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Unovia's Pokemon Crystal "Team Rocket" Run

Yeah, that is one thing that playing an old game forces you to do, remember what was available then. :D
That would be one thing that another Johto remake (something Gen 9 perhaps) would allow us to do, though I know Magnezone was available starting in Gen 4.
Can you get Magnezone in Heartgold and Soul Silver?
Can you get Magnezone in Heartgold and Soul Silver?
Apparently, not. You have to evolve the Magnemite to Magneton, then trade Magneton to Sinnoh (DPPt), then trade it back. Magneton evolves into Magnezone using a Special Magnetic Field, which Sinnoh's Mt. Coronet has.
Log #35-Elite Four
Before we get this started, I am going to state that the only Pokemon I didn't sit at the planned Level was Machoke, and I settled at Level 55 for it. Other than that, the rest of the Team is the same as the plan.
Let's Go!

Johto Elite Four.jpg
Battle #1: Will
He opened with his first Xatu (Level 40) and I opened with Magneton (Level 53). One Zap Cannon took Xatu down. Next for Will was Exeggutor (Level 41), which I switched to Umbreon (Level 52) for. Umbreon used Shadow Ball, which almost took Exeggutor down, but Exeggutor was able to set up Reflect before Umbreon defeated it. At this point, I got a bit concerned due to the defensiveness. Next for Will was Jynx (Level 41) and Umbreon took it down easily with two Shadow Ball. I think Will was thrown having to try to fight a Dark Type. The final 2 Pokemon for Will were Slowbro (Level 41) and the second Xatu (Level 42) which Magneton used Zap Cannon for. Will was defeated.

Battle #2: Koga
He opened with Ariados (Level 40) and I opened with Slowbro (Level 54). One Psychic took it down. Next for Koga was Forretress (Level 43), which I changed to Machoke (Level 55) for. In 2 Karate Chops, Forretress fell, but not before it set up Spikes. Venomoth (Level 41), Muk (Level 42), and Crobat (Level 44) all went down to Slowbro and Psychic, though Crobat was able to use Double Team. Koga was defeated.

Battle #3: Bruno
He opened with Hitmontop (Level 42), and I stayed with Slowbro, though I thought about using Crobat (Level 55). One Psychic took it out, and I was surprised Hitmontop didn't attack first. Hitmonchan (Level 42) struck first with Thunder Punch, which did some damage to Slowbro, but not too much. Slowbro fired back with Psychic, which took it out along with Hitmonlee (Level 42). I changed to Feraligatr (Level 58) for Onix (Level 43). One Surf ended that battle. Last for Bruno was Machamp (Level 46) and Slowbro took it out with a Psychic. Bruno was defeated.

Battle #4: Karen
She opened with Umbreon (Level 42), and I started with Machoke (Level 55), though I thought about using my own Umbreon. One Karate Chop took it down. Next was Vileplume (Level 42) and I brought out Crobat (Level 55). One Wing Attack took it down. Next was Gengar (Level 45) and I sent out Umbreon. Gengar used Curse, which took out 1/2 of its HP. That was really dumb. One Shadow Ball, and Gengar went down. Next for Karen was Murkrow (Level 44) and I sent out Magneton. One Zap Cannon took it down. Finally was Houndoom (Level 47). I was concerned because if my level was not much higher than it, Houndoom could have swept me. Feraligatr used Surf to take it down. Karen was defeated.

Battle #5: Lance (Champion)
He opened with Gyarados (Level 44) and I started with Magneton. One Zap Cannon took it down. The three Dragonites (Levels 50, 47, & 47) went down to Feraligatr and Ice Punch. Next for Lance was Aerodactyl (Level 46), where Feraligatr and Aerodactyl exchanged blows. Feraligatr came out on top, but just barely. Finally for Lance was Charizard (Level 46). Feraligatr took it down, and I beat Lance! I am now the Pokemon League Champion!

In the next Log, we will do the Celebi Event! Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #36-Celebi
Celebi Event
Upon becoming the Champion, I elevated to Admin level. There are several steps to this event.
1. Fly to Goldenrod City. Stop in the Pokemon Center. An technology aide on the lower floor gives you the GS Ball.
2. Fly to Azalea Town and give the ball to Kurt. Wait until Midnight, then Kurt will say "the forest is restless".
3. Kurt will give the GS ball back, allowing you to go into the Forest. You have to go to the Ilex Forest Shrine. Put the GS Ball at the shrine, and Celebi will appear. Make sure to save!

For this Battle, I had Umbreon, Crobat, Pikachu (Level 28) & Sandslash (Level 22).
When Celebi appeared, I opened with Pikachu to Paralyze and fight Celebi. It took a bit, but I caught it in an Ultra Ball. I immediately saved. Kurt met up with me, talking about the truth of the Shrine.

It was amazing to do this event, since it wasn't available in the Cartridge version. In the next Log, we are going on the S. S. Aqua to Kanto! Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #37-S. S. Aqua
I got my Main Team set, then flew from Azalea Town to Olivine City, deciding to take on the S. S. Aqua. The good thing is that on the ship you can do some recovery through having your own cabin! In the S. S. Aqua, there are two major quests.
1. The Old Man & The Missing Granddaughter
2. The Lazy Sailor

It took a bit to clear the Trainers. In Gen II, you can constantly rebattle the Trainers on the ship every time you take the ship, so it is good for training. I completed both quests, arriving at Vermillion City, our first step in Kanto.

In the next Log, we will be going to get Houndour & Murkrow. Both are available at Route 7 at night. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #38-Houndour & Murkrow

Heading north from Vermilion City, then heading west while heading through Saffron City, we arrived at Route 7, which is just outside of Celadon City. I camped out there (it was still daytime when I arrived), waiting for the moon to rise. Why? Houndour & Murkrow only come out at night. Night in Gen II starts at 8 PM.

Houndour is a Dark & Fire Type. Admin Archer had one when I battled him. Houndour is a great dual Type. Honestly, this is the longest I have gone without having a Fire Type. Houndour evolves into Houndoom at the low level of 24. I caught it at Level 18. The best moves for Houndour are:
Bite (Level 20)
Faint Attack (Level 27)
Flamethrower (Level 35)
Crunch (Level 43)
I will keep Houndour from evolving until Level 44.

Murkrow took a bit to catch, but it has a low catch rate. Unfortunately, it does not evolve in Gen II. I am just keeping it in the box.

In the next Log, we will take on Lt. Surge & Sabrina for control of Vermilion & Saffron Cities. Until the next time, we will see you!
Future Logs!
I was looking at the Crystal Walkthrough on Bulbagarden, and I decided to write down what the future Logs will be (Pending Sudden Change):
Vermillion & Saffron Cities
Route 8 & Lavender Town
Rock Tunnel & Power Plant
Nugget Bridge
Cerulean & Celadon Cities
Routes 16, 17, & 18
Fuchsia City
Routes 15, 14, 13, 12, & 11
Diglett's Cave & Route 2
Pewter City
Hunting the Beasts In Johto
Lugia & Ho-Oh
Mt. Moon
Heading Back To Pallet
Cinnabar or Seafoam?
Viridian City
Routes 22 & 28
Beating the Hero

Please Look Forward To These!
Log #39-Vermillion & Saffron Cities
Vermilion City
Vermilion City is the southern port city of Kanto. There are a few interesting locations here, most notably the Pokemon Fan Club. Before I took on the Gym to start Team Rocket reasserting dominance over the Region, I finished getting Houndour to Houndoom (Level 45) using the Experience Share on the S. S. Aqua, Route 45 in Johto (where I also caught Raikou using the Master Ball). and the Victory Road.

Vermilion Gym
After I decided to give a PRZCureBerry to Houndoom, I cleared out the Gym of trainers. Apparently, there used to be a Gym Puzzle involving trashcans, but these days, it doesn't work, which allowed me to clear my way to Surge. The battle with Surge was not too hard. Houndoom used Crunch to take out Raichu (Level 44), while Flamethrower took out both Electrodes (Level 40), Electabuzz (Level 46), and Magneton (Level 40). If Electabuzz had managed to actually hit with Thunder, Houndoom would have fainted, which would have forced me to retreat and continue training. Houndoom also managed to survive an Explosion from one of the Electrodes, though they both used Double Team as well.

Once I defeated Lt. Surge, I headed north to Saffron City.
Saffron City
Saffron is the largest city in Kanto. Three years ago, it was firmly under the grip of Team Rocket before someone named Red freed it. There are two Gym in the city. The first is Fighting, and the other one is Psychic. In addition, there is the Silph Co. building, and two houses of celebrity (Mr. Psychic & the girl named Copycat).

Saffron Gym
The only functional Gym is the Psychic one. I used Houndoom to clear out the trainers, which brought it to Level 46. Then came the battle with Sabrina, who apparently foresaw my arrival. She was much easier than Surge, who had 5 Pokemon. She only had 3, Espeon (Level 46), Mr. Mime (Level 46), and Alakazam (Level 48). In 3 Crunch attacks, Houndoom managed to defeat Sabrina, putting Saffron City back under Team Rocket control.

In the next Log, we will go onto Route 8 and head to Lavender Town. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #40-Route 8 & Lavender Town
East of Saffron is Route 8. There are a few trainers here, including 3 tough talking bikers. I trained Houndoom through the Route. I arrived at Lavender Town, seeing the new Radio Tower. Maybe they are the sister city of Goldenrod. Lavender is still largely a burial town, with not much I can do in the town right now, since it doesn't have power since something is going on with the Power Plant (maybe a Team Rocket revival plan?). Heading north, I defeated the trainers by Rock Tunnel. Checking into Rock Tunnel, it is a super dark location. Heading back to Lavender Town, I gave Pikachu Flash so when I was ready, I could explore, since it is the only way to get to the Power Plant and get Kanto's power back on (Future Log #41).

I decided to go back on the S. S. Aqua to train Houndoom, getting it to Level 51, still 4 Levels away from my Main Squad. Now that I am in Johto for a few days, my intention is to finish training Houndoom and see if I can possibly hunt down Entei to end the Roaming Legends once and for all! In the next Log, we will be back in Kanto for Rock Tunnel & the Power Plant. Until the next time, we will see you!
Here is a two part question:
Out of all the Pokemon you have used in this challenge...
1) which one has surprised you the most?
2) Which one has disappointed you the most?
Here is a two part question:
Out of all the Pokemon you have used in this challenge...
1) which one has surprised you the most?
2) Which one has disappointed you the most?
Ok, so lets answer the first question. Surprised the most? I would say either Umbreon or Slowbro, mainly due to the movesets that they can learn. I am actually inclined to move Umbreon to my 4th favorite Eeveelution, moving Vaporeon down to 5th favorite. I am surprised how strong Slowbro is, it's impressive! As far as disappointing, I would say Sneasel (even though I have not used it). It's moveset is not good, since it doesn't get much in the way of either Dark or Ice moves.

Hope this answers your question.
Log #41-Rock Tunnel & Power Plant
Rock Tunnel.jpg
Rock Tunnel
I managed to Fly back to Kanto, especially Lavender Town. I put Feraligatr (Level 59) in the Box, bringing out Pikachu (Level 28), my Flash user. It wasn't too hard to get through Rock Tunnel, following the ladders. Once I got out, I battled any and all trainers in the area. I switched Pikachu and Feraligatr back out, sailing to the Power Plant.

Power Plant
Arriving at the Power Plant, I found it in chaos, since it didn't have power. I was asked to help get the power back on. Do they not realize I am part of Team Rocket? Still, no power means I can't access the train, which will make my journey very easy. The part that is needed was captured by another Team Rocket Grunt and stored somewhere. I had to hunt down this poser!

In the next Log, we will hunt down the poser, explore Nugget Bridge, get the part, then give it back to the Power Plant. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #42-Nugget Bridge
Nugget Bridge.jpg
Nugget Bridge
At the Power Plant, somebody said that the Machine Part was in Cerulean City, so I made my way there (I had accidentally gotten there, so I could Fly), then traveled north, finding myself on Nugget Bridge. I met with the Team Rocket poser, who spoke in broken English, saying he left the part in the Cerulean Gym, so I went there with my Item Finder after I beat him. It took me a bit to find it in the middle pool, but once I did, I decided to take on all of the trainers near the Bridge. There were 7 or so Trainers, gaining me a Nugget. The topper on my cake was disturbing Misty on her date. Turns out, she is the Cerulean Gym leader. Oops!

Power Plant
Traveling back to the Power Plant, I returned the part to them. Quest completed, I have restored the power to Kanto!

Next Log:
In the next Log, we will:
1. Get the Poke Doll for Copycat
2. Exchange the doll for the Magnet Train Pass
3. Get the EXPN (Expansion) Card so I have access to the Poke Flute
4. Take the Magnet Train back to Johto, then sail back to Kanto, since I still have some training to do
5. Catch Snorlax (the main goal of the next Log)

Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #43-Snorlax
In Saffron City, I went to meet with Copycat, who was sad because she was missing her doll, the doll given to her 3 years ago by a boy. She told me that it was lost in Vermilion, so I went there, where I gathered it from a collector at the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermilion. Hurrying back, I gave the doll back to Copycat, who gave me the Magnet Train Pass. Now I can travel in style! Heading to Lavender, I was rewarded for getting the power back on by getting the EXPN (Expansion) Card for the Radio. This gave me access to the Poke Flute.

Then, I traveled using the Magnet Train from Saffron to Goldenrod, flew to Olivine, then sailed back to Vermilion, where I battled the trainers. It is an easy, repeatable, way to get money. Once I got to Vermilion, I headed to Snorlax, resting near a cave. Time to go wake it up and catch it!

I played the Poke Flute sound on the radio to wake Snorlax up. I had to be very careful, since this is the only one in the game, making it super rare. I used Slowbro (Level 56) to catch it. It took a few Ultra Balls, and Snorlax rested once, but I was able to finally capture it.

In the next Log, we will be taking on Cerulean & Celadon Cities. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #44-Cerulean & Celadon Cities
Cerulean Gym
After crashing her date, Misty wants revenge! This battle wasn't too hard, since my Team was Level 56, while she is between 42 & 47. She opened with Golduck (Level 42) and I opened with Magneton. One Thundershock took it out. Next was the big worry, her Quagsire (Level 42), which, due to being Ground Type, it would be immune to Magneton. I switched to Slowbro, who beat Quagsire with one Psychic. Her Starmie (Level 47) fell to one Thundershock from Magneton. Finally was her Lapras (Level 44). Magneton tried to use Zap Cannon, but missed, and Lapras used Rain Dance, which made Electric moves more effective. The next Zap Cannon connected, leading to Lapras fainting and me taking control of Cerulean City.
Celadon City
Despite being on Route 7 previously, I had not yet crossed into Celadon City. Flying to Saffron, I traveled west, eventually arriving in Celadon City. 3 Years ago, Celadon was in the control of Team Rocket. Not so much now. There is a lot here, but we are mostly here for one goal... take on the Gym and retake control of the city.

Celadon Gym
I reduced my Team to Houndoom (Level 56), Crobat (Level 56), Slowbro (Level 56), & Sandslash (Level 22) because I needed a Cut user to get to the Gym. After the trainers, Houndoom defeated Tangela (Level 42) and Bellossom (Level 46) with Flamethrower, getting to Level 47. Houndoom had done a lot of the Trainer battles prior to Erika, and I felt it needed a rest, so I changed to Crobat to take out her Jumpluff (Level 41) and Victreebel (Level 46) with a total of 2 Wing Attacks. Erika fell easily, and Celadon is back under the control of Team Rocket.

In the next Log, we will go down Routes 16, 17, & 18 on our way to Fuchsia City. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #45-Routes 16, 17, & 18
West from Celadon City, there are Routes 16, 17, & 18, otherwise known as the Kanto Cycling Road. There were a lot of Bikers on the Route, with most of them featuring Poison Types, but some also had Flying Types. I completed getting my entire Team (except Feraligatr, who was Level 59) to Level 57. It was very fun to cycle down the three Routes, especially at high speed. Toward the bottom of the Cycling Road was Route 18, which lead to Fuchsia City.

Well, much like the 3 Routes, this Log was very fast. In the next Log, we go to Fuchsia City, taking on the Gym. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #46-Fuchsia City
Fuchsia City
East of the Cycling Road is Fuchsia City. It is a small city, made even smaller by the fact that the main attraction that brought in the tourists, the Kanto Safari Zone, no longer operates. This mainly leaves the only major draw as the Fuchsia City Gym.

Three Years Ago, the Gym was run by Koga, who is now part of the Elite Four. The Gym was left in the hands of his daughter, Janine, who, like her father, likes Poison Types. She also strives to impress her father and run the Gym well. With not too much hesitation, I headed to the Gym to prove myself.

Fuchsia City Gym
Taking on the Gym was a bit tricky, as there are 2 levels of complexity. The first is a holdover from when Koga had it...the invisible walls. The second level is finding the real Janine, as all of her trainers are dressed like her, meaning that you have to battle all of the trainers to find her. She is the one on the far left wall.

Janine was a bit of a challenge. She opened with Crobat (Level 36) and I opened with Magneton (Level 57). Magneton missed 2 Zap Cannons, leading to being Screeched and Confused. Magneton fired off the 3rd Zap Cannon, which was a single hit. Next was her first Weezing (Level 36), which Slowbro (Level 57) defeated with Psychic. Next for Janine was Ariados (Level 33), and I changed to Houndoom (Level 57). One Flame Thrower and it was out. Next was her 2nd Weezing (Level 36) and Slowbro defeated it at Level 58. Finally for Janine was her Venomoth (Level 39), who was defeated by Houndoom.

Just 3 more Badges in Kanto! In the next Log, we will be traveling 5 Routes, those being Routes 15, 14, 13, 12, & 11. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #47-Routes 15, 14, 13, 12, & 11 (Fuchsia to Vermillion)
Silence Bridge.jpg
<-- (Silence Bridge, Route 12)
Well, this is going to be a whirlwind travel log! Let's go!

Routes 15 & 14
Heading east from Fuchsia, I arrived on Route 15, where there were a class of students and two teachers. It was not too tough to clear them out. Route 14 had two paths, and I had to remember to clear both roads, but there weren't many trainers on those roads.

Route 13
It was very tricky to find and battle all of the trainers on the Route as well as finding my way through. There were a lot of fence posts on the path, making it hard to arrive on Route 12, though I eventually did.

Route 12 (Silence Bridge)
3 Years before, this was a location of a Snorlax. Today, however, the only things on the Bridge was a guy giving another fishing rod and a bunch of fishermen. Going through the bridge, there is a hidden passage, which lead to Route 11. I continued on the bridge to Lavender Town, where I took a moment to heal.

Route 11
Returning back onto Route 12, I searched and eventually found the road to Route 11. I defeated all of the Trainers here, finding myself back in Vermilion City, near Diglett's Cave.

My Team:
Magneton (Level 59)
Houndoom (Level 58)
Umbreon (Level 58)
Slowbro (Level 58)
Feraligatr (Level 59)
Crobat (Level 58)

Once the rest of my Team is fully at Level 59, I will be able to reintegrate Feraligatr into active use, since I have not used Feraligatr since the League, and it should be helpful for the next few Gyms, Brock & Blaine, especially.

In the next Log, we will explore Diglett's Cave and Route 2 on the way to Pewter City. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
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