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Toho Auctions posts entire Red Collection: Set includes six secret rares

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Nov 13, 2005
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Toho Auctions posts entire Red Collection: Set includes six secret rares

Toho Auctions has posted the entire Red Collection. The set includes 72 cards, 6 of which are secret rares. Red Collection will be released officially July 15.

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The secret rare N was quite a surprise. It looks pretty awesome. Will look at the cards closer once the Commons debate is over.

Okay...Cofagrigus is pretty darn awesome. Could be cool to use with the BW Reuniclus. Hydreigon, although seen before, is freakin' win. I can see it being run as a 2-2 line with Deino in Rare Candy, which will be splashable into every deck.
X-Transceiver is pretty cool. Eviolite could be used with Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem.

Aside from those, not much of interest to me.
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I don't know why I'm excited though; I'm not going to actually buy any cards since none of my friends are interested TCGs :/
the full art cards look awsome
Chandelure <3

It's a shame Beheeyem sucks. Elgyem would be a good pokemon to start with thanks to it being avble keep healing early on in the game :/

Virizion will be a very working card for my planned deck. Double draw. Meanwhile, Victini makes using random flippers almost worthwhile.

Archeops and it's nerfed Prehistoric Power will be the most overused card this season. Period.

Cofagrigus... oh god. I already see how to effectively use this. How about 4-4 line, with certain energy moving pokemon in the background. As the actuve Grigus takes damage, it can retreat and then have it's damage be transferred. :K

Oh hey it's N with a early-game saver.
I need that secret rare N card. For some reason the Tynamo card artwork reminds me of Hoenn era cards and I don't know why. Anyways I don't know much about competitive play but here are the cards I think might be helpful and please correct me if I'm wrong:
Accelgor:Acid bomb could be kind of useful if you need some time to build something up on your bench.
Victini: I see its ability working with Carracosta
Carracosta: Using Victini's ability for the coin flip abillity you could keep Carracosta alive long enough to do a decent amount of damage and remove alot of energy
Kyurem:picking away on your opponent's bench with Glaciate and using Outrage when your about to be knocked out cand do up to 140 damage.
Cofagrigus:Switching out when hurt,using damage count, and going back in with your main attacker.
Arceops:Could really be used to stop your opponent from powering up
Hydreigon: Really could be used to chip away on your opponent's bench.
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