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Unovia's Pokemon Y Nuzlocke

What Might We Find: Route 21
Welcome to "What Might We Find". In this Episode, we discuss Route 21, a Route outside of Snowbelle City. It is also near the Pokemon League.

What are our Options?
1. Floatzel (40%)
2. Altaria (20%)
3. Spinda (20%)

In the next Log (#47), we will reveal our capture. Until the next time, stay tuned!
Log #47-Route 21

First Encounter: Spinda
Route 21
This Route is near the Pokemon League, meaning that there are quite a few high Level Trainers here, all of which could do well at the League. The first encounter was Spinda, which I named Swirl. They were rather aggressive, forcing a few switch outs, but I managed to sweep them, safely getting to the Pokemon League Gate.

Pokemon League Gate
At the Pokemon League Gate, I battled an Ace Trainer who was pretty challenging, and required a few switch outs to beat him, but in the end, he went down. He stepped aside, and I headed in to the Victory Road. The opening to the Victory Road is super awesome, with the light up Badge Check and the stairs coming down like a wall. In the next Log, we will explore the Kalos Victory Road. Until the next time, we will see you!
What Might We Find: Victory Road
Welcome to the Final Episode of "What Might We Find", at least for this Playthrough. In this Episode, we cover the Kalos Victory Road. There are 3 Major encounters here, those being First, Ceiling Drop, & Swoops From Above. Let's cover our options.

First Encounter
1. Gurdurr (30%)
2. Graveler (20%)
3. Druddigon (20%)

Ceiling Drop:
Graveler (45%)

Fearow (77%)

In the next Log (#48), we wil reveal our captures. Thank you for the support for these Episodes, it means a lot! What Might We Find will be back with the next Nuzlocke! Until then, we will see you!
My Plan Moving Forward
The Kalos Victory Road requires the use of:
Rock Smash
Waterfall (Optional)

As a result, I am building a Second Team just to get through this area so I don't have to wreck my Regular Team with HMs. I am also including in this second Squad Pokemon who can Dig & Fly. There use is listed in Parentheses. I am going to take some time to train them up to match the Main Team (Level 73), so off to the Battle Chateau we go! I am going to make a Death Exemption for the Victory Road so I can use this Second Team to clear it once I am ready. Until we are ready, until the next time, we will see you!

Main Team (Level 73)
Chesnaught (Spike)
Talonflame (Firebird)
Blastoise (Galapagos)
Tyrantrum (Royal)
Lucario (Lucas)
Chandelure (Kerosene)
Second Team (Various Levels)
Swanna (HM: Fly)-Rain Duck
Krookodile (Dig)-Sandy
Machop --> Machoke (Strength)-Roundhouse
Lapras (HM: Surf)-Nessie
Gurdurr (Rock Smash)-Bob Builder
Log #48-Kalos Victory Road

Before I came into the Victory Road, I got my second Team to Level 73. During that time, I was elevated to Grand Duke at the Battle Chateau.

Kalos Victory Road
First Encounter:
Ceiling Drop: Graveler

Heading into the Victory Road, I got many healing items ready to go. With my first encounter, I got a Druddigon that I named Lego Block. There were 21 Trainers here, and the battles were brutal, with a bunch of tough fights. I made sure that I had Max Repels to clear the Wild Pokemon here, letting me focus on the Trainers.

At a certain point outside, I ran into a Ranger who healed up my Team. This was convenient, especially since the next battle I faced was against Serena. It's also why I gave myself a Death Exemption here. Drapion cleared the battle with Serena easily, and she departed.

Continuing through the Victory Road, I battled more trainers and got my Ceiling Drop encounter, a Graveler I named Gravity. Toward the end, they included a small gauntlet of Veterans. Once I completed there, I arrived at the Elite Four Castle. At this point, my Team was Level 75-76.

Now, I want to get my Main Team to match the Second Team. Right now, the Main Team is Level 73.

In the next Log, with my Main Team at Level 76, we will take on the Kalos Elite Four & Champion. Don't worry! Deaths will count at the Elite Four & Champion (if you like to watch the deaths of a Nuzlocke)!

Until the next time, we will see you!

Kalos Elite Four.jpg
My Plan Moving Forward
As we make preparations for the Kalos Elite Four & Champion, I want to post an analysis of each Elite Four member & Champion, discussing the Team Members I could use from my Main Team.

Kalos Elite Four.jpg

Elite Four 1: Malva
Specialty Type: Fire

There are really 2 Pokemon I will likely use here, those being Blastoise and Tyrantrum. I will be leaning on Water, Ground, & Rock Type moves for this first fight. Because Pyroar has an Electric move, Wild Charge, probably it is advisable to open with Tyrantrum, since Tyrantrum will take less damage from Electric moves. I think I will probably Mega Evolve Blastoise and then sweep the rest of her squad.

Elite Four 2: Siebold
Specialty Type: Water

Siebold will probably be the scariest of the Elite Four, due to his Gyarados. Chesnaught is the obvious opener here. If I can out speed his Gyarados using Tyrantrum and use Rock Slide, his major threat will be done. His Starmie is also a bit challenging, and if I can out speed with Chandelure, I can probably take it out. Siebold might have to be my last of the Elite Four challenge, given the number of potential challenge I face with him, and any more levels I can add, any more experience, before I take him on, will definitely help.

Elite Four 3: Wikstrom
Specialty Type: Steel

Wikstrom will likely open with Klefki, so that means I will probably open with Talonflame to avoid Spikes. Most of the rest of his Team will probably be beaten by Chandelure and Lucario.

Elite Four 4: Drasna
Specialty Type: Dragon

Drasna will probably open with Dragalage, and because Lucario has Dragon Pulse and it is immune to Poison, it is likely going to be my opener. Should I give Blastoise Ice Beam, it should be able to sweep, especially using the power of Mega Evolution, but we will see.

Champion Diantha
I am not sure what I would start with, but it's probably going to be Blastoise, especially if I Mega against Hawlucha. I will likely have to switch around. Tyrantrum & Aurorus will likely go down to Lucario. Her Gourgeist will probably go down to Chandelure. If my Blastoise is still standing, I should be able to stop her Goodra. Not sure how I want to go after her Mega Gardevoir, though I think Chandelure will probably be my choice if it is still standing.

My Team:
Chesnaught (Siebold)
Talonflame (Wikstrom)
Blastoise (Malva, Drasna, Diantha)
Tyrantrum (Malva, Siebold)
Lucario (Wikstrom, Drasna, Diantha)
Chandelure (Siebold, Wikstrom, Drasna, Diantha)

We will see how close this will be.
Well, we are at the end game. Some of these Pokemon have been there since the start. Which of these six are you most fond of and hope to not lose?
I am at the point that I don't want to lose my entire squad. It's beautifully balanced.
Log #49-Pokemon League, Champion, & Celebration
Kalos Elite Four.jpg
Battle Chateau
I got my Main Squad to Level 74. Afterward, I decided to go to the Pokemon League for a Test Run. If I had too many problems, I would withdraw for a while until my planned Level was reached. Surprisingly, I was able to go through without too many issues, so I decided to keep with it, turning a "Test Run" into my official attempt.

Elite Four 1: Malva
Before the actual battle with her, I had a conversation about my accomplishments, especially my take down of Team Flare. Malva retired to her room, and I was left to follow her, as she was my choice of first.

In the actual battle, she opened with Pyroar (Level 63), and I opened with Tyrantrum. Pyroar used Hyper Voice, dealing some damage. Tyrantrum used Earthquake to take Pyroar down. Next for Malva was Torkoal (Level 63), and I switched to Blastoise, Mega Evolving and using Surf. Next for her was Chandelure (Level 63), and Blastoise crushed it. Finally from Malva was Talonflame (Level 65). Talonflame used Brave Bird, then fell quickly to Surf. That was an easy fight.

Elite Four 2: Wikstrom
He opened with Klefki (Level 63), and I opened with Talonflame, expecting Spikes to be set. Talonflame struck first with Flame Charge, increasing Talonflame's speed. Klefki fired off a Flash Cannon, but Talonflame was able to keep using Flame Charge, which took it out with no Spikes set being set up. Next for him was Probopass (Level 63) and I changed to Lucario, which I Mega Evolved. Lucario would regularly use Aura Sphere to fight Probopass. Probopass did end up using Earth Power once, which did some damage to Lucario, though overall, Probopass was effectively a wall that kept activating Sturdy. It was activated 3 times before it fell. Next for him was Angislash (Level 65) and I changed to Chandelure. I was a bit worried because of Angislash's speed, but I had a few options to take it down. Chandelure fired off a Shadow Ball, which beat down Angislash. Last for him was Scizor (Level 63). One Flamethrower took out Scizor. This was largely an easy fight, but it was starting to increase in difficulty, though not by much.

Elite Four 3: Drasna
She opened with Dragalage (Level 63), and I opened with Lucario, which I Mega Evolved. Lucario used Dragon Pulse, which didn't OHKO, as I expected. Dragalage used Thunderbolt, which did some damage. It took a few hits, but eventually, Dragalage fell. I started to be slightly concerned. Next for her was Noivern (Level 65). Noivern would use Dragon Pulse, which did a bit of damage to Lucario, which almost took it down. I switched to Tyrantrum, which hit with Dragon Claw. Noivern did a lot of damage to Tyrantrum using Dragon Pulse, almost defeating it. I switched to Blastoise, which finally took out Noivern with Ice Beam. Next for her was Altaria (Level 63). One Ice Beam took it out. Lastly for her was Druddigon (Level 63), and Blastoise used Ice Beam, which actually froze it. Another Ice Beam took Druddigon out. The trouble with Noivern had concerned me, making me wonder what would be coming with Siebold.

Elite Four 4: Siebold
Siebold was the fight I was most worried for, since he has 2 Pokemon that could be a problem, Gyarados and Starmie. Both of which could have ended my run. He started with Clawitzer (Level 63) and I sent out Chesnaught, which first fired off a Grass Pledge. Clawitzer did an Aura Sphere, and I was looking for more power, so Chesnaught used Needle Arm, which took Clawitzer out. Next for him was Starmie (Level 63), and I sent out Chandelure, knowing that if Starmie moved faster than Chandelure, Chandelure would likely fall. Instead of attacking, Starmie used Light Screen. One Shadow Ball took out Starmie. Next for him was Gyarados (Level 63), which was the one I was worried about. I switched to Tyrantrum, which was able to move first, firing off a Rock Slide. Gyarados did Dragon Dance, then Earthquake. Tyrantrum did one final Rock Slide and the feared Gyarados fell. Chesnaught swept Barbaracle (Level 65) with a single Needle Arm.

With all of the Elite Four defeated, I saw the doors open to the Champion, and I got my Team ready for her, setting Blastoise as my opener.

Champion: Diantha
Diantha talked to me, then the battle began. She opened with Hawlucha (Level 64) and Blastoise came out and Mega Evolved. Hawlucha did a Swords Dance, but one Ice Beam beat it. Next for her was Aurorus (Level 65), and I changed to Lucario, who beat it down with an Aura Sphere. Next was her Tyrantrum (Level 65), which fell to another Aura Sphere. When Gourgeist (level 65) came out, I changed to Chandelure, which sent a Shadow Ball to Gourgeist, taking it out. Next was Goodra (Level 66), and I changed to Blastoise, who use the first Ice Beam, which froze Goodra! Another Ice Beam, and Goodra fell. Last for Diantha was her Mega Gardevoir (Level 68), which could have been a major problem for Chandelure if Gardevoir had been able to strike first. Chandelure fired off a Shadow Ball, and Gardevoir fell in an OHKO. I was now the Champion of Kalos!

Bonus Fight: AZ

During the Lumiose Celebration, I battled AZ, who wanted to know "what a trainer is". He sent out Torkoal (Level 60), and I sent out Blastoise. Because I wanted to show my full power, I had Blastoise Mega Evolve, then use Surf, which took out Torkoal. Next was Sigilyph (Level 60), which I sent out Chandelure for. One Shadow Ball took Sigilyph out. Last was Golurk (Level 60), and Chandelure used another Shadow Ball, which took it out, winning my battle against AZ. AZ was reunited with Floette, and the Main Story concluded. My Team was now Level 75-76.

Post Game Plan

Log #50-Kiloude City
Log #51-Legendary Birds, Mewtwo, & Zygarde
Log #52-Looker Arc I
Log #53-Looker Arc II
Log #54-Looker Arc III
Log #55-Looker Arc IV
Log #56-Looker Arc V

In the next Log, we will head to Kiloude City. Welcome to the Post Game. Until the next time, we will see you!
Congrats! And nicely done. I like the final team too: Tyrantrum / Blastoise / Talonflame / Lucario / Chandelure / Chesnaught. Might re-do an XY run soon!
Log #50-Kiloude City
Vaniville Town
As I left my House, my Mom told me that Professor Sycamore wanted to meet with me at Lumiose Station. That will be my overall destination. First, however, I was offered a trade with Shauna, who offered a Froakie (Level 5). Before I did that trade, I went on Route 2, where I caught a Bunnelby, which I named Lola. I also caught another Bunnelby that I named Warner for an older man at Anistar City who asked me to give him a friendly Pokemon that is less than Level 5 to be a companion to him. I did the trade with Shauna, then left for Anistar City.

Anistar City
All I did here is to give the old man the other Bunnelby.

Battle Chateau
I leveled up Froakie to Greninja. From there, I did research for the Legendary Bird Hunt. My Legendary Bird is Articuno. Upon doing my research, I found that Santalune City is the best hunting ground for Articuno.

Santalune City
I felt like getting the Articuno Hunt done, since I had to meet it for 11 times, and I eventually did, setting it in the Sea Spirit Cave.

Lumiose Station
I met with Sycamore, Dexio, & Sina. Sycamore gave me the TMV Pass, a pass to Kiloude City. Dexio & Sina give me the National Dex.

Kiloude City
I explored the City, taking on a few battles at the Battle Maison to allow for me to battle Serena daily. In the end, my Team is Level 77 after I battled Serena.

Next Log
In the next Log, we will go after Articuno, Mewtwo, & Zygarde. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #51-Legendary Birds, Mewtwo, & Zygarde
Courmarine City
In Courmarine City, I changed my Team to:

Azure Bay/Sea Spirit Cave
It was awesome to Surf on Lapras, especially since it is a Pokemon that has its own Surf sprite. It took a little bit to figure out to get to Sea Spirit Cave, since, even though it is in the middle of the Bay, it is trickier to actually get there. Once I did, the battle with Articuno (Level 70) began, so be sure to save outside the cave, since you are drawn immediately into the battle. Surprisingly, one Quick Ball captured it. I was expecting a fight, but was relieved I didn't have to go through one. I named it Boreas.

Next Goal: Mewtwo at Pokemon Village

Pokemon Village
Flying to Snowbelle City, I bought more Max Repels, both for this capture and the next one (Zygarde). I had to find the hidden river on the edge of Pokemon Village, and Lapras carried me to the cave. I saved the game outside the cave, since it took me a few tries to capture it. Drapion was a perfect Pokemon for this fight, since Mewtwo couldn't actually use its Psychic moves, though Aura Sphere was still tough to take. Eventually, I captured Mewtwo (Level 70), which I named Menace. In this game, Mewtwo can Mega Evolve. The stone was automatically collected upon capture.

Next Goal: Zygarde at Terminus Cave
Terminus Cave
One more Legendary to go! I made sure I had enough Max Repels for this search, as it took a while to find the right location in the caves. I did gather the TMs for Brick Break & Shadow Ball while I was here. Was kinda wondering where they were. I think I will give Spike (Chesnaught) Brick Break in replacement of Grass Pledge. Anyway...

I eventually reached Zygarde (Level 70), and at first, I thought about battling with it using Lapras, but then I remembered that I still had the Master Ball. I will not be capturing anything else in this quest, so I decided to take advantage of having the Ball still, and with it I captured Zygarde, which I named Quiet Dragon.

Krookodile quickly got me out using Dig, and I was off to places unknown.

Next Log
In the next few Logs, we will be doing the Looker Sidequest. I am either going to do this in multiple Log, as I originally planned, or I will do it all in one. We will see, especially if I speed through this Sidequest. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #52-Entire Looker Sidequest
Before I get started, I want to thank everyone for the 3,000 Views for this Challenge! It's incredible. Thank you all so much!
I actually managed to get through this entire sidequest, so I will be posting my entire run of this here. Let's Go!

Chapter 1

I was introduced to a detective named Looker who sent me on a quest for tickets.
1.In the Pokémon Center next to Magenta PlazaNear the dressing room
2.In Centrico Plaza, in the tower illuminating the cityPrism Tower, 1F
3.On Vernal Avenue, at a shop selling medicinesHerboriste
4.On North Boulevard, 1F, in a place where people restHotel Richissime lobby
5.On North Boulevard, 1F, in a place filled with artLumiose Museum, 1F

I had to watch the Holo caster a few times and decided to use the Lumi Cabs to get to each location. After this quest, I went to meet with Looker.

Chapter 2
I am now tasked to go to the back alleys of Lumiose City, specifically at South Boulevard. I battled 4 trainers, then met a girl named Emma and her Espurr, who runs off. Eventually I run into Espurr, dancing to win the friendship. Emma and Espurr move to the Looker Bureau.

Chapter 3
I end up fighting a few gangsters, known as the Lumiose Gang. I battle them at the Lumiose Station, and Emma shows up to yell at them about it. She decides to take a part time job.

Chapter 4
A painting at the Lumiose Museum is vandalized. I am expected to clear out a few mysterious and shady people. Afterward, Emma meets with me at the Bureau, talking about how Looker is in the hospital. I run into a butler who wants to challenge me, who is a former Team Flare admin. Turns out the butler is in the employ of Malva of the Elite Four. I am asked to go to the Hotel Hichissme to meet with her.

Chapter 5
I find my way to Malva, who challenges me to battle and reveals she was a senior admin of Team Flare. Really?! Why is this criminal part of the Kalos Elite Four?! Malva reveals that Xerosic is the employer of Emma, then helps me get into a hidden area of Lysandre Labs. Sigh...I hated this area because it is so tricky! Eventually I got through it, battling many Lumiose Gang members and Team Flare scientists. I fight Emma under Xerosic's control, and eventually free her.

Chapter 6
It all wraps up. Looker arrests Xerosic, yet Malva escapes. Emma becomes the new head of the Looker Bureau. The painting is fixed. I can now buy clothes from the rich people shop, which I do.

Kiloude City
I battle Serena again and get my Team to Level 80, then I go back to take on the Elite Four. In the next (and final) Log, I will rematch the Elite Four. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #53-Elite Four Rematch
Kalos Elite Four.jpg
After all of the journey through Kalos, it was time to take on the Elite Four in a rematch. In this rematch, I will be discussing each Elite Four member and the Mega Evolution they could have had, especially for the rematches.

Elite Four #1: Malva
Tyrantrum beat down Pyroar, and Blastoise Mega Evolved and beat Torkoal, Talonflame, & Chandelure. It was easy. Talonflame was the only Pokemon that really fought back, but other than that, there was no real fight.

Mega Evolution: Houndoom
Houndoom would work well for her, since it fits her aesthetic and is the only one (other than the Charizards & Blaziken) that is a Fire Type. I don't really want to count the Charizards or Blaziken because if you were to go with the Charizards, which one would be picked, and Blaziken (being a Hoenn Pokemon) doesn't make sense for her to have. Mega Houndoom would have been a challenging 5th Pokemon.

Elite Four #2: Wikstrom
I sent out Chandelure to face Wikstrom this time, so his Klefki was able to set up Spikes, though Chandelure was able to beat it down. I changed to Lucario and Mega Evolved. I found out that Spikes does impact Lucario, surprisingly. Lucario defeated Probopass, and Chandelure beat Angislash & Scizor, though Chandelure took damage from Spikes as well. I was surprised by this, since I didn't know Spikes could impact a seemingly floating Pokemon.

Mega Evolution: Scizor
Honestly, Scizor fits his style more than Aggron. It wouldn't have bothered me if he had 2 Scizors, one regular and the other being a Mega.

Elite Four #3: Drasna
I sent out Lucario and Mega Evolved to battle her Dragalage. Dragalage was still a tough thing to take down, but not as tough as before. It took a few Dragon Pulses to take it down. I kept Lucario to take on Noivern. Noivern was tricky previously, but one Dragon Pulse took Noivern down. I switched to Blastoise to battle Druddigon. Ice Beam didn't take it down at first, and Druddigon used Dragon Tail, which sent out Talonflame. I sent out Lucario, which took a Revenge, and I finished Druddigon using Dragon Pulse. I switched back to Blastoise for Altaria, and a single Ice Beam took it down.

Mega Evolution: Ampharos
While Altaria could be her choice, Ampharos would be an unexpected addition to her Team. Ampharos would make her Team very diverse. Mega Ampharos would have Mold Breaker, an ability that many Dragons can have. Also, Mega Ampharos would have an unexpected dual Typing of Electric & Dragon. That would also give her a unique 5th Pokemon.

Elite Four #4: Siebold
Chesnaught easily took down Clawitzer. Chandelure easily beat Starmie. Gyarados took a Rock Slide from Tyrantrum, then tried to set up using Dragon Dance. Tyrantrum did one more Rock Slide and took it down. Chesnaught easily swept Barbaracle.

Mega Evolution: Blastoise
Gyarados could be his option, but Lysandre had one, and Blastoise would be a more challenging Mega Evolution. In addition, while you could use Grass Types against Blastoise (and its Mega), Blastoise could have Ice Type moves, which could shut down Grass Types, enforcing the use of Electric Types.

Champion: Diantha
Blastoise took on Hawlucha, Lucario took on Aurorus, Chandelure took on Gourgeist, Lucario took on Goodra and Tyrantrum, and Chandelure took on Mega Gardevoir. My Team easily beat her. At the end, My Team is Level 82.

My Final Team


Thus ends The "Pokemon Y Nuzlocke". Thank you for the support for this Run! We are heading back to our "White 2 Team Replacement Run". It is available here:

Please continue to support it! It's time to finish this Run!
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