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Movies/TV What are your favourite TV shows?


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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Whether it be action, a comedy series, a drama series, what is your favourite TV series? Feel free to explain why and list more than one if you can't decide! I had a quick search and couldn't find a thread for this topic, but I might have missed it or not searched the exact terms.

Mine is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but it's definitely not for everyone, but I am a fan of the cast and I usually go for more comedic TV series anyways. It was also the TV show I watched when I wasn't in a particularly great place, so it was a great escape for me and I'll always hold it close to me! I'm also a fan of Parks and Recreation, that's a way more accessible show I would say and has a pretty star studded cast as well. Other comedic ones I like would be Arrested Development, Modern Family, Futurama and Community.

If I was to look at more serious shows I'd probably choose House of The Dragon, I thought Game of Thrones was okay, a bit overhyped but as for HOTD I really enjoyed it. The Mandalorian I also thought was really good in a time where Star Wars seems to be more quantity than quality imo. Wednesday was also very enjoyable.

There's probably way more I could list but I'm sure ill be reminded by other peoples suggestions as well.
always sunny and arrested development for sure, and seinfeld for comedy. sopranos probably number one all time tho
My father has a Netflix subscription but I don't. So while we may occasionally watch movies together, I do not really have a way to do the same with series conveniently.

I am more of a sitcom type and did like Friends, The Nanny and Two And A Half Men when they all aired in TV here. Wish I can get access to How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory sometime, until then random clips on social media and reading up about them has to suffice.
I like House of the Dragon too, it's what got me to actually seriously watch Game of Thrones funnily enough, so that's another one I like as well.

I also like Interview with the Vampire TV series, not as much as the book and movie, but the cast is pretty great and make it worth watching imo.

Last Man Standing is definitely my favorite sitcom, I just love Tim Allen so much as an actor and person. Parks and Recreation is another fun one, though I haven't watched it in a while; I'll admit though, I only really watched it mostly for Aubrey Plaza, she's so cool in general.

For animation, there's not too many Western animated series I really like, but I'd say King of the Hill and Futurama were the two I really enjoyed when I was younger. I remember watching Daria and Beavis and Butt-Head with my brother and parents too, since they enjoyed those two the most. They were all right but aside from a few jokes, didn't really endear to me as favorites.

I think there's more, but aside from those ones the rest are mostly anime that aired on TV when I was a kid. I'll probably add more if I remember, though.
i'm gonna be honest, most of what i watch is anime (some of my favorites being kakegurui, neon genesis evangelion, madoka magica, revolutionary girl utena, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, chainsaw man, and jjba) (mostly just parts 2 and 4-5, the others are ok but those are, well, my favorites. i'm not listing every anime i've ever watched here, obviously)
although naturally, i've watched stuff that is decidedly not anime as well and breaking bad and game of thrones are probably my two favorites. i like the office too.
i've never seen iasip or daria but i would like to. i've heard good things about the owl house as well. i can tell it's something i would have loved when i was younger, i'm not so sure about now, but maybe sometime i'll give it a shot
I've been really liking Seinfeld! At the last season now so will be done soon. Some crazy and funny moments, surprised it took me so long to watch lol.

For animation, My Little Pony: Friendship in Magic because I loved the art style (still miss it - the newest one is just not the same). That and Thundercats, I was so obsessed as a kid. Too bad the 2011 series never got past 26 eps. OH and Avatar the Last Airbender!! Amazing.
In terms of anime, City Hunter, JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, Dragon Ball Z.
For regular TV shows... I'd say the Simpsons (at least the early seasons), and there was "The Pretender", a series from 1996. Anybody watched it before ?
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