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What do you think a Pokémon game based on the anime should be like?


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Aug 6, 2019
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Granted, we've already had Pokémon Puzzle League and Ash appear in Masters, but if we were to ever get another game based on the anime, (not counting fan-made ones like AshGray) what do you think it should be like?
Granted, we've already had Pokémon Puzzle League and Ash appear in Masters, but if we were to ever get another game based on the anime, (not counting fan-made ones like AshGray) what do you think it should be like?
OMG! I have been thinking of this for some time. I think the way you start the game is that you can choose the Region you want to start in, and you start with one of the three typical starters within the Region. You beat the Region you start with, then go back to the Professor, who gives you a plane ticket, or boat ticket or train ticket depending on the next Region you want to go to. They contact the next professor, then you travel to the next Region, pick a new starter, then play continues on like that.

For example, let's say I start in Kanto. I select Bulbasaur, then go through the Region, beating the league in the process. I go back to Professor Oak, who asks where I want to go. Let's say my next choice is Johto. He contacts Elm, who plans to send me the starters and an updated Pokedex to Goldenrod City. I go on the train to Goldenrod, get Cyndaquil, then am tasked with going to New Bark before I start traveling through Johto.

etc. for the other Regions.
Like the above user said, let the player choose the region, but also let the player choose different professions such as Ranger, Trainer, Coordinator, Pokemon Doctor, Breeder and so on. It needs to be a game with much more liberty than the mainline games.
If we ever got a more traditional Pokémon game set in the animeverse, I think it'd only make sense if it didn't follow the same rules of the main games. I could see it being a spinoff sort of in the same vein as Colosseum/XD or even PLA, where it's mostly comparable to core series gameplay but with a few key twists on the usual catching/battling formula that set it apart. Maybe it could even forgo it altogether to have a unique gimmick like Ranger? I imagine it'd probably be most similar to one of the movies; as in, a self-contained story featuring the main cast and a few original characters to drive the plot.

Though speaking from a total wishful thinking standpoint, I would love an official game that was just a direct adaptation or continuation of the pre-Horizons anime series. I guess Yellow is probably the closest thing I'll ever get to that. :p
I've thought about this before, especially since the last year or so when Ash was officially retired and Dragon Quest Dai got a video game adaptation.

For one thing the show is sort of notable for very strong unevolved Pokémon being common (especially in the earlier years). Does that mean completely changing the traditional system, maybe to something closer to some of the Monster Rancher or Digimon games where any species can get their stats very high?

And of course there's the question of if this is simply taking place in the anime's version of the world, is using the characters for a new story, or if it's a direct adaptation of one or more series. That could be potentially tricky; do you let the player catch their own Pokémon or are they locked to Ash's team? An attempt to adapt the full show would be incredibly bloated if it doesn't skip over most of it, and raises questions like if you would have to lose the leagues and major defeats like Lake Acuity or not (That was something I found got really frustrating in the Dragon Ball based games we got after the pre-English era).
One thing I would love to see is while Ash is the playable character, ALL of his traveling companions throughout the series are party members that can be freely swapped. Along with character interactions between friends that never interacted with or even met each other.
It could be fun if it's faithful to Ash's journey. Yellow version tried to be as close to the anime as possible given the technology at the time yet it basically just felt like Red/Green/Blue version with a few subtle changes. The option to visit every region would be nice though.
For Generations 2-6 I'll just repost my old ideas with some tweaks.
Gen II-Pokemon Yellow Bronze
-After Silver is defeated the first time, the PC sees Ho-Oh flying in the sky.
-Misty and Brock get multiple cameos throughout the story, some of them are battles.
-Liza appears as a Cool Trainer in the Victory Road, she uses 2 Charizard.
-The GS ball is given to you early in the game, and after Kurt unlocks it you are given a Shiny Noctowl.
-With that in mind, you need the Oak's notebook item to unlock the Celebi event.
-Casey appears in National Park, and if you show her a Chikorita you will unlock a baseball minigame.
-Gary's team is similiar to the one he used in the league.
-In order to get Lugia, you have to convince Melody to play the song, and then take her to the Whirl Islands. After she plays the song, Lugia appears and "The Legend comes to life" plays in the background, both in the cutscene and in the battle. I DIED OF EPICNESS WHILE THINKING IN THIS, JUST IMAGINE

Gen III-Pokemon Yellow Advanced
-More similar to Emerald than anything else, except that there are Contest Halls instead of Battle Tents.
-Proffesor Birch and Norman don't have a relationship to any PC, and you live with a generic mom.
-Norman's house is in Petalburg City, and there you can find Max wchich gives you some adventure tips. After the league he is training with his father.
-Brody and his antics are included.
-Steven's postgame battle is in Granite Cave, and he wears his AG clothes.
-Drew is Wally's idol.
-Is a lot easier to reach the Battle Brains, and they have their anime teams. Brandon is unlocked after obtaining the other 6 symbols. The NPCs make many references to it taking place in Kanto some time ago.
-The aristan cave now is full of Pokemon who recieved some focus during the Battle Frontier arc: Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Onix, Sudowoodo...

Gen IV-Pokemon Yellow Topaz
-Gary takes Dawn/Lucas 's role as Rowan's assistant, and thus you battle him many times. The PC you didn't choose show up many times to give you support, but you never battle him/her.
-Paul appears and you battle him multiple times.
-There is an special animation when your starter ability activates which mimics Infernape's Blaze.
-Brock and...Autumn (?) run the day care.
-The lake spirits get cameos during the game, and you bond with all 3 of them.
-Lyra and Khoury appear late in the game as a lass and a Pokemaniac, with a full team of Johto Pokemon.
-A NPC offers to trade an Aipom for a Buizel.

Gen V-Pokemon Yellow: Best Wishes
-The story has young Bianca but new Cheren and new Team Plasma.
-All 11 gyms are available to be challenged in any order, but if you choose to battle Lenora Cheren is unlocked until post-league and viceversa.
-Iris appears early in the game and helps you, but also insults you sometimes. You don't battle her until the league, where she is revelated to be the champion. (I ended up predicting Journeys lol)
-Cilan can be called in the Xtransciever to do tasting tests between you and your Pokemon.
-Team Rocket is the villain in the pre-league section, some of their encounters are different and some are gone. You battle much more grunts than in the anime, but much less than the gen 1&2 games. Their climax is similar to BW098-BW099.
-Team Plasma gets many cameos during the pre-league section, and then become the main objetive in the postgame.
-Porter is the capitain of the royal Unova, and many of the passengers there make multiple references to the Decolore Islands.
-Luke appears in the Pokewood.
-Black City/White Forest is replaced by the Village of Dragons, where we learn things about Iris's past.
-The PWT is replaced by the Don Battle clubs, and they include gym leaders, anime characters, Dawn, Cynthia and Caitlin.

Gen VI-Pokemon Yellow W/Pokemon Yellow A/Pokemon Yellow S/Pokemon Yellow P
(No, I'm not suggesting 4 versions, I just coudln't settle on a name. W because is close to X&Y in the alphabet, A & S for Ash and Satoshi and P for Pikachu.)
-Clemont & Bonnie give you a tour in your first visit in Lumiose City, and threat you as a very close friend. Clemont has his gym leader anime team when you battle him.
-Sycamore's team includes Mega Garchomp.
-Your rival Calem/Serena is replaced by Sawyer, who instead of being a rookie has a similar battle level to you.
-There's a feature called "Episode Alain" which works the same way the Special Episodes of MM:Explorers of Sky, you get a new story after certain points in the game and you can transfer items to the main game.
-Serena's default outfit is her second outfit from the anime, but you can unlock her first outfit and her Showcase dresses via Character customization.
-Gastly and Haunter are available in the spooky house from route 14. In that same route there's a sign that reads that one day a great battle between a Florges and a Goodra happened.
-If you do certain things you will unlock a battle with Bonnie as an easter egg, she will own a level 80 Zygarde 50%.
-Alternate forms for your starter are included.

For Sun & Moon, I think of something similar to SV in that it's open world but the school is frond and center, and unlike that game you have to make progress in the school to unlock new areas. Classes available are Types & Z-moves (Kukui), health (Nurse Joy), safety (Officer Jenny), dance (Anela), advanced combat (Hala, unlocked after you beat him) and archeology (Olivia, unlocked after you beat her) but those are mostly optional, progress is made after completing certain missions which resemble anime episodes. The league is also very similar to the anime version.

Journeys is hard as it would be impossible to recreate the whole Pokemon world, so I think of something like a fixed-level RPG where in each one you control a different character. That would also be a sign of the level's difficulty, with Chloe being easy, Goh being medium and Ash hard. Goh and Chloe's levels would be more about exploration and catching while Ash's would involve bonding (or evolving) a Pokemon and then battling a boss main-series style. Some parts are changed, added or removed to fit more a game's pace. The level list would be something like this.
  1. Tutorial
  2. Galar Wild Area (Goh)
  3. Cerise Lab (Chloe)
  4. Dragonite & Lance (Ash)
  5. Vermilion City (Goh)
  6. Gengar & Vermilion Gym (Ash)
  7. Petalburg Woods (Goh)
  8. Cerise Neighborhood (Chloe)
  9. Riolu & Kalos Festival (Ash)
  10. Route 111 (Goh)
  11. Farfetch'd & Bea (Ash)
  12. Eevee Lab (Chloe)
  13. Slumbering Weald (Ash & Goh)
  14. Hammerlocke Stadium (Ash & Goh)
  15. Johto Lake (Goh)
  16. Glimwood Tangle (Chloe)
  17. Sirfetch'd & Rinto (Ash)
  18. Pallet Town (Goh)
  19. Lilycove City (Chloe)
  20. Dracovish & Iris (Ash)
  21. Mt Coronet (Goh)
  22. Fullmoon Island (Chloe)
  23. Lucario & Volkner (Ash)
  24. Colossus Ruins (Goh)
  25. Eclipse Castle (Chloe)
  26. Mega Lucario & Bea (Ash)
  27. Hoenn undersea (Goh)
  28. Vermilion School (Chloe)
  29. Gates of Warp (Ash, Goh and Chloe)
  30. Gengar Gigantamax & Allistair & Marnie (Ash)
  31. Celadon City (Chloe)
  32. Seafoam Islands (Goh)
  33. Dracovish II & Drasna (Ash)
  34. Pokemon Circus (Chloe)
  35. Abandoned Ship (Goh)
  36. Mega Lucario II & Raihan (Ash)
  37. Contest Spectacular (Chloe)
  38. Split Decision Ruins (Goh)
  39. Eeveelution Battle Royale (Chloe)
  40. Project Mew (Goh)
  41. Masters Tournament I (Ash)
  42. Masters Tournament II (Ash)
  43. Epilogue (Ash, Goh and Chloe)
  44. Secret level: Misty's challenge (Chloe)
  45. Secret level: Team Rocket's challenge (Goh)
  46. Secret level: Latios' challenge (Ash)
Had to make an account when google brought me to this thread.

There are some great fan games dedicated to following the anime, be it loosely or with guard rails.

For example:

1.) Pokémon Ash Gray
Pokemon Ash Gray: This rom hack is an amazing attempt at recreating OS-1, indigo league + a bit of the orange league. Its really fun and great for nostalgia.

2.) Pokémon AshRed
This fanmade game, pokemon ashred, is an amazing journey through 9 gens of the anime (loosely).
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What are some interactions between Ash's friends you would love to see happen? Particularly between those who never met?
i find it kind of surprising we never got an anime influenced game since Yellow. i would like to see a remake of Yellow in the same style of FireRed and LeafGreen
Me, I would have a REMAKE of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Anime series in the style of Final Fantasy VII Remake with Unreal Engine and really awesome graphics and a great soundtrack plus including the 4 DP films in the project.
Pokken meets the DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi series. Gigantic roster of Pokemon in a 3d arena fighter with each in sets of 3 being representative for a big Pokemon anime trainer. Where relevant, certain trainers would have multiple variants with different Pokemon.

Let's use Ash as an example:

Ash (Kanto): Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax
Ash (Johto): Pikachu, Heracross, Bayleef
Ash (Hoenn): Pikachu, Sceptile, Swellow
Ash (Sinnoh): Pikachu, Infernape, Gliscor
Ash (Unova): Pikachu, Leavanny, Oshawott
Ash (Kalos): Pikachu, Greninja, Goodra
Ash (Alola): Pikachu, Melmetal, Incineroar
Ash (Journeys): Pikachu, Lucario, Dracovish

Toss in a story mode that takes you from the first fights in Kanto all the way to the climactic duel with Leon and you've got a pretty cool celebration of the Ashnime on your hands.

Now which one of these alts I listed would be Ash (Mid)...?
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