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Up Vs. Down Vol. 105 - The Edgy Rivals: Silver Vs. Paul

Mar 6, 2023
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Up Vs. Down Vol. 105 - Silver Vs. Paul



Hello everyone and welcome to Up Vs. Down Vol. 105! I’m JollyYoshi and I’m your host for this game!

In this game, we will be determining who is the better edgy rival. Is it Silver, the player’s rival from Pokémon Gold and Silver, or is it Paul, Ash’s rival from Diamond and Pearl? Now, before we get into the game let’s have a look at the rules.

  • Game starts at 250
  • Silver’s Shining Allies will count up to 500
  • Paul’s Powerful Trainers will count down to 0
  • Players can choose any team on their first post but cannot change afterwards.
  • No ping-ponging meaning you cannot make another post in the thread until at least two other users have made a post since you last posted.
Silver’s Shining Allies (Up):
@mastermind lissi
@Poke Trey
@Jon Watercooler

Paul’s Powerful Trainers (Down):
@Rainbow Cloud

Let’s Begin!
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