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Whats your craziest shiny hunting story?


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Apr 29, 2013
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I was shiny hunting glimmet today. After searching a lot for one, i finally found a shiny. I had only 1 fast ball and used it on him. However, he escaped and used self destruct! I was so angry! I closed my game immediately, because my auto save was turned on. When i returned to the game, the sandwich effect had ended, and the shiny glimmet wasnt there anymore. I had used my last herba mistica in that sandwich, used to lure the glimmets. I was so sad... however, the fast ball that I used on the glimmet was still there. This meant the game didnt save after the glimmet used selfdestruct. This gave me some hope that I could still find that glimmet somewhere.

I looked for info in the internet, and in one site, they said that the sandwiches didnt actually create the pokemon, they just lure the pokemon that the game would spawn anyway to you. I didnt find this info in any other site, but if this was true , the glimmet was still somewhere. I turned off the autosave and around 20 min later , I was about to give up, when I found the shiny glimmet at the entrance of the cave I found him before! This time , I saved the game just before trying to catch him , used the fast ball on him again , he escaped the ball again, but he used sandstorm instead of selfdestruct, so I used a repeat ball and finally caught him!

I just looked at the caracteristic of my shiny glimmet and it is... "Quick to flee".....

So, do you have some crazy shiny hunting story too?
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That's not really a Shiny hunting story because I was technically not hunting but when I played Sun and Moon, I accidentally ran into one of the sand traps of Hano Grand Resort. And I totally remember saying (to the person next to me) "Oh no... Not again... Unless it's a Shiny Sandygast". And a split second later, the Pokémon I encountered turned out to be... A Shiny Sandygast :staryu:
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i wasnt hunting when i found it, but when i started scarlet for the first time, literally right out the gate!, the psyduck that stands next to the bridge past the lighthouse in south province area one was bright blue! i thought it was a visual glitch at first bc it was pretty much right when the game came out and it was just kind of especially notorious for that at the time but sure enough, first shiny of the game and i'd barely put 10 mins in O: (the whole rest of the playthru i wound up only finding 2 stupid gogoats >_<!!!!!)
Both the shinys I have in Violet, I found while I was hunting...for something else.

I caught my first while scouring Glaseado Mountain for a Frigibax or Arctibax. I stumbled across a pack of Sneasel and saw one of them was bright pink. I caught her and named her Rosy.

I caught my second while trying to find the last few ominous stakes around Firescourge Shrine. The game was up on the TV and my sister was casually watching. While I had my head down pulling up a stake location guide on my phone, my sister suddenly yelled, "Look, look, the Lucario!" I looked up, and sure enough, the leader of a nearby pack of Riolu was shiny. I caught him in a color-coordinated Ultra Ball and named him Magnus.

My craziest shiny story overall, though, is probably one from Legends: Arceus. In Legends, I was shaking trees looking for Cherubi, when a shiny Vespiquen literally fell on my head.

Also have a "best-worst" shiny story from Platinum. A Bibarel popped out of the grass and I thought I saw a flash. But the Bibarel looked perfectly normal, so I spent a good couple minutes wondering if it had been my imagination. Eventually, I decided that the worst I would lose was a few Pokeballs, so I might as well try to catch it. I'm glad I did, because it was, in fact, a shiny. I couldn't tell what the difference was until I toggled the sprites back and forth in the Pokedex a couple times.
I spent 5 DAYS hunting a shiny Nymble on Scarlet. I wasted 8 Bug Encounter lv.2 sandwiches and 5 Bug Encounter lv.3/Sparkling Power lv.3 sandwiches on a single Nymble. Tried hunting it in different places but ultimately decided to hunt it on the entrance to the Segin Base.
My aunt tried to help me but we got 3 completely different shinies before the Nymble: a Rookidee (I captured it), a Pawmot (my aunt kept it) and a Skiddo (does not exist anymore since I restarted the game in order to keep my Herbs)
After almost an entire week wasted on the impossible shiny Nymble, the little shit appeared the moment my sandwich effect ended.
I still can't believe how hard it was to capture it. With just a lv. 2 Bug Encounter power you can find Nymbles pretty much everywhere. It took me so long I have maxed out the ingredients that Klawf, Skiddo and Flittle drop since they sometimes spawned next to the Nymbles.
Was exploring the Coronet Highlands one day and I accidentially fell off a cliff. Once I landed, I heard the shiny sound and immediately moved to find it, and in front of me was not one, but two random shiny Ursaring staring me in the face. One of them kinda attacked me but I caught them quickly so we don't talk about that.
So Castform. Cute little ball. I liked what I saw from its shiny form, but I noticed none of the sites showed what its shiny transformations looked like. So I decided I'd see for myself. So I reset. And I reset. And I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset, and I reset...

People who started after Gen 3 day don't know how awful it was to shiny hunt back then. Or conversely, they might not know it could be as much as 1/64 with a Shiny Ditto in GSC, but there was no help and no luck and no practical way to RNG manipulate in that specific generation. So I reset and I reset and I reset, ad infinitum, until it finally appeared. I took it outside in triumph to see what it looked like in the rain and...


Yeah, I learned the hard way that it didn't have shiny forms in its transformed states. I was pretty pissed. But a little under two decades later I finally had the last laugh as HOME did indeed implement shiny variations of the Castform forms. Of course the thing is in DexIt hell, so I might not ever get to use it in a game, but still.

That's my crazy shiny hunting story, but it isn't my craziest shiny story. That dubious honor would go to Shiny Raticate with Pokerus I found in Japanese Black2 (which I won in one of the old contests here). I was trying to look for a Gothorita and a shiny popped instead. I was floored when I saw Pokerus, however. Doesn't count here though because I wasn't explicitly hunting, but it's always a story worth telling.
I was trying to get a shiny Snover in an outbreak. I didn't find the Snover, but I did get a shiny Delibird, a shiny Sneasel, and a shiny Cetoddle.
I've spent months trying to catch a Shiny Scyther in PLA, and even with a perfect Dex entry, Louisa didn't find one by the time SV were released. Yet, while Cecilia was doing some level grinding near Lake Casseroya, she spotted a Shiny Scyther and caught him (he's now a Scizor). The irony that someone who (at this point) didn't have a Shiny Charm nor a sandwich effect caught a desired Shiny after another who had the max odds never encountered one didn't escape me.

Although this leads to another Crazy Shiny Hunting Story in PLA for the same species. During a Massive Mass Outbreak in the Obsidian Fieldlands, Louisa had just reached the Heartwood on her way to a Buneary outbreak where she heard the Shiny chime. As it turned out, the nearby Alpha Scyther was Shiny, and Louisa caught her (she's now a Kleavor). Just minutes later, during the second wave of the Buneary outbreak, a Shiny Lopunny spawned as well, so that's two Shiny Pokémon in five minutes.

This record was beaten the very next day in the Crimson Mirelands when Louisa caught two Shiny Petilil in the same Massive Mass Outbreak within seconds of each other, followed by a Shiny Paras just minutes later.

My most recent crazy capture as of this post has Cecilia going through the Terarium while grinding for BPs. After sending her Excadrill out to battle some nearby Pokémon for the "Defeat 10 wild Pokémon using Auto Battle!" quest, Excadrill refused to attack a Minior. So, I saved the game, triggered the battle, and the floating rock had stars briefly go around it. Good thing they didn't explode firsthand, given my history with Minior and their use of Self-Destruct/Explosion at first sight even back in Generation VII.
Abra in Legends: Arceus

I was just clearing out an Abra mass outbreak (I think I had just gone to the Crimson Mirelands, although I was in the Obsidian Fieldlands at the time). All of a sudden shiny sound and sparkle. I instinctively threw my Poke Ball at the Abra, but a while later, shiny sound and sparkle. Abra. I thought it had just escaped, so I threw my ball at it and finished clearing the hoard. When I got back, I only had one Abra, which I expected. But thinking about it now, the Abra would’ve escaped a lot sooner, and I wouldn’t have heard the shiny sound again. My theory is that it escaped but that another one popped up as a second chance. Some insane luck!

Although, now that I think about it, that might not be the craziest one. I think it’s an Alpha Lucario in Legends Arceus

One time, I saw that there was a Riolu mass outbreak, so I went over and started shiny hunting because Lucario is my favorite Pokémon. Anyway, before that, I decreed that if there was another shiny, since you can’t keep the shiny and continue shiny hunting the way I was doing it, that I would give up. shiny Machop. After clearing out the rest of the Riolus to no avail, I decided to do a little work getting materials and training up my Magikarp to lvl 90 for that stupid Magikarp’s Path of Solitude side quest. Anyway, I decided to go defeat the Alpha Lucario before it killed me (I was in that area), and lo and behold, it was shiny. What a coincidence! I failed a Riolu mass outbreak, trying to get one to evolve into Lucario, and then I straight-up got a shiny ALPHA Lucario!

These were definitely my two craziest shinies!

Edit: The italics are supposed to be asterisks around the words but I guess Bulbagarden makes words with asterisks around them italics

Edit 2: I have currently caught 8.05% of the ShinyDex!
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I tried to breed an Inkay for trade on X.
The parents farted out two shinies in ten Eggs. No females so no, I couldn't trade. #FML

While in the Synchro Machine on Violet, I was trying to get the "Beat 10 Pokémon in Auto Battles" BBQ while in the Savanah Biome. My Golurk, Riser, was putting the holy smackdown on a group of Charmander when I noticed that one looked yellow. I immediately ended the Sync, raced back to that spot, nearly getting clipped by a suicidal Doduo, and raced up to the Charmander.

Yep. Shiny. Did I mention that Charmander is my absolute least favorite Pokémon? That I'm utterly sick of it?

Didn't matter, free shiny. So yeah, I caught it. And named him Lucky.

An hour afterwards, I got rushed by a shiny Rhyhorn. That was a weird day.
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