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Up or Down Vol. 103 - Mascot Mash! Monokuma vs Usami!


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Jul 2, 2019
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Up or Down Vol. 103 - Monokuma vs. Usami

hellllooooo bulbagarden forums! it's toastghost coming at you live from the comfort of this forum thread bringing you the newest edition of up vs down, featuring the two iconic mascots from the danganronpa series! monokuma, the psychopathic headmaster of hope's peak academy who brings a sense of hilarity despite all the despair, and magical girl usami, the kind teacher of hope's peak academy's 77th class, who wants nothing more than the students to just get along and create hope in peace.

• game starts at 250
monokuma's monobeasts can only count down with the goal of reaching 0.
usami's magical girls can only count up with the goal of reaching 500.
•players can choose to play for either team but you cannot change teams after you have chosen.
• no ping-ponging rule applies, you can't make a post unless two people posted after you

alright, now that we got the rules out of the way, let the battle begin!

Monokuma's Monobeasts:

@Rainbow Cloud

Usami's Magical Girls:

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