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Wanted: Staff Writers

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Dec 29, 2002
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Hey, everyone!

Bulbagarden is (again) seeking knowledgeable people on any or all of the following Pokemon-related topics to write articles on them: Anime, Games, Manga, Shipping, and Community History. No coding experience whatsoever is required; however, you must be able to write properly in English. Any project you are assigned to will be in a collaborative and open work environment which makes interacting with other staff and looking up information very simple.

This does not require you to be especially prolific as a writer, but again it does require a decent writing style; contact evkl (well, myself...) or Zhen Lin for details.
I doubt I could write the articles but maybe I could be like an editor and check for mistakes once the articles are written. Heh, I just want to help with the site. ^_^;;;
You're already on the staff... But yes, we could do with some QA staff as well.
Yeah but I don't do anything for the site, just the forum. I want to help with the site.
Hmm... I can do some thing at the site.

Games Department
-Mostly in 3rd gen stuff (NOT DOING WALKTHROUGHS)

Magna Department
I could be an editor and write articles on the anime's dub and casual editorials on the games.
What would I have to cover, exactly, if I did shipping?
You could start by proofreading the list of shippers...

Or you could write full length articles discussing some of the more interesting pairings, or you could write on the shipping community rather than actual ships.

An additional note: We are not looking for opinion (editorial, review, etc) writers for this project. We are aiming for unbiased articles. However, if you would like to write opinionated articles, the other staff thread is for you. We are seeking people to do critical reviews - but not here.
Thanks, Lin, but I already talked to evkl and he pointed me in the right direction. I'm glad you told me that, though.
Evan, what do you mean by community history? Because, I've written on a couple sites before (tvrealm.com/thebasketballjones.com) and I wouldn't mind writing here.

I can probably do PokeNews and stuff if I get the info, or opinionated writing - that's what I've always been good at..
Well, I'm not sure if I know much about any of those topics, but I'm willing to try. I can write with the best of them and for information, there is nothing like some good research.

I can also write new articles on forum events.
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Opinionated articles are not what we are looking for on this project in particular; however, the main site is.
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