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EVERYONE: When Koraidon Breaks Loose

Mar 6, 2023
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Forwards are kind of silly in my opinion as the reader shouldn’t need the writer’s perspective to enjoy the story. Though, I decided to write one as I enjoy reading forward and hope that anyone else who reads this enjoys reading it too

I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this story. I’ve had it sitting around for a while and I wanted to make my first post here in the writer’s workshop bearable. I was quite unsure if anybody would care to read on after just reading the first few sentences so I held back a bit on posting this as this story didn’t really speak to me. But I just decided to let all break loose as you can tell.

There’s nothing too offensive in this story, Just some light cursing without the use of profanity I think. There’s cartoon violence with no negative outcomes nor are they really descriptive.

There is some slight hints at AlexandrianShipping but I don’t think anybody respectable will be offended by that. (It’s okay for people not be as invested in the story just because of the shipping because I can relate)

Poco Path, Six Years Before the Events of Scarlet and Violet
In an extremely secluded place off the beaten path, there lies a lighthouse. Inside the lighthouse is a boy, about ten years old, sitting in front of a TV too old for an era such as this.
“This just in from the Alola Region. The President of the Aether Foundation has just been recovered. Though, according to her daughter, some boy took off to stop this beast that combined with what we know as a Solgaleo. We will have more information later.”
“Boring!” says the boy. He is watching the TV with his good pal, Maschiff. He is currently caring for the paradox Pokémon, Koraidon. “I wanna see that stuff with my own eyes. I wish I lived in Alola. . . . instead of being stuck here in this lighthouse.”
The boy scrolls through the channels on the TV to see if he can find anything. He then sees the image of a Ho-oh on screen and is captivated by it. “These things are amazing! This thing’s cooler than Koraidon, isn’t it?”
“Professor Oak may have a replacement as he is continuously aging. In short time, his Assistant Professor will take his place. This is the first time Oak has given anyone the title of his ‘Assistant Professor’. We have reached out to Blue Oak, Samuel Oak, and the Assistant Professor but have received no word-“
“Gossip broadcast from Kanto all the way to Paldea.”
The boy decides to sit back and watch documentaries. He encounters one about Galar’s curry recipes. After a day’s worth of being in front of this old television, it is time for him to go to sleep.
The boy wakes up in the middle of the night to hear sounds of a boat’s horn. He hears bells ringing too. He looks out and notices he forgot to turn the light on. He’s supposed to have it on automatic but his mom never told him how to do that. He notices that it is also foggy outside.
“Why is this boat arriving here? Shouldn’t it being going to Porto Marinada?” The boy runs up the stairs of the lighthouse and pulls down a lever that activates the light. “There we go.” He pulls out his goggles and takes a closer look at the ship. It looks as if it crashed on the beach. “I should probably see if they’re okay.” The boy runs down the stairs and into The Pokemon Lab. “I’ll be right back, Maschiff. I just have to investigate the beach.” His Maschiff slowly groans awake. “Alright Talonflame, you’re my guide tonight. Unlike either of my parents,” the boy scoffs.
The boy walks across the grass in extremely casual clothes with a t-shirt and some pants. He walks with only one Pokémon and no light. After a short walk, he arrives at the beach where he sees some silhouettes talking with each other. He approaches them with light steps.
“Just like the S.S. Anne all those years ago,” says a formally dressed girl with her hair down.
“That lighthouse should’ve been lit up!” replies the silhouette in a dress with long hair.
“You shouldn’t have come here,” says the boy. “There are better places to go in Paldea besides Poco Path. Why didn’t you arrive in Porto Marinada?”
“We’re here to map the area. We come from Johto.”
“That’s far away. We usually don’t get visitors from Johto. Mostly Kalos and Galar. Who are you two?”
“I’m Kris, the Assistant Professor of the Kanto Region and Lead Researcher of Rocket Research.”
“And I’m Jasmine, I specialized in steel types as the former Gym Leader and am the current lighthouse keeper of Olivine City.”
“And, who are you?”
“I’m Arven.”
“Are you the keeper of that lighthouse over there?” questions Jasmine.
“Not really. Wasn’t much of a choice if I am,” Arven replies.
“It’s against protocol to not have the light on at night, especially in this weather.”
“So what? The ship isn’t that bad.”
“It’s still not an excuse,” replies Jasmine.
“I really don’t care. Why didn’t you just go to Porto Marinada where they have an actual lighthouse keeper?”
“That still doesn’t make up for this ship,” corners Kris.
“I’m going back now,” states Arven.
“We need a place to stay,” says Kris.
“Can’t you just stay in the ship?”
“For one,” begins Jasmine, “it’s too dangerous. Even if the ship didn’t crash we would still need a place to stay,”
“I guess I don’t have much of a choice, do I.”
“I don’t think so,” replies Kris.
“My mom’s a Pokémon Professor. There’s no way she’d allow you two in the lab.”
“I wouldn’t argue with her,” replies Kris. “But, I’m still staying at the lighthouse. I promise we won’t cause any trouble.”
Arven looks at Jasmine to see if she agrees.
“I won’t either.”
“Good. Because I’d be in big trouble if you did.”
For the night, Kris decides to paint the night sky at the top of the lighthouse. Further down in the lighthouse, Arven is serving his guest.
“Orange juice or grape juice,” asks Arven.
“Tea by any chance?”
“Don’t have any. Only juice. So, will it be orange or grape?”
“I’ll take grape,” replies Jasmine.
Jasmine takes a sip of it from a clear glass cup. Arven stands around, waiting for her to finish. Jasmine closes her eyes for a couple of seconds to focus in on the moment.
“We should probably be getting some sleep soon,” interjects Arven.
Jasmine remains silent.
“It is not the time right now,” replies Jasmine as she opens her eyes.
“Still, I’m going to sleep right now. I’m pretty tired.”
“I want to inspect the lighthouse. It’s my duty as part of a trainer and lighthouse keeper in the world.”
“Can’t you do that on your own?”
“I will show you things. Things you do not know.”
“We can do that in the morning.”
“Time passes quickly in this world. If Kris and I were to stay on schedule, we should leave by tomorrow morning. That would not leave us enough time to inspect the lighthouse.” Jasmine gets up out of her chair and pushes her chair into the table as she works towards the stairs of the lighthouse. “Hurry along so you can fall asleep when it’s still dark.”
Arven and Jasmine walk up the dark stairs of lighthouse and into the lantern room.
“This seems to be on the modern side of lighthouses.”
“Yeah. What else is there?” questions Arven.
“Back in Johto, the Olivine City Lighthouse is lit by a Pokémon,” replies Jasmine
“That’s interesting. But also not as reliable.”
“A lighthouse such as that is as reliable as the lighthouse keeper.”
“Then why’re you away? You’re the lighthouse keeper, aren’t you? That doesn’t make you that reliable then.”
“I have some old friends from Hoenn helping out.”
“But still, that’s doesn’t take away from the point that-”
“Let’s cut the chatter and focus on the moment right now.” Jasmine finds a circuit box. She checks to make sure all of the wiring is correct.
“So, if your lighthouse is run by a Pokémon, how do you know about this stuff with modern lighthouses like this one.” asks Arven.
“My husband’s pretty handy with hardware like this. I’ve learned a lot just by watching and having conversation. He’s also showed quite a few things too. Flashlight?”
“I only have this small one. I keep it in my pocket all the time.”
“That’ll do,” replies Jasmine as she lights it up to see better inside the dark circuit box. “Back in my husband’s hometown, he was the person you’d go to for help with hardware. He was pretty bored and depressed from doing nothing but that and battling weak trainers. Alright, it looks like I’m done here. Everything’s in the right place. We just need to find out which button we press to put it on automatic. I wish this lighthouse was as simple as the one in Olivine or as up to date as the one in Sunyshore.”
“You’ve been to Sinnoh?”
“Yes I have,” replies Jasmine looking around to find a button. “Where’s the lever to just turn it on?”
“It’s right over there.”
Jasmine walks right over and observes the area.
“I’ve learned a lot about Sinnoh. Mostly from those shows on television Wasn’t it like two decades ago when that crazy man who tried to make a new world with Dialga and Palkia but failed miserably?”
“I’d rather not want to be thinking about that right now. What could’ve happened is beyond me. Some may understand it but I’ll never. It almost reminds me of what went down in Kalos and Unova. It seems to almost be happening in Alola too. Have you heard anything about Johto?”
“I’ve heard of the burned tower.”
“That’s common knowledge I’d say.” Jasmine looks around in all of the nooks and crannies around the lever to still find nothing. “I can’t find it!”
All of a sudden, the lighthouse shakes and the beacon goes out along with all of the lights and anything electrical. Kris drops her paintbrush and runs into the lantern room to see what happened.
“What’s going on, here?” questions Kris.
“I was just trying to put the beacon on automatic until the power went completely off,” replies Jasmine.
Kris looks around the lighthouse that is only lit by the light of a crescent moon. “Jasmine, this place looks like it hasn’t been renovated since, well, the birth of Battle Legend Red.”
“I can see where you’re coming from.”
“We need to find out what happened to the power,” states Kris. “You have flashlights, kid?”
“I keep them downstairs. I never thought you would need one when there’s this big bright light.”
“I hope I don’t trip and fall,” sarcastically grumbles Kris.
“Just hang onto the rails, Assistant Professor.”
Kris sighs while biting her lip at Arven. Down the stairs they go to
Arven finds the flashlight and hands them towards the two girls.
“Alright, now that we have flashlights, we should check the power generator and also call the local authorities.”
“I’ll investigate to see if something happened,” replies Arven.
“I think you should come with us,” states Jasmine. “Without the power, we don’t know what lurks around. It’d be better if we stuck together.”
“I know this place. I just need to make sure that something didn’t happen. I’ll reunite with you both once I check.”
“Alright, sounds like a plan,” states Kris.
“I’m going with him,” says Jasmine.
“There’s a secret. You can’t see it. You’re not supposed to see it.”
“What is it?” questions Kris.
“All of us would be in trouble if anyone except for my mom and I were to know about it.”
“We’re still going with you,” argues Jasmine.
“Alright, fine,” compromises Arven. “Just don’t look around the room too hard. No flashlights too. And when we’re going there, follow my lead. You’ll get lost if you don’t.”
Jasmine and Kris follow Arven through the dark lighthouse. Arven grabs onto a doorhandles.
“This is the room,” announces Arven. “Close your eyes. I know you can still see in the dark.” This room happens to be the lab room, unbeknownst to Kris and Jasmine. Arven investigates the lab, mainly with his hands.. He closes his eyes so he will have a better sense of what he is touching. He finds the spot he is looking for and grabs for an object. He gets a hold of an open Pokéball. “Uh oh. How did that happen?”
“What’re you talking about, Arven?” questions Kris. Kris approaches Arven, by following his voice. She opens her eyes for a quick peak. “Holy Shelder! What happened there?”
“I know,” acknowledges Arven. “That giant hole in the wall only means big trouble. I have to go after it. Before anybody else sees it. And before it causes any trouble.”
“What’s going on here?” asks Kris.
Arven grabs a backpack from a nearby table. He makes sure his Pokémon are secure on his belt.
“You shouldn’t go looking for this thing all by yourself,” warns Jasmine.
“We’re probably going to see it anyways,” says Kris.
“I have to keep a promise with my mom,” replies Arven. “To never let anyone see it. This is how I do it.”
“But what if it goes to a nearby town? We can stop it now and only us two will see it,” reasons Kris.
“That’s not how I roll. “Defend the fort and protect my Maschiff! If the beast comes here, all I can tell you is run.”
“And if you don’t come back?” asks Kris.
“If I don’t, there’s really nothing you can do.”
Arven walks out of the hole in the lighthouse, and runs out into the darkness and grasslands that surround the lighthouse. Arven turns on his flashlight to see. On the ground, he sees an entire pack of fainted Lechonks. He shines a light at a Scatterbug looking for any of its kind that might be remaining in the area. Arven approaches the Scatterbug to attempt to communicate with it. It then flees, being frightened of the presence of a single human such as Arven. Arven hears the roaring of the “thing” in the distance. Arven sends his Talonflame out of its Pokéball.
“Be ready to attack, pal.” His Talonflame cries a cry of courage and confidence. In a split second, a wild Hoppip gets tossed right into his face, knocking him down. It seems to have fainted. The Talonflame roars a bit at the Hoppip to prevent it from attacking. “There’s no need to worry about that little thing. It’s too weak to attack us. We’re not after it anyways.”
A silhouette roars a piercing scream at Arven. Arven gets back up and steps forward with his Talonflame right by his side. The silhouette notices Arven’s presence. It continues to fight the pack of Hoppip and throws an another one off the cliff and straight into Arven which he swiftly dodges this time. Arven steps another foot forward.
“Alright Koraidon, take it easy,” says Arven, gently, as he approaches it. Koraidon jumps off the cliff and lands perfectly on its feet while also shaking the ground causing Arven to fall over again. “If you can’t stay calm, you know what’s going to happen.” Arven gets in a stance where at any second, Talonflame would be ready for an attack.
Arven and Koraidon have a stare-down for a second before Koraidon comes charging at Arven. Arven is immediately knocked to the ground and trampled over where Talonflame is left to defend for itself. Koraidon throws the Talonflame into a tree, preventing it from fighting back. Arven is now tired and unable to get up. The Koraidon roars out loud to tell everyone of his victory.
“Help,” Arven croaks weakly.
Back at the lighthouse, Jasmine and Kris are snooping around the lab room.
“Did you hear that, Kris?” asks Jasmine.
“Yeah, I heard it too. Do you think it was the thing Arven was talking about?” replies Kris.
“It sounded dangerous. Just like Arven explained”
“We should check,” says Kris as she grabs her backpack. “Almost reminds me of a Gyrados’ scream. Do you have all your Pokémon?”
“Yes I do. I think we should also take that Pokéball. The thing he probably didn’t want us to see was in that Pokéball.”
“Alright, gotcha. Let’s get go!”
Maschiff barks, cheering them on, as Kris and Jasmine both jump through the big hole in the wall. They run out into the direction they heard the roar in. Arven’s Maschiff follows along. Jasmine turns on her flashlight. Kris does the same. They find the same pack of Lechonks that Arven found fainted. Jasmine and Kris continue along Poco Path, more weary of their surroundings.
“This is the way,” states Kris. “These Pokémon are a sign of danger. And I think that the thing Arven was talking about was dangerous..”
“I’ll be on my toes,” replies Jasmine with confidence as she grabs her Pokéball.
As they continue walking, Kris notices a silhouette. She shines a light on it and screams immediately after seeing a live creature in the middle of the road. Without a second thought, Jasmine sends out her Steelix.
“Iron tail!” orders Jasmine.
“Wait!” Before Kris can say anything, all of the Pokemon are fainted.
“Oh great, those were just some harmless Scatterbugs,” says Jasmine. “This the only disadvantage of having fast reaction times”
The Maschiff barks at Kris.
“You came along, too?” asks Kris. The Maschiff continues barking, seeming to be pointing Kris behind her. “What? Behind me?”
“It’s an entire swarm of Vivillon!” exclaims Jasmine.
“They look angry.”
One Vivillon screams a scream more wrenching than a Giratina whose scream then orders all of the Vivillon to attack at once with Sleep Powder.
“It’s sleep powder!” says Kris.
“Block the attack and use stone edge!” orders Jasmine.
Jasmine’s Steelix takes the entire attack while completely staying awake. While the Vivillon prepare for their next attack, Jasmine’s Steelix knocks them away with stone edge. Her Steelix roars at all of them in victory, inducing fear into every single one of them.. All of the remaining Vivillon retreat in fear.
“I never knew butterflies could be that violent,” states Kris.
“I guess only Bugsy would know better”
Kris and Jasmine continue to walk along Poco Path. Near the side of a cliff, the two find a coughing Arven who is currently sitting up.
“Are you okay?” asks Jasmine.
Arven coughs a little bit after being trampled on. He can barely talk right now. “It’s-” Arven has to cough really hard before he can speak again.
“Wait, did you fall off that cliff?” questions Kris.
Arven coughs no.
“Did you find it?” asks Kris.
“No. But-” Arven lets another terrible cough. “Behind you.”
The Koraidon roars with projecting a sound of anger that could tickle the fear in any Pokémon Trainer.
“I can fight,” says Arven as he attempts to stand up. “I’m feeling better-” Arven’s cough interrupt his speaking again.
“You don’t seem so well,” says Jasmine.
Arven thumps his chest in an attempt to rid his cough away. “I’m feeling better already. Talonflame, let’s go again!” Arven’s Talonflame comes flying out of the bushes after making a quick recovery with the help of revives and moo moo milk. It heads straight into Koraidon.
“Rusty, take ‘em down with Stone edge!”
“Meganium! Get, ready!” Kris sends out her Meganium while Jasmine’s Steelix lands an attack and Talonflames come charging. “Use Solar Beam!” Kris’ Meganium charges up and then hits Koraidon, barely leaving a scratch.
“Incoming Pokémon from the sky!” warns Arven.
“More Vivillion?” asks Jasmine.
“It looks like they’re coming back for round two,” Kris says.
Koraidon strikes back, letting out a fiery flamethrower hitting a super effective attack directly at Kris’ Meganium. Her Meganium is pushed by the force of the attack and faints the moment it touches the ground
“This thing must be really strong if it can defeat your Meganium,” says Jasmine.
The fire from Koraidon starts to spread through the nearby trees, causing the Vivillion to escape. Koraidon attacks with a strong blast of fire towards Kris, Jasmine, and Arven. Arven falls to the ground while dodging and Jasmine’s Steelix was just barely hit.
“I’m done for!” says Jasmine. “Rusty can’t take another attack and my Maggie can’t take more than one attack.”
“That’s why I brought this Pokémon,” says Kris as she throws a Pokéball out with a Suicune in it.
“Woah!” exclaims Arven.
“Show this monster what you’ve got, Suicune. Use surf!”
“Set up with stealth rock, Rusty!” yells Jasmine.
Koraidon takes the surf attack and decides the retreat and cause more trouble before being defeated by the Suicune
“You lost it!” complains Arven. “It’s all your fault.”
“What was it your fault too?” questions Kris.
“Let’s go. Before we start to argue even more. That Pokémon must be contained.”
“You should’ve told us that there was the possibility of the situation we’re in,” lectures Kris.
“I don’t trust you,” says Arven. “If you knew about it, you would’ve taken it away to study it in Kanto. You don’t this monster’s full potential. I can’t risk anything. Only my mom can handle this thing.”
“I am equal to your mom. I could handle the thing if I knew its powers. It doesn’t help anyone who might have to encounter the monster without even knowing a thing about it. That is more dangerous.”
“If you are equal to my mom, then you’re probably the worst mom ever. Or you will be if you don’t have kids.”
“Oh you’ll get a taste of-“ threatens Kris before she’s interrupted by Jasmine.
“SHUT UP!” Interjects Jasmine. “S-sorry, Kris,” apologizes Jasmine as she sees the fear and surprise in her eyes. “W-we should take care of the thing-”
“Koraidon,. It’s a Koraidon,” interrupts Arven.
“So, we should take care of the Koraidon because, well it’s already started a fire.” Jasmine points towards the flames in the distance.
“This is all your fault Arven,” groans Kris while she walks off to prepare to fight Koraidon once more.
Arven groans and picks up his Maschiff and returns his Talonflame back Kris and Jasmine put all their Pokémon away except for the Suicune. Kris hops on her Suicune while Jasmine does too.
Arven hesitates for a bit before Kris asks, “Aren’t you coming? It’ll take forever to get there on foot.”
Arven hops onto Kris’s Suicune and they take off into the forest. In the distance, they hear the crumbling and crackling of old wooden buildings with the screams and yells of undecipherable words. The threesome finally arrive at the scene of a sparkling bright fire.
“That bird could be useful,” suggests Kris. “Though it’s fainted. Do you have any revives left?”
“Yes I do.” Arven takes his Talonflame out of his Pokéball, and it rests on his lap. He feeds it a revive and some Moo Moo Milk.
“Alright, have that thing find Koraidon. That’s the only way we’re finding that beast.”
“Talonflame, find Koraidon and come back once you’ve found it.”
Arven’s Talonflame caws in obedience.
“While it’s scouting, we should do some investigation of our own,” says Jasmine.
“Good idea,” replies Kris.
The three ride across the village on Suicune and stand in front of what seems or seemed to be an Inn.
“Alright Suicune, think you can put this fire out?”
Suicune lets out a powerful roar and then shoots water from its mouth at the building for a couple of seconds before the fire is out.
“Good job Suicune!” compliments Kris right before the fire is revived by surrounding fires. Kris groans as she doesn’t know how to deal with all these fires. “Alright Suicune, I need you to do something extremely hard.”
Suicune roars again but seems to be a bit weaker.
“I want you to get on top of a building and put out all the fires surrounding it along with the building itself. Think you can do it?”
Suicune roars as loud as it can.
“Alright, let’s see what we can do! Hold on, guys!”
Kris’s Suicune makes a big jump onto the Inn and immediately puts out the building’s fire. The nearby fires are put out by gushes of water that seem to be even more powerful than the one from the first time. In just about fifteen seconds, all nearby fires are put out. Suicune is panting from exhaustion.
“You did good. Really good actually.”
“I can’t believe a trainer like you could actually do this,” jokes Arven.
From the top of the building Kris looks at all of the fires in the village, realizing the truth.
“Oh Shellder,” curses Kris. “If we had more Pokémon, we could actually contain the fire. Looking around, it looks as if there aren’t any strong trainers.”
Suicune continues panting and the building gives into Suicune’s weight, causing Suicune to fall to through all four floors of the building.
“Double Flying Shelder,” curses Kris again as she lands on the ground, laying on her chest. Arven rolls of Suicune and Jasmine gets up, dusting off her dress.
“Watch out!” warns Jasmine as the upper stories fully collapse to the bottom. Kris doesn’t have enough time to react and is trapped under the rubble.
“Find it,” mutters Kris. “Come back for me later.”
Jasmine looks down at Kris, and hesitates to go.
“She’s right,” states Arven. “We need to contain Koraidon before anything else happens.”
“Find a trainer,” Kris mutters once more before falling cold.
Arven and Jasmine run out of fallen building. A trainer with some kids following are running out but stop when seeing Jasmine and Arven.
“What’re you doing here? You need to escape the village,” says the trainer.
“We heard about the monster and need to contain it,” says Jasmine.
“You’re just lucky to get out,” warns the trainer.
From the not-so far-out distance, an object comes flying at Arven at high speeds, then knocking him into the ground.
“Oh my Arceus!” says the trainer. “Are you okay?”
“Wasn’t the first time it happened today,” replies Arven.
“It’s your Talonflame!” exclaims Jasmine.
“Look! It’s the beast that took my Pokémon!” yells a kid.
Koraidon appears out from its shadows from the night.
“Hide!” orders the trainer. “Luna! Lead the all your compatriots out of here”
“Okay! Follow me!” says a kid who just seems to assume duty as leader as if that was how she was born. The kids run off into the nearby grasslands while the trainer prepares her Pokéball.
Koraidon stomps forward, to reveal itself to the three trainers. It breathes fire into the sky.
“According to my mom, this is the tame one.”
“Sure doesn’t look like it,” replies Jasmine.
“Come at me you coward!” taunts Arven.
“Um, sorry to say this but you seem a teeny bit more of a coward than Koraidon,” replies Jasmine.
“I just want to see this stupid thing fall on its back.” Arven looks around for some rubble.
“What’re you looking for?” asks the trainer.
“Something to throw at Koraidon,” replies Arven while Koraidon continues to approach them. On the ground, Arven finds a piece of charcoal. He throws it at Koraidon and it hits it in the eye. Koraidon grabs onto it and charges towards the three, angrier than before. Koraidon spits enormous flames of fire into the moonlit sky, more powerful than they were before. Koraidon locates Arven who orders his Maschiff to attack. Koraidon picks up whatever it can find on the ground and throws it in Arven’s direction, knocking him down. Arven discovers it is a hurt Rookie and stuffs it into his bag.
“You can’t go down that quick!” says the trainer.
“Alright Maschiff, attack with bite!” orders Arven. The attacks do nothing at all.
“Frogadier, deal with this beast!” says the trainer. Her Frogadier cries a cry of battle towards the agitated Koraidon. Koraidon now goes for dragon claw towards the two Pokémon.
“Those dragon type moves are super powerful,” points out Jasmine.
“Koraidon seems to have run out of power for flamethrower,” notices Arven. “Jasmine, you should be safe to send out your steel type Pokémon.”
“I agree,” says Jasmine. She sends out Rusty. “Alright, are you good?” Rusty roars back at Jasmine in full confidence. The mighty iron snake slithers towards Koraidon to intimidate it. “Rusty! Use stealth rock!”
The rocks dig into Koraidon and hurts it, causing it to roar in pain.
“Now’s our chance!” says Arven. “Attack with all you got, Maschiff!”
“You too, Frogadier!”
The two Pokémon jump into the air and start glowing.
“I think they’re evolving!” guesses Kris.
Arven’s Maschiff becomes a Mabostiff and the trainer Frogadier becomes a Greninja. Greninja attacks with water shrunken and Mabostiff attacks with the more powerful crunch. Koriadon shakes off both attacks as if were another Tuesday. Koraidon then goes charging straight into all of the surrounding Pokémon, mainly targeting Rusty.
“Oh no! Rusty!” cries Jasmine.
All of the trainers’ current Pokémon are completely knocked out. Arven returns his Mabostiff to his Pokéball, dejected by his quick loss. Jasmine looks straight at Koraidon, keeping herself calm and confident though her eyes provide a different story.
“This is NOT HOW THIS WILL END!” yells Arven who then goes charging at Koraidon who stands in its spot with utter conviction. Arven then attacks Koraidon with a charged punch that’s so hard that it hurts his hand afterwards. It barely leaves any scratch. Koraidon looks straight down at Arven who then lands another aggressive punch. Koraidon has finally had enough of these pathetic scratches, if there were any. Koraidon picks up Arven and looks at Arven directly in the eyes as if it were his father.
“Let go you Magikarp!” barked Arven while in the custody of Koraidon. This only makes Koraidon angrier and roar at Arven to the point where its spit lands on Arven. “You’re a disgusting little creature. You know that, right?” Koraidon roars at Arven once more before bringing him towards its pitch-black mouth full of sharp teeth.
“Woah, woah, woah! Woah!” Interjects Jasmine.
Koraidon brings Arven to its mouth before a large wave crashes into Koriadon and all surrounding buildings, distracting Koraidon from Arven and saving what’s left of the entire village. Arven falls to the ground after Koraidon loosens its grip on Arven to find where that wave came from.
“Over here, punk,” says a male voice.
Koraidon finds the voice and roars at the man.
“We can end this peacefully or you could fall to the ground with no one to catch you. What will it, be?”
Koraidon roars what seems to be a no and attacks the man.
“Watch out!” warns Jasmine while the man just stands his ground amidst Koraidon’s attack.
“Use Psychic on that thing, Slowbro,” says the man in a calm voice that no one else could use in a situation like this.
Koraidon is immediately knocked back by the telekinetic force.
“You aren’t that strong as you think you are,” says the man. “I’d suggest you don’t attack again or you’ll be hurt even more.”
“Fight! Fight!” cheers Arven as he recovers from the fall.
“Who’re you cheering on? Me or the beast?” asks the man
“You of course,” replies Arven. “That beast has caused me so much trouble.”
“So what is it, beast? Do wanna hurt some more?”
Koraidon groans a no once more.
“Good,” says the man. “This is good. The village is safe!”
“But there’s no way we can just return here and live,” argues the trainer.
“Y’know, none of us caught each other’s names,” says Jasmine, preventing a continuing debate. “I’m Jasmine, former Gym Leader of Olivine City and current keeper of the lighthouse in Olivine City.”
“I’m Arven, current companion of Jasmine and also a part-time lighthouse keeper I guess.”
“I’m Eva, Pokémon Trainer. Moved here from Kalos.”
“Proton,” says the man. “My goal is to make the world a better place from terror such as this.”
“Proton?” questions Jasmine. “I’ve heard that name before.”
“You should’ve,” replies Proton. “You were in Johto about 17 years ago, right? I was part of Team Rocket back then. Was there to the very end.”
“What was Team Rocket?” asks Eva. “I keep hearing about that and Red.”
“it was an evil organization back in the day. I’d say it basically ended when a trainer named Red defeated our boss 20 years ago, by now. But we were resilient. I was resilient. Until, I was only one of two executives. I then realized about a situation like this when I was left with nothing. A beast like that thing there on the ground, rampaging and destroying an entire village.”
“I have a friend here with me, who fought against Team Rocket those 17 years ago,” says Jasmine. “She hated what happened at the Slowpoke Well.”
“Slowpoke Well?” questions Arven.
“Nevermind about that but for some people, you can never forgive someone for something like that.”
“Then I should be leaving by now. It would not be a pleasant situation for either her or all us.”
“Will you be coming back?” blurts out Eva.
Proton shrugs and walks off.
“Why won’t she ever forgive him?” asks Arven.
“Some people are just that way. The situation they face and the way they react to them. That’s just the way it will go,” says Jasmine as she walks into the building that collapsed on Kris.
“Interesting,” says Arven aloud to himself as he looks into his bag to see the Rookidee he picked up peacefully chirping
A Week Later at Poco Path Lighthouse
“I am glad that you are feeling well, Kris. It would have been terrible if your demise was in that village.”
“It was rough, Professor Sada.”
“And that was why Koraidon can’t be revealed to the public and why I’m taking it back to Area Zero with me.”
“I don’t even care, mom,” replies Arven to a statement not even directed towards him.
“The kid just arrived,” announces Jasmine out of the blue.
“Good,” replies Arven. “If any of you want to come, you’re all welcome.”
“I’ll pass today. I’m almost done,” says Volkner.
“He always says that,” says Jasmine, rolling her eyes.
Jasmine and Arven go down the stairs.
“You have a good son,” states Kris. “But I’m almost sure that he think he does not have a good mother.”
“I only do what I can. And I can’t do everything for him. He can learn things on his own. He’s proven so.”
“Understandable,” reasons Kris. “But I fear he resents you. That would not be good if he does.”
Professor Sada just nods at that.
“I should be leaving right now. There’s nothing else to talk about. I hope your career goes as planned. But things usually don’t go as smoothly as planned, so just… watch out.”
“Understood. It was nice chatting with you. I hope to meet again.”
Sada and Kris go down the stairs together. Volkner follows since he just finished. Downstairs, Kris and Sada view a chirping Rookidee flying around freely and happily inside the lighthouse. Arven and smiling and the little child is smiling.
“Thank you, Arven for doing this!” says the child.
“It is only what I can do,” replies Arven with a smile.
“Let’s go home Rookidee!” says the child as he runs off into the great wide world.
“I’m proud of you son,” says Sada.
“Leaving already?” asks Arven.
Sada gets into her car and just nods.
“Goodbye,” says Sada, parting her ways with her son and new-found acquaintances as she drives off into the slight sunset with a Pokéball with Koraidon inside her pocket.
“I guess this’ll be goodbye for now, Arven,” says Kris. “Until we meet again!”
“Bye!” waves Arven as Kris and the others leave too.
Goodbye it is.
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