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Vaporeon's Halloween event now running in Pokémon Café ReMix – Special events celebrating the release of Detective Pikachu Returns also now live

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Pokémon Café ReMix continues Eevee Evolutions' Halloween with the launch of the Vaporeon's Halloween event, which uses the newly introduced Mission Bingo event model. Special log-in stamps and challenges are also running to celebrate the release of Detective Pikachu Returns for the Nintendo Switch, the sequel to the 2018's Detective Pikachu on the Nintendo 3DS. In addition, a Special Pass featuring Lucario: Masquerade is now available, and Sylveon: Festive has returned to Deliveries.

Vaporeon Mission Bingo
Vaporeon's Halloween brings new event model
The new Vaporeon's Halloween event features a brand new event model introduced in version 4.20, Mission Bingo. This style of event involves players seeking to complete a series of bingo cards, each with 30 slots featuring different missions. Completing a line in either vertical, horizontal or diagonal will reward the player. There are three cards for this event, with the final card only being added on October 10th, at 7:59pm (PDT). The event will continue through to October 18th, at 7:59pm (PDT).

Missions in the current event bingos linked to the ongoing Eevee Evolutions' Halloween events include going to the main page (Jolteon's Halloween), making the last number of your score a certain number (Jolteon's Halloween), playing "Small Plates" orders, clearing lines in bingo cards, playing orders, using Skills, clearing specific Gimmicks, activating Fever Frenzy (Jolteon's Halloween), reaching ranks (Jolteon's Halloween), clearing icons, receiving Daily stamps, using Megaphones, achieving certain scores (Jolteon's Halloween), doing Daily trainings, adding Pokémon with certain outfits to your lineup, adding certain Pokémon to your lineup, sending Pelipper to Deliveries, raising the staff level of certain Pokémon and redeeming items at the Swap Shop (Jolteon's Halloween).
The rewards for clearing the bingo cards include Golden Acorns, Tarts, Skip Tickets, Milestone Cookies, Max Level Tickets (Lv. 5), Vaporeon: Halloween, Max Level Tickets (Lv. 10), a Delivery Ticket and Vaporeon Cookies.

Special events celebrating the release of Detective Pikachu Returns are under way!
Players can obtain Pikachu: Detective by clearing the Bolt of Brilliance Challenge, available until October 27th, at 7:59pm (PDT). These challenges include clearing certain Gimmicks and playing with certain Pokémon, which will reward the player with Golden Acorns, Milestone Cookies and Tarts.

In addition to this new set of challenges, players can also receive rewards from logging in to the game through the Break Time Stamps available until October 26th, at 7:59pm (PDT). Players can log-in for 10 days to get a total of 3,000 Golden Acorns, along with Tarts.

Sylveon: Festive returns in Pelipper Delivery!
Sylveon: Festive

For a limited-time, players can try obtaining or raising their Outfit Grade for Sylveon: Festive, a returning outfit for Sylveon, through Special Delivery in Pelipper Delivery. The Delivery will be available until October 18th, at 7:59pm (PDT).

Pelipper Delivery is only available for players who have completed Main Order #10.

Lucario: Masquerade returns in Special Pass!
For USD $20, players can obtain a Special Pass featuring Lucario: Masquerade, a returning outfit for Lucario. Sales period will go through until October 31st, at 7:59pm (PDT), and the Validity period will continue through until November 13th, at 7:59pm. Players who purchase this pass can complete orders and get stars in order to climb ranks and obtain rewards, including Golden Acorns, Tarts, Sweet Macarons, Lucario: Masquerade and Lucario Cookies.
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