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Unovia's Pokemon Y Nuzlocke


Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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  1. He/Him
Hey Folks! Welcome to Unovia's Pokemon Y Nuzlocke!
This is a Palate Cleanser from my White 2 Team Replacement Run, able to be seen here:

This also has links to all of my previous work. I promise I will return to it. I just need a break, and that is what this is for. Can I beat Pokemon Y as a Nuzlocke?

Special Thanks To: @Greninjaman & @Funnylion for their support in the planning of this Run. If you are a supporter of this Run and also support any of my other work, please support this one as well! It helps a lot!

Let's Go to Kalos!
Rules of the Run
1. May only catch the first Pokemon of each area.
2. Pokemon that faint will be boxed instead of released.
3. May not reset and reload.
4. Nickname all Pokemon.
5. Can collect Pokemon from NPCs, and use them as regular Pokemon.
6. NPC Pokemon do not count as "First Encounter".
7. Forced Encounters do not count as "First Encounters", and the next Pokemon on the Route is the "First Encounter".
8. In areas with the possibility of Ambush Encounters, I get a "First Encounter" of each Type if multiple types are available.
9. Ambush Encounters are the Following:
a. Shaking Bush (Routes 6 & 18)
b. Rock Smash (Ambrette Town, Route 8 Lower, Cyllage City, Route 13, Route 18, Terminus Cave, & Victory Road)
c. Drop From Ceiling (Glittering Cave, Reflection Cave, Terminus Cave, & Victory Road)
d. Swamp Encounters (Routes 14 & 19)
e. Shaking Cans (Lost Hotel)
f. Swoops From Above (Victory Road)
10. May only use the same number of Pokemon as Gym Leader. Does not apply to Elite Four.
11.Rules are not in effect until after Santalune Forest, since you get regularly healed.
12. Combee Clause-If I Find a Male Combee as my "First Encounter" (Route 4), I can continue searching for a Female.
13. Dupes Clause
Death Exemptions
Deaths will not count in the following locations:
a. Before or Within Santalune Forest.
b. While training against Wild Pokemon. Trainer battles will count.
c. While training against Gym Trainers. Gym Leader deaths do count.
d. Lysandre Labs, since it is tricky to leave there while sorting out the puzzles.
Log #1-Starting Our Journey
Ok! Here we go!
I started the game, named myself Locke, and met my friends in Aquacorde Town. I got a letter for my mom from Professor Sycamore (perhaps a love letter?), a Pokedex and a Chespin that I named Spike. I have never used Chespin before, and so this was a great opportunity. I battled Shauna and her Froakie (Level 5), which didn't attack me. Luckily, two Vine Whips and I beat Shauna!

After the battle, I gave my Mom the Letter, then prepared to leave once again. In the next Log, we will go onto Route 2, where we will catch our First Encounter after some demonstration. Until the next time, we will see you!
A New Feature
Hey Folks!
So, as I was working to set up this Nuzlocke, I decided on a new Feature, that I am going to call, "What Might We Find?", where we will put a post that will show the most common finds for each area (20% or More) before we go on it. This way we can get a bit more of an interactive nature with this Nuzlocke, see what you all think I will run into before I go there.
Hope you look forward to it! This is going to be exciting!
What Might We Find: Route 2
Welcome to Our First Segment of "What Might We Find". The first location we are looking at is Kalos Route 2, the first Wild Route of the Game. We are going to ignore the Forced Encounter of the Pidgey for this one.

What are our Options?
  1. Bunnelby (20%)
  2. Fletchling (20%)
  3. Scatterbug (20%)
In the next Log (Log #2), we will announce the winner. Stay tuned!
Log #2-Route 2
Route 2
Before I headed on Route 2, I thought I could buy more Poke Balls in Aquacorde Town. Unfortunately, at the time, before the demonstrations, all they had are Potions, so no luck. As I went onto the first grass patch of Route 2, I ran into a Forced Encounter, Pidgey, which I ran from, since I couldn't capture it. Too bad. Serena showed us how to capture a Pokemon, using a Bunnelby as an example. Somehow she had 50 Pokeballs, which would have been $10,000 worth of buying! Anyway, after the demonstrations, she gave each of us 10 Poke Balls. Time for our First Encounter on Route 2!
Route 2 Encounter: Fletchling
My true First Encounter on Route 2 was Fletchling, which I nicknamed Firebird. I didn't have to use Spike to catch it, since Kalos Route 2 is unique as the only Route where you can throw a Poke Ball and be guaranteed capture. I am currently training both Spike and Firebird to Level 8 before we finish the Route and travel through Santalune Forest.

In the next Log, we will find ourselves in Santalune Forest. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Santalune Forest
Welcome to another edition of "What Might We Find". This edition looks at Santalune Forest, where our next encounter will occur. Remember, we are only listing off Pokemon that have an encounter rate of 20% or More. If it turns out to be something else, that will be super surprising, won't it?

What are our Options?
  1. Scatterbug (20%)
  2. Caterpie (20%)
In the next Log (Log #3), we will announce the winner. Will it be one of these 2 or something else? Stay Tuned!
Butterfree is honestly good if you know what you are doing. I know, I have used one before.
Honestly, either one would be good. Butterfree is probably the better of the two, due to access to Psychic moves. I am hoping more for Scatterbug though.
Log #3-Santalune Forest

Before my friends and I got into Santalune Forest, I defeated a Youngster and his Zigzagoon. It didn't take much to defeat him.

Santalune Forest Encounter: Pansear
If you would have thought that the capture would have been Pansear (I sure didn't!), that would have been a surprise. I named it Ember, then had to train it up a bit, since it came in at Level 4. Shauna was there to heal up my Team. Once I got Ember up to Level 8, I defeated all of the Trainers, and, with my friends in tow, I passed onto Route 3.

In the next Log, we will go onto Route 3. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Route 3
Welcome to another edition of "What Might We Find". This edition looks at Route 3, the Route just outside of Santalune Forest.

What are our Options?
  1. Bidoof (20%)
  2. Bunnelby (20%)
  3. Fletchling (20%)
In the next Log (Log #4), we will reveal our next capture. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #4-Route 3 & Santalune City
Route 3 Encounter: Burmy (Male)
Shortly after leaving Santalune Forest, my friends and I went our separate ways. From this point on, deaths can begin to count. I had to take on a trainer to reach the first patch of grass, where I caught a male Burmy (Level 5). Burmy is a Pokemon that has a branched evolution. A female Burmy turns into Wormadam, while a Male one evolves into Mothim. I named the Burmy Hedge, since it had the Plant Cloak. I had to baby it for a bit to train it up, since the only move it had at the beginning was Protect. Eventually, it learned Tackle at Level 10, making it more useful and able to be trained independently.

Santalune City
Just north of Route 3, Santalune City is the first City in the game. In the city, there are a few points of interest. These are:
The Santalune Gym, which has a Skater in front of it.
Trainers School
Santalune Boutique, which, unfortunately, I felt like I had no money I could spend to buy anything yet.

If I had managed to catch a Bunnelby, I would have been able to trade it for a Farfetch'd. In the next Log, we will head east to Route 22. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Route 22
Welcome to the next edition of "What Might We Find". Route 22 is an offshoot route, which, like Route 22 of Kanto, doubles as the entrance of the Victory Road. Of course, right now we can't go there. What might we find here?

What are our Options?
  1. Azurill (20%)
  2. Bunnelby (20%)
  3. Litleo (20%)
In the next Log (Log #5), we will reveal the creature. Stay tuned!
Cool, Pansear will cover you for the gym!
Yeah, I was not sure about Pansear, but I remembered what type of Gym it was (Bug), and I was actually relieved. Once Pansear learned Incinerate, I knew it would be good. I know people slam Pansear/Simisear, but it seems like it can be a good Fire Type. It can help Fletchling at the Gym.
Log #5-Route 22
Route 22 Encounter: Azurill
Heading onto Route 22, I battled one trainer, then caught my First Encounter for the Route, Azurill (Level 6), which I named Polka Dot. Azurill was another Pokemon that had to be babied. Eventually, I got Azurill to Level 12, up with the rest of the Team, beating all of the Trainers in the process. I almost had my first death at the hands of a trainer and her Bunnelby, but it was manageable. Getting through all of the Trainers on the Route, I headed back to Santalune City.

Santalune City
After I healed, the first place I went was to take on the skater in front of the Santalune Gym, Rinka, and her Zigzagoon (Level 7). Upon her defeat, she gave me Roller Skates, which are usable through the Circle Pad. With my Team ready, I took on the Trainers in the Gym for more experience. Spike got to Level 13 in the process.

My Team
Chespin (Spike)-Level 13
Fletchling (Firebird)-Level 12
Pansear (Ember)-Level 12
Burmy (Hedge)-Level 12 (Male)
Azurill (Polka Dot)-Level 12

Let's talk about my Plan for the Gym Leader, Viola. Viola only has 2 Pokemon, so I have to use 2 like her. I think the two are going to be Firebird & Ember, since they can likely do the most damage. We will see. Right now, I am going to catch up the rest of my Team to Level 13 before I go to take her on.

In the next Log, we take on Viola for our first Gym Badge. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #6-Santalune Gym (Gym #1)
Well, I don't think the first gym will be a problem. Knocks on wood.
We will see won't we? :D Knocks on wood

Before I went into the Gym, I got my entire squad to Level 13. Some of my switch training almost got Spike to Level 14, but thankfully it didn't. Anyway, let's take on Viola!

Santalune Gym Battle
She opened with Surskit (Level 10) against Firebird (Fletchling). Surskit would use a combination of Bubble and Quick Attack, but it didn't do much. Viola even used her Potion on Surskit. Surskit fell easily to Peck attacks. Next for Viola was Vivillon (Level 12). I changed to Ember (Pansear). I think the AI was mixed up, because Vivillon managed to use all of its attacks, starting with Harden, then Tackle, and finally settling on Infestation. I had Ember use a constant barrage of Incinerate to take Vivillon out, which it eventually did. I won my first Badge...with no deaths!

Upon leaving the Gym and healing up, I headed to the exit to Route 4, where I talked to a woman named Alexa. Alexa is the sister of Viola, and a reporter living in Lumiose City. She congratulated me on my win, giving me the Experience Share. Now I won't need to really grind!

In the next Log, we will go to Route 4 and see what we can find.. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Route 4
Welcome to another edition of "What Might We Find". This time, we find ourselves on Route 4, the Route between Santalune City & Lumiose City. Let's see what our options are.

What are our Options?

  1. Combee (30%)-If I get a Combee and it is Male, I invoke the "Combee Clause" (Rule #12), where I can keep hunting for a Female one.
  2. Flabebe (30%)
In the next Log (Log #7), we will reveal our creature. Stay tuned!
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