastalizes to steel and dies in one hit. Two down.

The third member of the elite four, to my surprise, is Larry, the normal gym leader, although he uses flying types now. He leads with his Tropius and i lead with Mudcrab. I outspeed and one-shot with Ice Beam, and Larry sends out his Staraptor. Mudcrab will stay in for this; Brave Bird does massive damage to me, but i get the KO in return. Up third is Altaria, and i am forced to switch to Blitzbear. Unfortunately, it seems like i deleted Play Rough for Thrash at some point in the past, but no matter. I tank everything he throws at me with ease because of an Eviolite; apparently Ursaring can use it because it used to evolve in the distant past. Idk how it works, but i hit a Slash and then a Thrash for the KO. It's now time to face Oricorio, and i give this job to Ember. A teeter dance confuses Ember and causes her to hit herself, but she pulls through thereafter and kills the cheerleader bird. Last but not least is Flamigo, a task that will go to Bäh. Larry terastalizes to pure Flying as i terastalize to pure Electric, and he deals about half to me before i OHKO.

That leaves just one member of the Elite Four: my art teacher. He's a dragon type user, and leads with his Noivern. I lead with Mudcrab; he starts off with a Super Fang, letting me kill him with Ice Beam. Second is Dragalge and i go for Blitzbear. My earthquake brings it to the red as it does very little to me, and my second quake gets the kill. Flapple tume; Blitzbear stays in and hits a Play Rough, which it actually knows now. This brings him to the red, but i am Leech Seeded now. So after i tank another hit and kill the thing, i'm switching. For Haxorus, my pokemon of choice is Bäh. His Dragon Claws do just less than half while i bring him to the red, but since he is faster, i am forced to risk a crit here. Said crit does not come, and Haxorus goes down, meaning my opponent is down to his ace Baxcalibur. I decide to send out Tent for this job; my first move is a Baneful Bunker as he terastalizes and tries to hit me, poisoning him. However, he Glaive Rush does far more than i thought; luckily i opted for a pre-emptive Recover. I go for another Baneful Bunker for leftovers recovery, bringing me almost back to full. I tank another Glavine Rush and then hit a crit Venoshock for the kill.

With the Elite Four done, there's only Top Champion Geeta left between me and my title. Chiri heals up my team, and i head up to the rooftop for one final battle. She leads with her Espathra and i lead with Ember. Her Lumina Crash lowers my special defense, but that doesn't matter as i get the OHKO. Next up is Avalugg, so i switch to Mudcrab. I outspeed, and an Aura Sphere gets the clean OHKO. Third is Gogoat, and i opt to bring Ember back. Bitter Blades OHKOs; this champion battle is going way smoother than i thought. For Kingambit, i bring Mudcrab back and give it the same treatment i gave Avalugg. Then comes Veluza, so i send Bäh into the field and kill it with a Discharge. Then, last but not least, it is time to face her ace, Glimmora. I decide that this is a good job for Soema; i terastalize into pure water as Geeta terastalizes to pure rock. She does bring me over half, but that does not matter as i get another one-shot, earning me the title of Champion of Spain.

The elite four come out and congratulate me on my new title, and we all head out together. Outside the building, Geeta and i run into my good friend Nemo, who is itching for a battle in which she holds nothing back, now that i have the same rank as her. For now though, i'm calling it a day.
My current team:

Ember (Ceruledge) lv 63
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 63
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 64
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 64
Soema (Slowbro) lv 64
Tent (Toxapex) lv 64
At this point, i remember that i agreed to meet Arven at the lighthouse, so i should probably go and do that before i fight Nemo. Final tests are also coming up, but i'm sure i have enough time. Arven tells me his story, about how his dad was always too busy with his research to take care of his son. All Arven had to rely on growing up was his Mabosstiff. We head into his old house in the lighthouse, and suddenly we get a video call from professor Turo on the PC screen. He tells us to come to Area Zero to help him, and that Arven's Violet Book, which he has been using to track the titan pokemon and the healing herbs, is the key to getting there. The two of us won't be enough to brave the area's dangers though; we will need to gather more friends. Arven's not too thrilled about going back to Area Zero, as it's where Mabosstiff got hurt, but we're still gonna do it. We head outside, and Arven challenges me to a battle to see whether he's ready.

I lead with Blitzbear and he leads with Greedent. I get the two-shot with Hammer Arm, which means that Garganacl is next. This job goes to Soema, who takes it out with two surfs as it sets up stealth rock and hits me with a stone edge. Third is Toedscruel; i opt to send out Ember here, who is holding an Air Balloon. One Bitter Blade is enough to kill him and heal back stealth rock damage, meaning it's time for Cloyster and Bäh to take the field. He outspeeds abd brings me to half, but that doesn't stop me from one-shotting with a discharge. Scovillain time. Tent comes in and poisons it with a Baneful Bunker, then terastalizes to pure normal as arven misses a zen headbutt and crits a venoshock for the OHKO. Last but not least is the very Mabosstiff we've been nursing back to full health all this time. I'm glad it's feeling well enough to fight, though i do have mixed feelings about hurting it. I guess this is battle though, so i send out Mudcrab. Arven terastalizes to pure dark and hits me with a crunch for massive damage, but my aura sphere brings him to the red. i can't stay in here though; i'll die. I switch to tent on another big Crunch, then i poison Mabosstiff with a Baneful Bunker. I had forgotten though that Black Sludge damages me now that i'm not a poison type, so as Mabosstiff succumbs to the poison, Tent succumbs to the Black Sludge.

Arven and i hold a funeral for Tent, who only died because i am an idiot, and then we head off to our exams. Not sure how well i'm gonna do, considering the distraction of losing a trusted team member, but i'm gonna try my best. I think they're going pretty well, but of course i won't know my actual test results until the teachers are done grading. I talk to all of my teachers afterward, and most of them decide to give me something as a reward for finishing their course. In fact, the language teacher offers me a Meowth from my homeland of Britain - sorry, "Galar". I name this little bugger Khali, and she will be joining my team. As i'm feeding Khali all the candies i got from doing my tests, she evolves into Perrserker. Unfortunately, these candies are not enough to get her up to speed with the rest of the team, so some training will be needed.

After i complete Khali's training, i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Khali (Perrserker) lv 62
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 65
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 66
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 65
Soema (Slowbro) lv 66
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 66
Night has fallen, so it's time to confront the mysterious Cassiopeia. I step into the schoolyard, and i immediately get confronted by none other than Botan. She tells me that she's the secret leader of Team Star, and that she has been sending me to clear up the bases because the team has strayed far from their original purpose and were risking expulsion. Before we can do battle though, Clavell shows up in his Clive disguise, and the two of them talk a bit about their reasons for wanting Team Star disbanded. No matter though; time for our battle. Botan leads with Umbreon and i lead with Mudcrab. My Aura Spheres do much more than her Dark Pulses, so i win this one with ease. Next is Jolteon, for which i will switch to Blitzbear; One Earthquake is enough, so third is Flareon. I send out Soema; Botan decides to spam Baby-Doll Eyes for some reason, so i two-shot with ease. It's now time for Leafeon, which means it's time for Ember. Botan again spams Baby-Doll Eyes, but this doesn't lower my attack enough to prevent a two-shot. The next Eeveelution she sends out is Vaporeon, so i decide Bäh is a good counter. Two discharges later and Botan is down to her ace, her Sylveon. For this, i opt to send out my newest team member, Khali. We both terastalize; Botan into pure Fairy and i into pure Steel. I start off with a Fake Out because why not, then i one-shot with an Iron Head after taking half from a moonblast.

After the battle, Botan makes a call to all the local bosses of Team Star, telling them it's truly over. However, Clavell has an idea; the Team Star bases could become training facilities for the school's students. Clavell has actually discussed this with the other bosses already; in fact, as we are talking, they all arrive to meet Botan face to face for the first time. Clavell promises everyone that he will do his best to keep the school free of bullying, and everyone agrees to stay friends and to devote themselves to training other students to stand up to bullying, and defeat the pokemon league. Afterward, when everyone has left, i ask Botan if she would be willing to travel to Area Zero with me and Arven, and she agrees. We're now three people; one more should be enough. I already have someone in mind.

Time for my final battle with Nemo, now that we are both champions. I head to Madrid's city center, where she is waiting for me. A crowd starts to form as Nemo sends out her Lycanroc, which i counter with Soema. I immediately get hit for about a third, but my surf OHKOs in return. Next up is Pawmot, a job i opt to give to Ember. She outspeeds and hits a very powerful Double Shock, but i get her down to a sliver with Bitter Blade and recover back most of my HP. She can't use that move again, so i'm safe to stay in and kill the thing. Orthworm then comes out; a job for Mudcrab. I get hit for a third, but my Aura Sphere gets the one-shot. For Nemo's Dudunsparce, i'm sending out Blitzbear; my Eviolite allows me to tank a crit Hyper Drill even after a Coil, and i get the two-shot with Hammer Arm. It's now time t deal with Goodra, and i choose to give this job to Khali. I hit a fake out cause why not, then i start hitting iron heads while tanking muddy waters with my assault vest. She gets me into crit range, but i have Battle Armor so it doesn't matter and i kill her. Last but definitely not least is Quaquaval; a job for Bäh. We both terastalize; Nemo into water and i into electric. Her Aqua Step does just under half, while my discharge paralyzes and brings her to the red. Since i am in crit range and i'm not sure i outspeed even a paralyzed Quaquaval at +1 speed, i switch out to Soema on an aqua step. This was a bad move, as the next Aqua Step crits and kills poor Soema. Khali comesout for some revenge and kills the duck with a Fake Out.

After the battle, Nemo and i agree to stay rivals forever, and i ask her to join me, Arven and Botan in our expedition to Area Zero. She agrees, meaning we have a full squad now. We agree to meet at the gate in the northwest of Area Zero; there's an old lab there that will serve as our base of operations. Botan gets all the tech running again, and we all introduce ourselves. Then, out of nowhere, we hear the professor's voice. He opens the way to the great crater, then he goes silent again. So we all just hop onto Miraidon and take a leap of faith into the void below.

To my surprise, we find a lush green paradise at the bottom of the crater. I'd advise fellow tourists to come visit if it wasn't such a hassle to get here. Midaidon seems afraid of something though, and wishes to stay in its poke ball. That's fine; i kinda prefer to walk anyway. The professor calls us again and tells us that there are four research stations throughout the area that we need to visit to unlock the way to the Zero Lab, where he is. As i head in, i encounter a Braviary; i can imagine these birds would call this place home, seeing as they can fly out. I opt to catch him and nickname him Beurt; Beurt will take Soema's place on the team, though he needs some training to get up to speed.

When i go for a healing break and try to return to the crater afterward, i run into a Garchomp on the mountains surrounding the crater, which i proceed to catch and name Shirona. I think Shirona is probably better to take onto the team, so Beurt is out. I train Shirona for quite a bit, then i decide to call it a day.
My current team:

Shirona (Garchomp) lv 64
Khali (Perrserker) lv 66
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 67
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 67
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 69
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 68
Arven, Nemo, Botan and i proceed through Area Zero, and and a while later, we stumble upon the first of the research stations. Nemo and i beat up the Glimmora guarding it, and we head in. the professor contacts us again once we're inside and informs us that these stations were built 87 years ago. Doesn't really matter though; i activate the console here and unlock the first lock. We proceed on to the second station, where Botan and i get attacked by some kind of weird robot Delibird. We beat it up and gain entry, but it's still strange to encounter a robot so far from civilization. Why is that thing here?

Inside the station, we talk a bit about what just happened, when the professor contacts us again. He explains to us that there are pokemon from the future walking around Area Zero. This also explains the robot Donphan Arven and i encountered in the desert, which supposedly escaped from Area Zero. These robot pokemon are apparently coming from a time machine in the Zero Lab. The professor promises to tell us more once we reach the Zero Lab, but for now i use the console to unlock the second lock. We proceed further down the crater, when we're suddenly attacked by the same kind of robot Donphan as in the desert, so Arven and i beat the thing up. We find the third research station immediately after, where we talk a bit more about the whole situation. Botan theorizes that Miraidon is a future pokemon, seeing as it came from Area Zero. The professor then contacts us again and confirms that Miraidon was in fact the first pokemon to come over through the time machine. In fact, he has another Miraidon that came over. Anyway, i unlock the console here; only one to go. At this point, Arven opts to give me his Violet Book for safekeeping; dunno why he can't just hang onto it himself, but whatever.

We proceed further down into the cave system beneath Area Zero. The crystals here give off a strange energy, akin to the crystals that appear on a pokemon's head when terastalizing. I wonder if they're related. When we reach the final research station, we find that it is overgrown with these crystals. We're again contacted by the professor, but his message to us seems to be malfunctioning. Fortunately, the console here still works, so i can unlock the final lock.

We head further down and finally reach the Zero Lab. The Professor calls us again to warn us of the dangers inside, but we still proceed. Arven argues that we should force Miraidon out of its pokeball so it can help us against the dangers ahead, so we do that and open the gates. The moment we do so, another Miraidon appears to intimidate us, but we follow it into the lab. However, the lab is guarded by a horde of robot pokemon, so we have to beat those up first. The others stay behind to hold back the many robot Hariyama while i proceed into the lab itself. Here, i finally come face to face with professor Turo, but something seems wrong. He tells me that he is not actually the real Turo, but rather he is a robot; the real Turo is dead. He was killed by the Miraidon here before i even set out on my journey through Spain.

Robot Turo then explains why he called me and my friends down here. The original professor created a time machine to let pokemon from the future into our time, but this threatens to destroy the ecosystem and so the time machine must be shut down. However, if someone attempts this, the lab's protection protocol will activate and the robot professor will be forced to fight us. I follow the robot into the elevator leading to the time machine; the machine itself is in a room with walls made of reflective triangles. It is apparently powered by Terastal energy; the same thing we use to terastalize our pokemon. Anyway, i walk up to the machine itself and the robot explains that i need to use the Violet Book to deactivate it. Good thing Arven gave me that thing.

I insert the violet book into the machine, and the whole room transforms into a battle arena. Turo engages me in battle and sends out a robot Volcarona, so i send out Blitzbear. I tank a Venoshock and retaliate with an Earthquake for the OHKO. Up next is a robot Hariyama, so i switch to Shirona, who outspeeds and lands a Soft Sand-boosted Earthquake to get him to the red. The next earthquake kills, bringing out a robot Delibird. I will give this job to Bäh; the Delibird sets up snow, allowing me the chance to one-shot. For the robot Tyranitar that comes next, i opt to go back to Shirona so as to outspeed and one-shot with earthquake. Second last is robot Hydreigon, for which i'm switching back to Bäh. Bäh easily tanks a Dark Pulse with its assault vest, and OHKOs in return. Last is Turo's ace, a robot that looks like a mix of Gardevoir and Gallade. I opt to send Khali out for this one, and the robot's held item activates to raise its attack. I opt to start with a fake out, then i terastalize to pure steel, tank a brick break with my Chople Berry, and hit an Iron Head for the kill.

At this point, all my friends arrive, and Arven gets to have a goodbye with his robot father. However, an alarm goes off, the room turns purple and a final defense protocol activates. This system deactivates our poke balls as Turo sends out his Miraidon against us. However, i feel one of my pokeballs vibrate as if it still works: Miraidon's pokeball. I send him out and he steps up to the challenge, regaining his fighting form after all this time. The opposing Miraidon is stronger, but mine tanks all its hits out of sheer love for me, and manages to get the victory with a barrage of Power Gems. This snaps the robot professor out of time machine protection mode, and he tells us that he will travel to the future on the time machine's last power, to be with the future pokemon his creator loved so much. We say a tearful goodbye, and robot Turo assures Arven that his father would be proud of him.

As the professor disappears into the void, we all try to console Arven with his loss. As we head back up out of Area Zero, we discuss our plans for the future and listen to some good old Ed Sheeran.

The next morning, Me, Arven, Nemo and Botan are called to Clavell's office, but i think i'll just call it a day for now.
My current team:

Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 70
Shirona (Garchomp) lv 66
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 68
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 69
Khali (Perrserker) lv 67
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 70
We all head to Clavell's office, and he thanks us for what we did in Area Zero even if we were technically not allowed to go there. In fact, he gives all of us presents for what we did. I get a Master Ball, and the others all get presents as well. We then talk a bit about Nemo's plans to host a school-wide pokemon tournament, when suddenly the top champion shows up. She tells us that she approves of the idea of the tournament, but that she has to test all the gym leaders' strength so she doesn't have time to help host it. So i offer to help her out with that; i'll travel around the region and battle all the gym leaders to see if they're strong enough to keep their position.

After we all part ways, i set out to rematch the first gym leader. I opt to start with Nanjamo, to get that filth over with fitst. How does anyone stand these streamers? Fortunately i don't have to partake in her streams before the battle, but she still insists on performing a nauseating dance routine during the battle and talking in a sickeningly sweet way to please her viewers, who like this behaviour for some reason. Anyway, this is an electric gym, so Mudcrab will be sitting this one out. Instead i'm taking Heijn the Scyther, as death fodder. She leads with Kilowattrel and i lead with Bäh. She sets up a tailwind and does a little damage as i two-shot with discharge. Next up is Electrode and i opt to stay in. He sets up a Magnet Rise and an Electric terrain i don't care about, then he hits a weak foul play before going down to a Dazzling Gleam 3-shot. Third is Luxray, against whom i send out Blitzbear. I get intimidated, meaning Earthquake is a two-shot and i sustain serious damage begore getting the kill. So against Nanjamo's Bellibolt, i switch to Shirona, who outspeeds and one-shots. Last but not least is Mismagius; i'll use Khali against this one. She terastalizes to Electric on the first turn, meaning i can hit a Fake Out. I then make a very big mistake; i lock myself into Thrash as she fires off Mystical Fires and kills Khali. I send out Ember next and terastalize into pure Fire to kill with a Bitter Blade. I'm sorry Khali.

We bury Khali with all the honours she deserves, but the show must go on. Beurt the Braviary will be joining the team after all, but i think i'll be letting him gain experience as the others fight the gym leaders, rather than training him. To get the taste of vomit out of my mouth, i decide to fight the chef Kofu next. This is a water gym, so Ember will be sitting this one out; Heijn will be with us again. He leads with Veluza and i lead with Blitzbear. Earthquake only just misses out on the two-shot, but he bately hurts me in return so it doesn't matter. Next up is Clawitzer so i counter with my own. I outspeed, and my aura sphere crits immediately, allowing me the two-shot and getting me the victory in this mirror match. My third opponent is Pelipper; a task for Bäh. He sets up rain, but i outspeed and one-shot anyway. The second-last opponent i'm facing here is Wugtrio, and i decide this is a job for Shirona. it hits a weak throat chop, but i one-shot in return. last but not least is Crabominable, so i switch back to Bäh and terastalize to Electric as he terastalizes to Water. This allows me to one-shot with a Discharge, earning me the victory.

I pick the snowboarder Grusha as my third opponent. This is an ice gym, so Shirona will be sitting this one out; Heijn will once again be joining us. He leads with Frosmoth and i lead with Ember. One Bitter Blade later and he sends out Beartic; i counter with a bear of my own. Blitzbear two-shots with Hammer Arm, which brings out Cetitan next. I opt to give this job to Bäh, who misses out on the two-shot but easily tanks the incoming Ice Spinners with its assault vest. We're now facing Weavile, so i bring in Mudcrab. His Night Slash does almost half, but that doesn't matter as i get the one-shot with Aura Sphere. Last up is his ace, Altaria. I opt to go back to Ember for this one; i terastalize to fire and he to ice, and he misses a hurricane as bitter blade leaves him with a sliver. So i just kill him next turn. 3 gym leaders down.

For my fourth opponent, i'm going for Larry, whom we've faced twice before. He's fighting as a gym leader now, not as an elite four member, so he'll be using his normal-type team. That means nobody will have to sit this one out. He leads with Oinkologne and i lead with Ember. Bitter Blade gets the two-shot as he hits a weak zen headbutt, and up next is Dudunsparce. This is a task for Blitzbear, who two-shots it with Hammer Arm while taking half damage. Up tuird is Braviary, but my own Braviary isn't yet strong enough to beat it, so i opt for Bäh. One discharge proves sufficient after i tank a close combat, so Larry beings in his Komala. I decide to send out Shirona here to one-shot it with a soft sand-boosted Earthquake. Last but not least is Staraptor, for which i opt to send out Mudcrab. He terastalizes to pure normal and deals massive damage with a brave bird, but in return i OHKO with aura sphere. Victory is mine.

With four of eight gym tests done, i decide to call it a day for now.
My current team:

Ember (Ceruledge) lv 70
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 70
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 72
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 72
Shirona (Garchomp) lv 67
Beurt (Braviary) lv 58

Really don't know what i was thinking with that Mismagius. Pure stupidity on my end, and it cost me dearly.
My next opponent will be Tulip, the fashion model. This is a psychic gym, so nobody will have to sit this one out. She leads with Farigiraf and i lead with Shirona. My crunch deals over half as she deals a quarter to me, so the next crunch kills. Gardevoir is next, so i opt to swap out to Ember. I outspeed and get the one-shot with shadow claw, meaning it's Espathra time. Blitzbear is the right woman for the job, and takes it out with two earthquakes while easily tanking psychics with its Eviolite. My next opponent hereafter is Gallade, so Ember comes back, outspeeds and OHKOs. Last but not least is her ace, Florges. I opt to keep Ember in against this one; she terastalizes to psychic, meaning i can easily kill her with a shadow claw.

For gym leader number six, i will be facing the gardener Brassius. This is a grass gym, so Mudcrab will be sitting this one out. Instead, i'm taking Heijn the Scyther, as death fodder. He leads with Lilligant and i lead with Ember. I set up a swords dance as he sets up light screen, and then another as he sets up a quiver dance. At this point, i opt to kill her with a bitter blade. The Tsareena, Breloom and Arboliva that follow all fall to a single Bitter Blade each, meaning it's time for Brassius's ace, Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo terastalizes to grass and tanks a bitter blade due to Sturdy, but all he does is hit me with a weak Trailblaze that doesn't even get him to outspeed the next turn, easily granting me the victory.

My second last opponent will be Kaede, the baker. This is a bug gym, so nobody will have to sit this one out. She leads with her Lokix and i lead with Shirona. Two dragon claws take her out, though she did lower my attack with Lunge. Up next is Heracross, which means it's time for Beurt's debut. Stone Edge brings me down to my Focus Sash, and in return i OHKO with Aerial Ace. Third is Forretress, so i send out Bäh and kill it with two discharges while it just hits a weak bug bite. I opt to keep Bäh in for Spidops and kill it while it does minimal damage to me. Last is Ursaring, but i opt against a mirror match. Instead, i send out Ember holding an air balloon. We both terastalize here; me to fire and she to bug. A single Flare Blitz then gets the OHKO.

Only one gym leader remaining, and it's the scariest one of all. Ryme, the rapper who slaughtered over half my team the first time i faced her. This is a ghost gym, so nobody will have to sit this one out. This is a double battle, so she leads with Banette and Mimikyu while i lead with Blitzbear and Ember. I immediately terastalize Ember to pure fire to avoid supereffective hits, then i set up a swords dance as Blitzbear breaks Mimikyu's disguise, mimikyu deals some minor damage to Blitzbear and Banette starts a Shadow Force. The next turn, Mimikyu sets up a Light Screen but i don't care. I kill the mimikyu with a Shadow Clas as Banette deals half damage to Ember with its Shadow Force. Ryme sends out Houndstone in Mimikyu's place, and i opt to keep Ember in. I use Bitter Blade to kill Banette and get back to full health as Blitzbear deals just under half to Houndstone. Ryme sends out Spiritomb next; Ember kills the Houndstone while Blitzbear brings the Spiritomb to a sliver, after which it curses itself to death. This unfortunately means there is now a curse on Ember as Toxtricity comes out, but i can manage that. Ryme terastalizes this last mon to pure ghost, meaning Ember can outspeed and one-shot with Shadow Claw and take revenge for what happened to Nena, Mizu Ball, Noisy and Razum-Dar way back when. Victory is mine.

After the battle, the top champion calls me and tells me the preparations for the academy ace tournament are finally done. She wishes to meet me at the school's entrance, so i head there. She asks me some questions about the many gym leader battles i just had, things like which one was the hardest and which one left the most of an impression. In return, she gives me a King's Rock; i'm sure i'll find a use for that. Anyway, i head to my room hereafter and take a nap on the bed, when all of a sudden Nemo comes barging in to tell me the preparations for the Academy Ace Tournament are done. I'm defs gonna take part in that, but for now, i'm calling it a day.
My current team:

Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 74
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 72
Shirona (Garchomp) lv 68
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 73
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 71
Beurt (Braviary) lv 61
Time for the Academy Ace Tournament. My first opponent in this tournament will be Arven; he leads with Greedent and i lead with Mudcrab. It only takes one Aura Sphere to take him out, and next is Toedscruel. I send in Ember for this, who takes it out with one Bitter Blade after taking half from Earth Power. Garganacl's next, so Shirona comes in and kills it with two earthquakes. For the oncoming Cloyster, i decide Bäh is the best choice; it only takes a single Discharge. Arven the decides to use his Scovillain and i go for Blitzbear. He deals over half to me with two Fire Blasts, but that doesn't stop Earthquake from 2HKOing. Last but certainly not least is Mabosstiff, which means i'm going back to Mudcrab. Arven terastalizes to pure Dark, which causes Crunch to do massive damage, and i do not OHKO in return. I opt to switch Bäh in, who takes just under half from a crunch due to its Assault Vest. Another crunch brings me to a sliver, but i can kill it in return. That was close.

My second opponent is the biology teacher. He leads with Arcanine and i lead with Mudcrab. I get hit by a crit Close Combat right off the bat, but i counter with a Surf that OHKOs. Next is Lurantis so i go for Ember, who outspeeds and one-shots. Third is his Mudsdale, against whom Shirona takes the field. Earthquake gets me the two-shot here, though i do take some damage. For the incoming Swalot, i send out Blitzbear and slam it with an Earthquake. He ice punches in return, which Blitzbear shrugs off as she kills with another earthquake. Against the teacher's Slowbro, i opt to go for Bäh, who outspeeds and one-shots. Last but not least is Farigiraf, for whom i'm going back to Ember. He terastalizes to pure psychic as i terastalize to pure fire, and my Shadow Claw gets the OHKO.

For my third opponent, i'm facing the PE teacher. She leads with her Falinks and i again lead with Mudcrab. Close Combat deals just under half to me, but in return i OHKO with Surf. Next is Medicham, so i go for Ember and kill it with a Shadow Claw. For the Tauros that comes hereafter, i send out Bäh, but this was a mistake as this is the fire-type tauros. I switch Beurt in on an earthquake, and then Shirona comes in on a close combat that does just less than half. Fortunately i outspeed and can get the kill with an Earthquake of my own. The other Tauros comes in, and this actually is a job for Bäh. Close Combat does a lot to me, but i kill it in return with discharge. Against her Hawlucha, i opt to stay in; she hits me with x-scissor for some reason, so i can kill with discharge. Last but certainly not least is Hariyama, for whom i'll send out Ember again. The teacher terastalizes to pure Fighting; my Shadow Claw does just under half as her Stone Edge deals massive damage. I see no other option here than to use healing items, so i use those to try and aim for a Stone Edge miss, but then he crits and brings me down to my Focus Sash. This is not going to plan. I decide to bring Blitzbear in, hoping her Eviolite will allow her to tank Close Combats. It does, though one crit and i'm dead. I notice that she only goes for close combat against Blitzbear, so i decide to switch back to Ember, who can get the kill now that Hariyama's defenses are lowered. That was almost a disaster.

For my final opponent in this tournament, i am facing Geeta, the top champion. She leads with Espathra and i lead with Mudcrab. Her Lumina Crash brings me down to half and lowers my special defense, but i OHKO in return with Dark Pulse. Second up is Gogoat, a job for Ember. One Bitter Blade gets the kill, and we're facing Avalugg next. Mudcrab will be handling this; one Aura Sphere later and we're facing Geeta's Kingambit. I bring Blitzbear out for this, and slam him into the ground with a single Hammer Arm. Second last is Veluza, a job for Bäh. i outspeed and OHKO with Discharge, meaning Geeta is down to her ace, Glimmora. I decide that Blitzbear is the right woman for this job; Geeta terastalizes to pure rock, which means Earthquake does not kill as she brings me into crit range with Sludge Wave. I decide that a switch to Shirona is in order here, who tanks a Terablast and then terastalizes to ground for the overkill with earthquake.

As my championship title rolls in, so do my grades from my final tests. Turns out i've passed every course with flying colours. I am now no longer bound to this school, and i'm free to roam wherever i please.

With my business here at the school completed, i decide now is the time to take up that offer of an exchange to Kitakami, in Japan. We're apparently doing this exchange alongside students from Blueberry academy in New York - sorry, "Unova". Anyway, when i express interest in going, the biology teacher, who organizes things from our end, offers to update my pokedex with information on the pokemon native to Kitakami. I don't use my pokedex and have no intention of filling it up, but thanks anyway. After this, a lady from Blueberry Academy offers to drive me to the airport so that i can explore a part of my homeland i haven't visited yet. On the way, the lady tells me the myth of a pokemon named Terapagos who supposedly is the wellspring of terastalization, but i really don't care. I should probably mention that this lady has a name; it's Briar. Her dream is to one day encounter this Terapagos thing.

A very long plane ride and a bus ride later, we finally arrive in the faraway land of Kitakami. The bus stop is only a small walk from the town of Suiryoku Town, where we will be staying. I'm absolutely eexhausted from the trip though, so i just catch a Poochyena, name it Hachiko and call it a day.
My current team:

Beurt (Braviary) lv 64
Ember (Ceruledge) lv 73
Shirona (Garchomp) lv 70
Bäh (Ampharos) lv 75
Blitzbear (Ursaring) lv 76
Mudcrab (Clawitzer) lv 72

First time i'm playing the DLC. I'm mostly spoiler-free, so i have no idea what trials and tribulations await. Into the unknown!
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