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Unovia's Pokemon Crystal "Team Rocket" Run


Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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  1. He/Him
Welcome to Unovia's Pokemon Crystal "Team Rocket Run! Before we lay down the Rules for this Run, let's post what I have done before:

Here are the Rules for this Run:
  1. I can use Pokemon that fill the following spaces-Rocket Grunt, Rocket Scientist, Rocket Admin, or Pokemon that are part of the schemes.
Pokemon Lines I can use:
  • Totodile Line (Starter)
  • Weedle Line (Route 30
  • Pikachu Line (Route 2)
  • Sandshrew Line (Union Cave)
  • Rattata Line (Route 29)
  • Zubat Line (Union Cave)
  • Ekans Line (Route 32)
  • Meowth Line (Route 38)
  • Koffing Line (Burned Tower)
  • Machop Line (Goldenrod City)
  • Drowzee Line (Route 34)
  • Grimer Line (Route 16)
  • Cubone Line (Rock Tunnel)
  • Venonat Line (National Park)
  • Oddish Line (Ilex Forest)
  • Magnemite Line (Route 38)
  • Voltorb Line (Olivine City)
  • Eevee (Umbreon) (Goldenrod City)
  • Ditto (Route 34)
  • Porygon Line (Celadon City)
  • Spinarak Line (Route 30)
  • Murkrow (Route 7)
  • Houndour Line (Route 7)
  • Skarmory (Route 45)
  • Larvitar Line (Mount Silver)
“Scheme Pokemon”:
  • Slowpoke Line (Slowpoke Well)
  • Red Gyarados (Lake of Rage)
  • Eggs-Togepi & Odd Egg
2. Takeover of A Town or City occurs when the Gym is conquered, since it is the main opposition an area can provide. Nearby areas will be taken over as a result.
3. I can have eggs as part of my Team as well. Legendaries and Event Pokemon go to “The Boss” (the Box).
4. I will have 3 Ranks. These will be Grunt, Admin, & Boss.
  • I will elevate to Admin following my victory of the Pokemon League (First Time)
  • I will elevate to Boss following my victory over Red.


Can I beat Crystal playing as a Team Rocket Grunt? Please support this Run as you all have for the others! Your support means so much!
Cool. Is that list ALL the Pokemon they use in the Gen 2 games?
Ok, so what I did was I asked myself a few questions.
1. What Pokemon did the Grunts use in Gen 1?
2. What Pokemon did the Grunts use in Gen 2?
3. What Pokemon did the Scientists use? This was for Type Diversity.
4. What Pokemon did the Admins use?
5. What are other Dark, Steel, or Bug Types I could add (Totally forgot Sneasel...oops)?
6. What schemes did they have in Johto?

Once I answered these questions, I could build my list. The research was very extensive.
hmm. well, if you actually stay on the nuzlockes, then good. but i've met people who brag about them but don't do them.
Well, I will be staying on this. It is not a Nuzlocke, but, looking at my list of okay Monsters, it is very limited. Watch the playthrough, like the posts, pipe in when you want to, and see how I do.
Log #1-Stealing My Starter & My Initiation
Name: Rocket
I woke up in New Bark Town in the far off Region of Johto. When I signed up to be in Team Rocket, I thought I would be in Celadon, Saffron, or somewhere that Team Rocket has taken over. I also thought my overall boss would be Giovanni, who is very charismatic. Instead, it's this guy named Archer. I got this letter from Team Rocket, saying that the first operation in Johto would be at Azalea Town, so why was I dropped off here?
I found out there was a Pokemon Professor here by the name of Elm. He asked me to go see an old dude named Mr. Pokemon who has done research into Pokemon Eggs. Maybe the Breeding game is something Team Rocket could get into... I also saw a red haired twerp staring into the Lab. I also stole a Pokemon from the Lab, a Totodile, and headed out to meet this Mr. Pokemon. I eventually got there, meeting him and this Professor Oak dude, who gave me the Egg to deliver to the Professor, and I also got an Egg to bring back to Elm. On my way back, I also battled the Red Headed Twerp, who also stole a Pokemon. Is he also a Team Rocket Grunt? I beat his Chikorita, then found my way back to New Bark Town, then saw that the police were outside. i was a bit worried, but I found out they were after the red haired Twerp. After the police left, I gave the Egg back to the Professor. Hopefully I will get it back soon.
Heading back out, I decided I needed a few Pokemon to advance my goals.

In the next Log, we will explore Routes 29, 30, & 31. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #2-Routes 29, 30, & 31
Leaving New Bark Town at night, I managed to catch a Rattata and a Spinarak. Seeing it was very dark outside (didn't have my flash light), I headed out the next morning, adding a Weedle to my Team. I decided to train up a bit, since how could I threaten trainers on the road if I was not running an intimidating team? I got my Team to Level 8 before I made my way to Violet City, taking out every twerp I saw. I eventually found myself at Violet City, set up camp, and decided to scout out the city.

My Team:

In the next Log, we will start the takeover of Violet City. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
Log #3-Violet City & Sprout Tower
Sprout Tower.jpg
After several days of being around Violet City, I went into Violet City. I got Kakuna to Beedrill and my Team to Level 12. During one of my occasions in the city, I stole a Trainer's Onix using a Bellsprout, then gave the Onix to the Boss. I also managed to catch a Zubat much earlier than I expected to do so. Getting to Level 12 put me in a comfortable position to take over Sprout Tower, one of two areas of opposition in the city, the other being the Gym. I took on the monks, beating them all. I ran into Twerp there, who battled and beat the Elder. Twerp apparently beat the Elder, but the Elder was concerned that he did not care for his Pokemon...yet I am considered the bad guy. Anyway, I beat the Elder as well, getting the Flash HM and snagging an Escape Rope. I also took some more time to train, getting my entire Team to Level 13. Training Zubat became much easier due to getting Bite at Level 12, which gave me the ability to use Gastly as a training tool, which I couldn't do before. With the defeat of Sprout Tower, only one last piece of opposition remains: Violet Gym.

My Team:

In the next Log, we will take on Violet City Gym, which, should we win, will give Team Rocket control of the City. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Pokémon are you looking to possibly add to the team? Also, in the rules, you pretty much state that you can't use Legendary Pokémon. Why not use one? That sounds like something a member of Team Rocket would do. Unless I'm missing something.
What Pokémon are you looking to possibly add to the team? Also, in the rules, you pretty much state that you can't use Legendary Pokémon. Why not use one? That sounds like something a member of Team Rocket would do. Unless I'm missing something.
As you can see from my list, I have a few Pokemon coming up. These are:
The Togepi egg
Ekans on Route 32
Sandshrew in Union Cave

My basic strategy right now is going to be:
1. Beat Violet Gym
2. Collect & hatch Togepi. My intention is to show it to Elm, then box it.
3. Catch Ekans & train it up. Looking at the move list, I will have to get it to Level 15, where it learns Bite, before it is fully viable.
4. Put Beedrill in the Box to open up a place for Sandshrew, then train it.

That is a significant amount of turnover. Related to the "Legendary Question", I generally don't like to use Legendaries, mainly because I want to show viability with more common Pokemon. Just a preference.
Log #4-Taking Over Violet City (Gym #1)
Violet Gym
There aren't too many trainers here, just two and the Gym Leader, Falkner. I used Totodile (Level 13) to beat down the Gym Trainers, who fell easily. Then was the challenge, or lack thereof, of the Gym Leader. Totodile beat his Pidgey (Level 7) with Water Gun, getting to Level 14 as a result. Deciding to rest Totodile, I switched to Rattata (Level 13). Rattata used two Hyper Fangs against one Gust. Thank goodness I didn't sent out my Bugs (Spinarak or Beedrill) to take this Pokemon on!

With Falkner defeated, there is no resistance in Violet City to Team Rocket taking over! Glory To Team Rocket!

After getting the badge from the Gym, I got a call from Professor Elm, who asked me to collect the Pokemon Egg from his assistant, who was in the Violet City Pokemon Center. I collected the egg.

In the next Log, we will hatch the egg and show it to Elm. He won't be the only one to see it. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #5-Showing the Egg to Elm
In the last Log, we got the egg from Professor Elm's assistant. Now, we took the time to hatch the egg, traveling back from Violet City to New Bark. It took a little bit, but eventually, it hatched into Togepi (Level 5). I showed it to Elm, then off to the Boss it went in Cherrygrove. I headed back to Violet, collecting Berries as I went. I then bought some more Pokeballs, getting ready for my next captures. I headed toward the Ruins of Alph. What I would find there was anyone's guess...

In the next Log, we will tackle the Ruins of Alph. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #6-Ruins of Alph
Stumbling to the Ruins of Alph, I found myself confronted by a scientist who was studying the area. Seeing some puzzle blocks, I endeavored to solve it and see what could be found here, mainly looking for profit more than anything. The puzzle was a Kabuto, which, once I managed to solve it, deposited me into an empty chamber that was filled with not gold, but letter like Pokemon. Scrambling back up a ladder I found, I escaped. My next goal is to explore Route 32 and head to Union Cave on my way to my coworkers at Azalea Town.

In the next Log, we will explore Route 32 and Union Cave. Until the next time, we will be seeing you!
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