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What was the best team you have ever had on any Pokémon games?

In my very first playthrough of SwSh, I used Venusaur, Luxray, Lucario, G. Darmanitan, Chandelure, and Primarina. That team was pure power and is probably my favorite.

In USUM, I used Arcanine, Ampharos, Floatzel, Lucario, Serperior, and M. Lycanroc. I remember that I played through the entire first island as Popplio/Brionne, caught Growlithe, Rockruff, and Mareep, then finally bred for Riolu, Snivy, and Buizel. Quite complicated but it was worth it.
My first violet playthrough team
I forgor :( the quaquaval (couldn't figure out a good nickname
Sanalite the dauchsbun
Soulder the ceruledge
Mow form rotom
My playthrough of sword was a mild disaster when it came to the team, so much switching out and in was done…. I’m proud of myself for doing a normal actually pretty good team for shield :)
That team was;
Inteleon, tsareena, Lucario, flygon, gastrodon, and noivern
The title says it all.
For me, I’d say this is probs my best (or one of the best) team in BW (I played Black and White, don’t have the sequels yet; this is Black version):
  • Pignite (really close to evolving) (starter as well as part of the OG 3)
  • Stoutland (the strongest on the team) (one of my first catches and part of the OG 3)
  • Watchog (one of my first catches and part of the OG three)
  • Deerling (no clue when it evolves)
  • Foongus (no clue when it evolves)
  • Don’t remember what the last member was Swoobat (named Banana)
This team is about in their 20s-30s, one of the members is level 15 and another is 12, no clue who these preteen/teenage Pokémon are

Edit as of almost 8 in the morning: I guess I left out my multi-game Swoobat, Banana (It’s also in Shield as my main member, level 60s-70s)
Another edit: I legit remembered Banana after I opened up a note in Notes that has my entire team; in that Note, I realized 4/6 of my team is Male and 4/6 (half male, half female) has been nicknamed
Ive got a decent stacked team in pokemon go and scarlet
-shadow mewtwo(shadowMew2)
-shiny greninja
My scarlet team
-florgatos evolved form whatever it was LV100
-mew LV100
Hisuan zoroark LV100
-shiny zoroark LV100
-ogerpon Lv97
Mewtwo LV100

If you think its stacked im a pokemon unite worlds participant a pokemon go nationals winner and nationals participant in scarlet
So yeah
I like to think all my teams are great but then I go to online battles or team ranking sites and I get immediately crushed. I’ll list all my Teams cause I just can’t pick

george (infernape)
bbud (bibarel, don’t ask)

three water types, I know, but these guys managed to beat Cynthia so idk

wobbufett (my beautiful ace wobbufet who’s the only reason I beat Leon and half the gym leaders)

luxray (I’m sorry I got really attached to it in sinnoh and now I try to get one in every game it’s in)
gardevoir (you can never have too many of these)
ceruledge (I love this mon it’s beautifu)
mismaguis (I needed to catch a misdreavus)
Gogoat (shiny!)
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